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Emergency Care

What is an emotional crisis needing immediate, emergency attention?

  • suicide threat or attempt
  • thoughts of suicide
  • thoughts or threats of doing serious physical harm to someone else
  • seriously diminished contact with reality
  • extreme emotional distress that has lasted for hours with no improvement
  • recent sexual assault

To report an emergency during business hours (8:30 -4:30 Monday-Friday) contact the Student Counseling Services at 794-7357, the Dean of Students at 794-7533 or Campus Security at 794-7711.

After business hours:

On campus: contact your CA or Resident Director, or Security at 794-7711

Off campus: go to the nearest ememgency room and ask to speak with the mental health professional on call.  The nearest facility to campus is:

Trinity West Medical Center

2701 - 17th Street, Rock Island