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Faculty and staff directory pages

All faculty and staff members have a directory page on If you haven't seen your own page and you wonder what it looks like, then search for your name on our site; use the search box at top right of every web page. Your directory page should be the top search result. 

You can log in and edit your page on at any time, using your campus log-in: 

You may add and edit text and links on your page, including your bio, a website link, a CV or list of publications, office hours and areas of expertise.

Some data about you (name, title, department, phone number, office location) comes directly from the college's Datatel Colleague database, and you will not be able to edit it. If any of this information is incorrect, please contact the Human Resources department so it can be corrected.

Your college ID photo will appear here unless Web Services has uploaded a new photo for you.

If you would like to have a new photo taken, email Leslie DuPree, director of Web Services, and we will set up a convenient time for you. If you already have a photo you would prefer to use, email it to her as an attachment.

If you have questions or need assistance contact DuPree at ext. 7626, or assistant director Andrew Petersen, ext. 7822, 

Note: If you have indicated to Human Resources that you do not wish to share any information online, then your record will be flagged for privacy and you will not have a directory page.