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Augustana College Campus Chalking Policy

Registered student organizations and offices may chalk on flat, uncovered sidewalks and pathways on campus to publicize an upcoming event sponsored by the student organization. Student organizations should avoid excessive chalking or chalking in a manner that limits the use of a space by other student organizations.

A student chalk zone on the sidewalks between the Olin Center and the Hanson Hall of Science (boundaries are marked by blue lines on the sidewalk) has been dedicated for student chalking on the academic Quad. This zone is intended to allow students to share viewpoints. Chalking should abide by our community principles of purpose, openness, respect, accountability, responsibility and care.

All chalking on college property must abide by the following rules:

• Chalking must be on flat, horizontal surfaces with no overhang above
• Chalking is not permitted on any vertical surface which includes buildings, steps, signs, walls, statues, benches, etc.
• Chalking must be at least 30 feet away from the entrance to any building
• Water-soluble ("sidewalk") chalk must be used; the use of markers, paints, or spray chalk is strictly prohibited
• Chalking may not contain profanity
• Chalking must comply with all College policies, including the College's Policy Against Discrimination & Harassment and the Statement on Freedom of Expression

Chalking that does not comply with this policy will be removed, and individuals or student organizations that violate these rules may be subject to disciplinary action and may be responsible for removal costs.