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  1. Scheduling of Facilities
  2. Facilities Regulations
  3. Carver Center
  4. PepsiCo Recreation Center
  5. College Center
  6. Thomas Tredway Library
  7. The Gerber Center
  8. Pagoda House
  9. Black Culture House
  10. Casa Latina
  11. The Headquarters
  12. Computing Facilities
  13. Parking Rules and Regulations

Scheduling of Facilities

All events (other than regularly scheduled classes) should be reserved in the Scheduling Office at x7322. All events to be held in either Centennial or Wallenberg Halls should be reserved in the Performance Hall Management Office at x7236. An application for college facilities will be mailed to applicants for verification.

  1. For some facilities, including both performance halls, a student group must have a faculty advisor reserve the facilities.
  2. Facility usage is not finalized until approved by the Scheduling Office or Performance Hall Management Office.
  3. Not all facilities are available for use, and restrictions apply on the types of usage in some facilities on campus. 
  4. Events sponsored by non-Augustana organizations are subject to approval by the College's Rental Review Committee, and will be charged a fee for use of facilities according to a policy maintained in the Scheduling Office and Performance Hall Management Offices. Please contact one of those offices at x7322 or x7236 for further information. Non-Augustana users of certain facilities must sign a Lease and Technical Rider agreement prior to use of those facilities.
  5. Although this happens very rarely, the College reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or relocate events if necessary based on the greater needs of the institution.

Charges for Facility Use

  1. Meeting rooms: no charge for college-recognized student organizations. Rental fees for classrooms and other facilities will be quoted upon request.
  2. Reservations for facilities must be made in advance. Unusual or special arrangements in meeting rooms may necessitate a charge to college groups.
  3. All school events: no charge for use of general facilities.
  4. Private parties: a fee will be charged depending on facilities and equipment.
  5. Performance halls:no rental charge will be assessed for college-recognized student organizations, but scheduling restrictions apply. All users of performance halls will be charged for staff services and equipment usage. Contact the Performance Hall Management Office at x7236 for further information.
  6. Only members of the current Augustana community or licensed food vendors may provide food and beverages on campus. No fee or penalty may be assessed for facility use unless there is vandalism or excessive refuse.

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Facilities Regulations

Use of Facilities

Users will be expected to abide by all building and campus regulations. If, in the opinion of the supervisory staff, a person's presence interferes with the operation of a building or program, that person will lose the right to be present in that building or at that program.

Users must provide the appropriate office of the technical, staffing and equipment needs for their event at least two weeks prior to their usage of facilities. Users of Centennial and Wallenberg Halls must meet with the Performance Hall Technical Coordinator at least two weeks prior to their event; call x7520 to make arrangements.

Smoking and Tobacco Policy

As required by Illinois law, all Augustana College buildings are smoke-free, and the use of tobacco, including smoke-free products, is prohibited within campus buildings. This policy also includes e-cigarettes. Smoking, vaping and the use of smoke-free tobacco products is allowed only in designated areas that are at least 15 feet from entrances, exits, windows that open and ventilation intakes.  Additionally, smoking, vaping and use of smoke-free tobacco is not allowed in college-owned vehicles by drivers or passengers. However, exceptions may be made by the College Chaplain, Dean of Students and Dean of the College.

Posting Signs on Buildings

Student initiated advertisements, flags, banners or decorations of any type that are placed on college buildings, lamp poles, sidewalks, etc. must receive general approval from the Dean of Students or the Director of Student Life and Leadership. Items must be stamped by the Office of Student Life and Leadership prior to being displayed. For the specific outdoor locations, the Dean of Students will provide permission. For specific indoor locations, the secretary of each building and the Area Coordinator of each residence hall will provide permission.

Use of Old Main Elevator

The use of the elevator in Old Main is restricted to faculty, staff and students with special permission. Students with physical disabilities should contact the Dean or Associate Dean of Students.

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Carver Center

Admittance Requirement

Persons wishing to use Carver Center must present a faculty-staff pass, a student I.D. card, or a guest pass at the door. No one will be admitted without proper credentials.

Basic Schedule

Carver is primarily reserved for varsity athletic competitions and practices. During the academic year, various venues such as the main arena court, pool, racquetball courts and weightrooms are available for use. For times these facilities are available please call x7255 or

Racquetball Courts and Reservations

Reservations for racquetball courts may be made no more than a day prior to desired playing time. Call x7255. Players must provide ball and wear goggles. Broken racquets must be paid for by user (also true for broken badminton racquets).

Guest Policy

The use of Carver Center is essentially for faculty, staff and students. However, an occasional guest is permissible. One-day guest passes may be purchased in advance from Tom Jessee at the Carver Center, from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Lockers and Towels

Locker and towel services are available for an annual fee of $10. Fees may be paid in the Carver Center Office area between the hours of 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Lost towels and locks or broken equipment will be charged at the current replacement costs. The Carver Center is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Pool Requirements

Regular swimming suits must be worn. A soap shower must be taken before entering the pool. Pool may not be used without a certified lifeguard on duty. Call for hours. College I.D. must be presented to use the pool.

Seasonal Schedules

The schedule for recreation varies around the different activities in Carver Center including varsity practices, varsity contests, and intramural activities. Carver Center closes early on days of home varsity contests. We will attempt to open the pool on dates of home varsity intercollegiate competition as locker room facilities become available.

Street Shoes

Street shoes are not allowed on any recreational facility floors.

Weight Room

No offensive music will be allowed in the weight room. The weight room will not be opened without supervision. College I.D. must be presented to use the weight room.

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PepsiCo Recreation Center

Admittance Requirement

Only students, employees and their immediate families may use the PepsiCo Center by presenting a faculty-staff pass or a student I.D. card. No one will be admitted without proper credentials. Family members under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a student or employee. Unaccompanied family members may be asked to leave the facility if their behavior requires staff intervention.

Guest Policy

Two guests are permitted with each student or employee. The fee for each guest is $5 for individuals 14 and over, and $2 for children 5 to 13. Children under the age of 5 are free. The pass is good for one day only.

Alumni Policy

Augustana alumni may purchase one of three different passes for use of the PepsiCo Center:

  • Daily pass-$5
    • 55 and over - $3
  • Month pass-$35 
  • Year pass-$300

Alumni are may bring two guests per visit, using the guest policy rate. There will be no charge to alumni during the following events: Parents Weekend, Homecoming and Sibling Weekend. Call (309) 794-7705 or visit for more information.

Basic Schedule

The PepsiCo Center hosts the majority of intramural sports competitions and recreational sport activities. Intramural schedules are available at the front desk. Please call 794-7816 for a daily schedule. Users may be asked to reschedule their recreational activities if they interfere with a planned program. For facility times, please call 794-7705 or visit for more information.

Racquetball and Tennis Court Usage

One-hour reservations for tennis and racquetball courts can be made up to 48 hours in advance. Please call the PepsiCo Center front desk at (309) 794-7705 for reservations. Racquetball and tennis racquets may be rented for a fee of $1 per racquet (along with your Augustana I.D.). Balls and safety goggles are available at the service desk for no charge with an Augustana I.D.

Lockers and Towels

There is no towel service, but a limited number of lockers are available on a daily basis only. Locks may be checked out at the front desk by providing an I.D. Personal locks will be cut off on a daily basis if left on a locker. Showers are also available.

Street Shoes

Only tennis shoes will be permitted on the recreation facility floors. Persons wearing street shoes or shoes that are muddy or extremely dirty will be asked to remove them or leave the facility.

Weight Rooms

Free weights cannot be used without supervision. Rules and regulations pertaining to the weight room are posted and must be observed. Individuals will be asked to leave if rules are not followed.

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College Center

College Center Facilities

No shoes or shirt/no service. Dogs, rollerblading and bikes are not allowed.

The College Center houses a variety of services including the bookstore, snack bar, computer lab, Student Government Offices and student mailboxes.

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The Thomas Tredway Library

The Thomas Tredway Library houses more than 402,000 items on five floors, with seating for more than 600 people. Special features include group study rooms, a current periodicals reading area, seminar rooms and a map area. Videos are interfiled with books and arranged by subject; viewing stations are available on the first floor. Special Collections, including the college archives, are located on the first floor in a specially climate-controlled suite designed for rare book preservation. A coffee shop/lounge area on the fourth floor, outside of the library proper, sells drinks and snacks.

An online catalog provides access to the Augustana book and audiovisual collections as well as those of 75 other academic libraries in Illinois. Students also may request interlibrary loans from local, regional or national suppliers. Electronic resources can be accessed from library computers or through the campus-wide computer network.

Assistance is available at the information/reference desk located in the center of the main floor, and by telephone (x7206). The circulation department (for checkout) is adjacent to the 2nd floor exit. Materials, including videos, placed on reserve by faculty are also available here.

An Augustana I.D. serves as your library card; it is required for borrowing items. Borrowers are responsible for all items checked out on their I.D. Most books may be checked out for four weeks, videos for two weeks. (Periodicals do not circulate.) Renewals are possible if no "holds" are placed on the material. Students may request that checked-out items be held for them. Invoices on unreturned items will be forwarded to the Business Office and billed against students' accounts. (Charges are based on the average cost of library books purchased in a given year; currently $60 per book and $100 per video, plus a $10 per item non-refundable Business Office fee.) Overdue fines are not charged for standard circulating Augustana material less than two weeks past due; after two weeks replacement costs are charged. Overdue charges for interlibrary loan materials also will be assessed, and may be determined by the lending library. Overdue charges for reserve items may accrue by the minute or hour, depending on the item.

Checkout of audiovisual material follows regular library loan procedures. Loan period is two weeks. Some AV material may be held on reserve; all reserve shelf items are for in-library use only. Handicapped entrances are located on the fourth floor (lounge) and on the first floor (east side). An intercom is provided at each door to call for assistance. The fourth floor entrance is open to everyone when classes are in session.

A comment box is located on the circulation desk at the exit. Comments, questions, and suggestions are encouraged. Responses, when appropriate, will be posted on the second floor lobby bulletin board.

Smoking, and uncovered beverages are not allowed in the library.

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The Gerber Center

The Learning Commons in the Gerber Center merges with the Thomas Tredway Library on the 4th Floor to create a unique living and learning environment.  The Gerber Center is the hub of campus life and houses the Offices of Student Life and Leadership, Mulitcultural Student Life, International Student Life and Dining Services.  It contains a multipurpose room for concerts and lectures which seats 700 students, as well as a variety of spaces students use for both academic and social endeavors.  The fifth floor is home to the campus dining center and allows students lovely views of the campus and the Mississippi River. 

Pagoda House

The Pagoda House is located at 912-34th Avenue and provides a gathering place for students, faculty and staff to enjoy presentations, studying and hanging out. For reservations, call 794-8274.

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Black Culture House

The Black Culture House, 3249-10th Avenue, serves as a center for student activities including tutoring, studying, small group discussions and meetings. The house is available for all students and their events.

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Casa Latina

Casa Latina is located at 3416-9 1/2th Avenue, and serves as a center for student activities including tutoring, studying, small group discussions and meetings. A mural on the wall of the meeting room depicts aspects of Hispanic Culture and was painted by students from Augustana and volunteers from the community.

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The Headquarters

Located at 3244-9th Avenue, the Headquarters is a facility that provides space for Augustana departments, clubs and organizations to host meetings, presentations, study groups, or to simply relax. It is equipped with an internet café, a media room, a large living room lounge and a large backyard for hosting barbeques and receptions.

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Computing Facilities

Augustana College maintains state-of-the-art information technology facilities to support the instructional program of the college. Currently, there are more than 300 personal computers designated for student use located in labs throughout the campus. These labs enable the students to complete class assignments, perform research, and develop a high level of computer expertise. Each computer is connected to the campus network, allowing access to resources such as email, networked printers, instructional software, and high-speed connection to the Internet. Students who choose to bring their own computers can enjoy access to the network resources from the convenience of their own rooms.

For those with a laptop computer, Augustana also provides wireless network access in many areas on campus. Currently, most academic buildings, the College Center, Swanson Commons, residence hall lounges and all five floors of the library are covered by wireless service. To access the wireless network, laptops must be equipped with an 802.11b or g-compliant wireless network card.

Lab Locations and Hours

Residence Halls

3-5 in each residence hall
Open 24 hours
Windows 7, Office 2010

CORE Commons Area

12 Computers
Mon-Thur 7:30am-Midnight
Fri 7:30am-7:00pm
Sat 10:00am-6:00pm
Sun Noon-Midnight
Windows 7, Office 2010, SPSS, SAS, Photoshop 7, CD Writers, Mathematica, Duplex Laser Printer, Color Laser Printer

Olin Center Computer Classrooms

3 classrooms each with 21 computers
Mon-Thur 7:30am-Midnight
Fri 7:30am-7:00pm
Sat 10:00am-6:00pm
Sun Noon-Midnight
Windows 7, Office 2010, SPSS, SAS, Publisher, Visual Studio, Photoshop, CD/DVD Writers, Mathematica, Duplex Laser Printer

Olin Center Computer Math/Science Classroom

21 computers
Mon-Thur 7:30am-Midnight
Fri 7:30am-7:00pm
Sat 10:00am-6:00pm
Sun Noon-Midnight
Linux/Windows XP (dual-boot), Office 2007, SPSS, SAS, Frontpage, Visual Studio, Photoshop 7, CD Writers, Mathematica, Laser Printer, Java, Ada

College Center Multimedia Lab

6 PC Computers and 5 Macintosh
Mon-Thur 7:30am-Midnight
Fri 7:30am-7:00pm
Sat 10:00am-6:00pm
Sun Noon-Midnight
Windows 7 or Mac OS, Office 2010, SPSS, SAS, Frontpage, Photoshop, CD/DVD Writers, Laser Printer, Color Laser Printer, Pagemaker, Acrobat, Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Scanners, Microsoft Publisher, iMovie, Final Cut Studio and three group-work tables

Library 2rd Floor

22 computers
Mon-Thur 7:30am-Midnight
Fri 7:30am-7:00pm
Sat 10:00am-6:00pm
Sun Noon-Midnight
Windows 7, Office 2010, Library Resources, Duplex Laser Printer

Library 3rd Floor

10 PC Computers and 4 Macintosh
Mon-Thur 7:30am-Midnight
Fri 7:30am-7:00pm
Sat 10:00am-6:00pm
Sun Noon-Midnight
Windows 7, Office 2010, Duplex Laser Printer

Library 4th Floor

26 computers
Mon-Thur 7:30am-Midnight
Fri 7:30am-7:00pm
Sat 10:00am-6:00pm
Sun Noon-Midnight
Windows 7, Office 2010, Duplex Laser Printer

Science 204

20 computers
Mon-Fri 8:00am-10:00pm
Windows 7, Office 2010, SPSS, Photoshop, CD Writers, Mathematica, Delta Spectrometer, Mathcad, Biopac, ChemSketch, Rasmol, Origin, Duplex Laser Printer

Evald 321

16 computers
Windows 7, Office 2010, SPSS, SAS, JMP, Photoshop, CD/DVD Writers, Laser Printer

Old Main Mac Lab (202)

20 Macintosh computers the lab, 1 in the room next door
Microsoft Office 2011, iLife '09 (iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, iTunes, iWeb, GarageBand), iMovie HD, Final Cut Studio, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, Adobe CS6 (Bridge, Device Central, Dreamweaver, Drive, Extension Manager, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Media Encoder, Photoshop), Adobe Media Player, Duplex Color Printer, Laser Printer

Bergendoff Music Lab

6 Macintosh computers with Superdrives
Microsoft Office 2011, iMovie, Finale, Practica Musica, Laser Printer

Bergendoff Digital Piano Lab

20 Macintosh computers with Superdrives
Microsoft Office 2011, iMovie, Finale, Practica Musica

Swenson 2nd Floor Geography Lab

20 computers
Open building hours
Windows 7, Office 2010, Photoshop, ArcGIS, CD/DVD Writers, Laser Printer, Color Laser Printer

Olin Center

The Franklin W. Olin Center for Educational Technology is centrally located for convenient access to educational technology resources. The building is open until midnight most days and remains open 24 hours during peak demand.  Olin Center resources include:

• An open access lab with computers equipped with CD and DVD recorders and networked color and black-and-white laser printers.

• Eleven smart classrooms with computer and video projection, sound system, and document camera, allowing students and faculty to use media-rich instructional materials.

• Four computer classrooms, each with 20 networked student computers, allowing in-class use of educational software, electronic collaboration between students, and hands-on training for software applications.

• A 300-seat auditorium equipped with a large screen, presentation technology and an advanced sound system. These facilities are used for guest speakers, special movies, instructional films and other large events.

In addition to the rooms and labs, a variety of equipment is available for short-term checkout, including digital camcorders, digital cameras and laptops. For more information, contact the ITS Helpdesk in the Olin Center (x7293).

Library Resources

More than 60 computers are available in the library. Two labs-each equipped with a networked laser printer-provide students access to e-mail, word processing and the web while conducting library research. Computers also are available on the main floor of the library. Laptops may be checked out at the Circulation Desk for use in the library and coffee shop/lounge.

Many library resources are available over the campus network, including the library's catalog and hundreds of academic databases and journals. The library website provides access to all of these materials, as well as information about library services, many interesting online exhibits from the library's Special Collections, and the library's news blog at:

Individual Room Access

Students living in residence halls or townhouses have a high-speed connection to the campus network and Internet resources in their own rooms, using their own computers. In addition, all of the transitional living area houses have high-speed Internet access available for student-owned computers. To do this, the computer must be equipped with an Ethernet network interface. ITS provides an easy step-by-step guide with the necessary settings to connect to the network. For more information about access to the network, contact the Help Desk at x7293.


Information Technology Services (ITS) provides in-person and telephone support to the entire Augustana community. Student computing consultants staff the main ITS labs and can provide immediate assistance with hardware and software resources. ITS also has a professional staff that can provide additional assistance with academic software and network resources. To obtain support, contact the ITS HelpDesk at x7293 or e-mail

Additional information about ITS, including up-to-the-minute information about hardware, software and services is on the ITS web page.

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Parking Rules and Regulations

Administration of the parking program at Augustana is divided between two departments:

The Facilities Services Office (located on the ground floor of Sorensen Hall) is responsible for accepting payments for parking fines, parking lot assignments, parking permit distribution, and vehicle registration. The Augustana Police/Public Safety Office, located on the ground floor of Sorensen Hall, is responsible for the enforcement of all parking regulations and the issuance of temporary and visitor parking permits.

All Augustana College students, faculty, and staff with a motor vehicle must register their motor vehicles, whether or not they obtain a parking permit. A free registration permit must be obtained from the Facilities Services Office and displayed on the vehicle.

A brochure entitled "Parking Rules and Regulations" is sent to each student over the summer and is available from Facilities Services located in the basement of Sorensen Hall. Students having a car on campus are expected to know and comply with all Augustana policies.

Regulation Changes

Augustana Police/Public Safety reserves the right to alter parking procedures in order to make improvements and carry out the responsibilities of maintaining order. Faculty, staff and students will be informed by public notice of any changes in regulations, and will be responsible for complying with new rules or procedures when implemented.