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Incoming Student Contacts

Contacts for more information:

Mary Windeknecht, director of first-year advising, 309-794-8290

Margaret France, director of transfer and transitional advising, 309-794-8280

Liesl Fowler, registrar, 309-794-7277

Susan Granet, associate registrar, 309-794-7212

Evelyn Campbell, dean of students, 309-794-7533

Laura Schnack, associate dean of students, 309-794-7502

Ken Brill, director of student activities, 309-794-2695

Liz Nino, director of international sdmissions, 309-794-7540

Jane Tiedge, international student advisor, 309-794-8980

Kristin Douglas, associate dean of the college, 309-794-7328


Housing (residential life), 309-794-2686

Meal plans (food service), 309-794-7250

Student ID photos (food service), 309-794-7250, or (security access), 309-794-7707

Student parking decals (facilities services), 309-794-7278

Fees or tuition (business office), 309-794-7354

Financial aid (financial assistance), 309-794-7207

Health forms and Immunizations (dean of students), 309-794-7502

Alcohol EDU (dean of students), 309-794-7502