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Transfer Student Orientation & Registration

Preparing for Transfer Orientation & Registration 2016

At Augustana's Orientation & Registration, you'll meet other transfer students, get a closer look at your new college community, meet with an academic advisor, and register for fall classes. Transfer students can attend Orientation & Registration on one of two days:

            Thursday, June 2  or Wednesday, August 17                      

We have a special program for family and friends, so they are welcome to attend!

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As soon as you receive your Orientation & Registration packet by mail from the Admissions Office, you can begin taking the steps below to register for this event. Several steps require your student ID number, included in the packet.  If you have paid a tuition deposit, but have not yet received an Orientation & Registration packet, please call Admissions at 309-794-7341.

Step 1 - Confirm your email address.

Until you attend Orientation & Registration, we will communicate with you via your personal email account. Please verify your current email address.

Verify your email address

Step 2: Take a placement test and complete a survey.

The placement guide you received in your Orientation & Registration packet explains which students need a language placement test and why we require a Student Readiness Survey. These steps can be completed here.

Step 3:  Register for Orientation & Registration 2016.

When you have completed steps one and two, you'll receive an email within one week asking you which Orientation & Registration event you'd like to attend:  Thursday, June 2 or Wednesday, August 17. We encourage students to attend the June 2 event if possible so they can register before new first-year students. But if you cannot attend on tJune 2, you can sign up for the August 17 event. After you submit your choice, you will receive another email confirming your O&R date. 

Prior to Orientation & Registration

Step 1: Get with the (academic) program.

Before you come to Orientation & Registration, visit our list of majors and programs of study at Review possible majors or areas of study. Write down three classes you'd like to take. Check out at least two programs you might want to take classes in, and note those as well. Take a photo of your notes with your phone, so you will have those choices with you when you come to Orientation & Registration. Finding programs and courses that interest you before you attend will help your fall registration go smoothly. Final course selections will be made in consultation with an advisor, based on course availability and intended major.

Step 2: Request your official college and high school transcripts.

Having your final, official transcripts on file as early as possible helps you and your advisor plan your courses. If you have questions, pelase visit If you earned Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credits, please request that your scores be sent to Augustana. They are due by July 1.

Step 3: Submit your immunization forms online by Friday, July 1.

Students must submit their immunization records by July 1. Click here to submit your records. If you have questions about the form or specific immunization requirements, please call the Dean of Students office at 309-794-7533.

Step 4: Complete employment forms.

You received several employment forms (Federal W-4, State W-4 and I9) in the packet mailed to you from Admissions. More than 80% of students earn a paycheck from Augustana sometime during their time on campus. We ask all students to complete employment forms, even if they don't plan to work on campus. Bring your completed forms to Orientation & Registration. Please do not mail them to us. If you have questions, call Payroll at 309-794-7353.

What do I bring to Orientation & Registration?

  • a photo on your phone of the classes you selected in your possible major and other programs (or a sheet of paper listing the courses and programs
  • current email address and cell phone numbers for e-billing and emergency contacts
  • completed employment forms (Federal W-4, State W-4 and I9) 
  • your driver's license or photo ID (for employment purposes) 
  • original social security card, birth certificate or passport (for employment purposes)

After Orientation & Registration

After you've attended Orientation & Registration, be sure to:

  • Share your fall schedule with your family and explain why you are taking the classes you've chosen.
  • Log into your Augustana email account and take our survey about the day. We want your feedback! Then check your Augie email regularly for official information. 
  • Log into Arches and show your family how you can access your schedule at any time. Please don't try to make changes on Arches before the term starts. You'll have an opportunity to talk with your advisor during Welcome Week and make any necessary changes at that time.     
  • Plan to attend Welcome Week for Transfer Students starting August 18. To see the schedule, click here .

For the complete Transfer Student Checklist, click here.