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Campus Ministries Student Leadership Team


Sam Dunklau '17

"Campus Ministries is a community of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who strive to make a difference at Augustana and beyond. I am excited about joining with others and share abilities and having a good time at activities."

Austynn Eubank

Austynn Eubank '19

"I love being able to make a connection with new poeple through the church. I like to watch myself and others grown in their faith through different experiences and opprotunities in the church."


Katrina Friedrich '17

"The thing I enjoy most about Campus Ministries is genuine warmth of the congregations at the services. Whether you attend Sunday morning chapel, Sunday afternoon mass, Wednesday evening service, or attend Tuesday Reflection, you always feel welcomed."


Bekah Gohl

Bekah Gohl '18

"Being involved in Campus Ministries has helped me find my place at Augustana and has guided my religious path through college. I am so excited to be involved in the Campus Ministries Leadership Team because I have the opportunity to work with other people ignited by the fire of God's love and the passion to serve others. "

Emily Graziano

Emily Graziano '19

"I love being involved in campus ministries because I was super involved with my church in high school. I was afraid I would have to give that part of my life up when I came to college, but I did not have to. The people are great and the services are some of my favorite parts of my week!"


Sara Hovren

Sara Hovren '18

"I have almost finished my first year, and I do not know what I would have done without Augie's Campus Ministries.  I am willing to turn around and offer the same love and support  I have gotten from the group to anyone I encounter. It's going to be exciting to see how God will move throughout this Campus during my time at Augustana."


Cindy Johnson

Cindy Johnson '19

"Campus ministries has helped me discover myself while at college. I have grown in my faith so much because of campus ministries, and I know that my relationship with God will continue to strengthen throughout my stay here. I love how campus ministries has open arms to every last student here. I am so thankful for such a welcoming church to call home here at Augie, and I don't know where I would be without campus ministries."


Jack Malone

Jack Malone '18

"Campus Ministries has made such a huge difference in my experience here at Augustana. I can't wait to be a part of the Leadership Team and start a new journey in my faith and make an impact on campus."


Nick Miller

Nick Miller '17

"Campus Ministries gave me the opportunity to formulate lifelong relationships from the very start. This community on campus offers the resources you need to accept yourself and grow in your own spiritual maturity as you share the love of Christ with others. Here exists a network of individuals that live out a life driven by Christ."


Josh Morano

Josh Morano '18

"I believe Campus Ministries provides perfect opportunities to keep a centered faith life in these turbulent, ever changing years at Augustana. Coupled with a welcoming sense of community, Campus Ministries just always provides a good place to be no matter who you are or what your circumstances maybe."   


Jared Pectur

Jared Pector '19

"Campus Ministries is an amazing community that truly strives to make connections between any and all walks of life on campus. I really look forward to working with this great group of people to help make a difference!"


Eileen Ruppel

Eileen Ruppel '18

"From the moment I stepped on campus, I knew I had found an amazing community among Campus Ministries. It is an incredibly friendly and welcoming atmosphere, that has given me a new family of people that have helped me grow in my faith. The people I've met through Campus Ministries have become my best friends, and I'm so excited to be a part of the leadership team!"   



Keila Saucedo '17

 "What I like best about Campus Ministries is the inviting atmosphere and the service minded people who bring this stimulating environment to anyone who happens to be interested."

Shannon Walsh

Shannon Walsh '19

"I like the new community that you get from being a part of the campus ministries team and being surrounded by great people. "