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In their third year, students live in a college-owned houses or apartments in the Augustana neighborhood. These are known as Transitional Living Areas or "TLAs." 

TLA life is designed to serve as a transition period, preparing students for off-campus living as seniors.

All bedrooms are fully furnished; the kitchen has a table, and students can decorate the living room as they like. Students may buy a college meal plan, customize a food service plan, or buy and prepare their own meals.

TLAs are open during college breaks, and campus security is available 24 hours a day.

The room dimensions for each TLA can be found by following the links below or by visiting the Office of Residential Life. All dimensions are approximate. If you have questions about a specific room, call 309-794-2686.

Other information can be found in the TLA Information.


Andeberg House

Andeberg House - 738 34th St

Ansvar House

Ansvar House - 3054 9th Ave

Arbaugh Townhouses

Arbaugh Townhouses - 1200 35th St

Asgard House

Asgard House - 742 34th St

Austin House

Austin House - 610 - 39th Street

Baldur House


Baldur House - 3410 91/2 Ave

Bellman House

Bellman House A&B - 602 39th St

Bergman House


Bergman House - 929 32nd St

Branting House


Branting House - 3429 7th Ave

Bremer House

Bremer House A&B - 3801 8th Ave & 727 38th St

Celsius House

Celsius House-808 34th St

Delling House


Delling House - 721 34th St

Erfara House


Erfara House - 3052 9th Ave

 Esbjorn House

Esbjorn House - 3025 10th Ave

Forseti House


Forseti House - 1126 35th St

Freya house

Freya House - 3235 8th Ave

Gustav House


Gustav House - 608 39th St

Hansen House

Hansen House - 731 34th Street

Heimdall House


Heimdall House - 731 34th St


House on the Hill

House on the Hill - 3052 10th Ave

Idun House

Idun House - 3233 8th Ave

Jansson House

 Jansson House - 1116 - 35th St

Karsten House

Karsten House - 1119 35th St

Larsson House

Larsson House - 3250 9th Ave

Levander House

Levander House - 750 35th St

Lindgren House A & B

Lindgren House A&B - 1206 & 1204 35th St

Local Culture House One

Local Culture House - 1118 35th St

Martinson House A &B

Martinson House A&B - 800 34th St

Milles House

Milles House - 1113 35th St

Moberg House

Moberg House - 3336 7th Ave

Naeseth Townhouses 1-5

Naeseth Townhouses - 3311 13th Ave

Nobel House

Nobel House - 812 34th St

Oden House

Oden House - 921 34th St

Parkander North and South Townhouses

Parkander Residence Centers North & South - 3605 & 3601 11th Ave

Roslin House

Roslin House A&B - 618 39th St

Ryden House

Ryden House - 3400 10th Ave

Sanning House

Sanning House - 3048 9th Ave

Skadi House


Skadi House - 3437 7th Ave


Swanson Commons

Swanson Southwest - 1010 38th St

Swedenborg House

Swedenborg House - 3443 7th Ave

Thor House

Thor House - 816 34th Street

Tyr House

Tyr House - 1111 37th St

Vidar House

Vidar House - 1200 32nd St

Wicksell House

Wicksell House - 1120 35th Street

Zorn House

Zorn House - 3051 10th Ave