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Mission statement

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Student Life

Mission, Guiding Principles and Learning Outcomes

The Division of Student Life at Augustana College supports the Mission of the College by creating campus environments, programs, and services that promote student success.  Our work as administrators, educators, advisers and advocates is focused on teaching through student development, community engagement, personal responsibility, leadership and service.

Guiding Principles/Core Values

Learning through Student Development - We value the development of mind, spirit and body.  Student Life staff members facilitate learning through holistic student development inclusive of the intellectual, social, emotional, vocational, physical and spiritual dimensions.  Our approach is to encourage continued growth by challenging and supporting students toward the next level of personal or intellectual development.

Community Engagement - We seek to build a community of engagement in which everyone recognizes and respects the individuality, diversity, and interdependence of one another.  We believe that student involvement inside and outside the classroom promotes learning and student success.  We offer a vast array of programs and activities, facilities and services designed to assist students in achieving a sense of belonging while learning how to be contributing community members.

Personal Responsibility - We strive to create a culture of responsibility where students take ownership for their learning and personal needs, and are held accountable for their choices and decisions. Our approach is developmental and encourages students to perform to their highest potential.

Leadership and Service - We empower students and student groups, and assist them in developing their potential as leaders and citizens.  We forge partnerships beyond our campus to enlighten students of community needs and to encourage student involvement in community and service opportunities. Our approach is to teach and facilitate the development of leadership skills and competencies through active learning and practice in order to create a vibrant, service-oriented campus community. 

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate competence in life skills (which includes time management, communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution) as a result of professional staff mentoring and through participation in programs such as living/learning communities, student organizations, student employment and other outside the classroom opportunities designed to promote student success.

Students will demonstrate multicultural competence through participation in multicultural organizations, community service projects and diversity programs offered on- and off- campus.  Additionally, professional staff will expose students to diversity by intentionally engaging them in conversations and creating diverse environments which will challenge students to seek and gain knowledge and understanding of a variety of perspectives.

Students will develop leadership competence (which includes the ability to influence others, collaboration, communication, and holding self and others accountable) through professional staff mentoring, leadership programs and practice.  Students will practice and hone leadership knowledge and skills through involvement in residence halls, student organizations, athletic teams and other community and co-curricular experiences. 

Students will develop interpersonal competence (which includes self awareness and critical, satisfying interpersonal relationships, interdependence and self authorship) as a result of peer and professional staff interactions and mentoring, student employment, student organizations, athletic teams and other co-curricular experiences.

Students will demonstrate good citizenship by being positive contributors to the greater community and by behaving in ways consistent with institutional values (which includes integrity, accountability, civility, personal wellness, and respect for others and their property).