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Closing Information

Move-Out Information

All Residence Halls and TLAs close at noon on Friday, May 19, 2017. Students are expected to move out within 24 hours of their last exam. Students must return their keys to their CAs and return their rooms to check-in condition.

Staff will be available at the front desk of each Residence Hall from noon-7 p.m. SundayThursday (May 14-18) and 8 a.m.-noon on Friday, May 19.

TLA residents can call 309-716-1242 or visit the Swanson desk to check out.

Any students who want to check out at another time should contact their CAs.


Students who participate in Commencement activities may remain in their on-campus housing until noon on Monday May 22.

Transition Housing

Students staying on campus for the summer, or TLA residents who have a lease in the Quad Cities beginning June 1, can request transition housing through June 1. The cost is $153. Students will be allowed to stay in their spring housing assignment during the transition period, however, students may be temporarily reassigned during this time. Please use this form to request transition housing no later than May 17. Contact Residential Life if you have questions.

Summer Housing                                                                                                       

Students who plan to stay in the Quad Cities during the summer months may live on campus. More information about our summer housing options is available here. Please use this form to request summer housing.


Summer storage is available for rising sophomores and rising juniors who live 400-plus miles away. Storage is in the basements of Swanson and Erickson halls. Students can deposit items in storage Sunday-Thursday from noon-7 p.m. the week of spring exams. Those needing to store items at other times should contact the Office of Residential Life at 309-794-2686 to arrange a time. Items not claimed by the end of the first week of the fall term will be shipped to the student's address at their expense. More information about summer storage is available here.


Drop-off locations will be available in the lobbies of the residence halls for students wishing to donate clothing, non-perishable food, electronics, or other goods. Please continue to take all trash and recycling to the appropriate dumpster. 

Tips to avoid billing at move-out    

  1. Start cleaning and packing early. This always takes longer than you think it should!

  2. Return your key. Make sure to check out with your CA when you are leaving and return your key before you go!

  3. Work with your roommates to make sure shared spaces get cleaned. Damage billing will be shared in common areas unless someone claims responsibility.

  4. Take all trash to the dumpsters. Any trashed removed from the building by staff will be billed to the room or floor where it was found.

  5. Donate your stuff! There will be drop-off locations available for any clean, unwanted, reusable clothing, goods, or non-perishable food.

  6. Return furniture to its original configuration. If you removed or dismantled any furniture, make sure it gets put back where you found it when you moved in.