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Augustana Dining Services is committed to be a leader in promoting sustainability and a healthier planet. Our initiatives are dynamic and broad-reaching in the areas of recycling, reducing waste, buying environmentally preferable products and extending our commitment to the environment.

Augustana Dining Services will:

  • Be a working model for other educational institutions.
  • Partner with local growers to convert used oil into bio-diesel to help extend growing season in greenhouse operations and to power farm equipment.
  • Recycle plastic bottles, tin cans and glass.
  • Partner with local growers to compost food waste from dining operations.
  • Use biodegradable containers in all food service operations on campus.
  • Use products from renewable resources, and 100% compostable, that return to nature's cycle within 6 months.
  • Emphasize on buying locally through our Farm 2 Fork programs to help reduce the amount of fossil fuels required for food transport while supporting local businesses.
  • Donate left over food products from catering events to local agencies during scheduled breaks.

Augustana Dining Services is committed to promoting sustainable practices for a cleaner, greener future.