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Erickson Residence Center

3151 12th Avenue

Erickson Residence Center

Erickson Residence Center, available to 350 students, is a popular choice for sophomores. Erickson is next door to Westerlin on the upper campus, just steps away from the PepsiCo Recreation Center and near the College Hill shops.

Erickson students call their home wonderful, study-friendly, relaxed/chill, comfortable and spacious.

Erickson is air-conditioned; therefore, students with documented medical conditions have first choice for this residence.

Erickson has an "awesome" main lounge, and pool tables and full kitchen in a newly renovated basement recreation area.

Room dimensions: All dimensions are approximate. If you have questions about a specific room, please contact the Office of Residential Life. Erickson Dimensions (PDF)

Floor diagrams:

Floor 1B Floor 2B Floor 3B
Floor 1C Floor 2C Floor 3C
Floor 1D Floor 2D Floor 3D