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Church Vocations Scholarships


Stained Glass

A wonderful stained glass image inside
Ascension Chapel.

A major and minor in religion are available to students seeking to expand their knowledge of religious expression. Augustana offers a wide range of awards and scholarships to qualified candidates. The following scholarships are available to bright, dedicated students interested in careers in leadership within the Lutheran church, including the ministry, military chaplaincy, education, music and world mission. 

  • Robert E. Fryxell Scholarship
  • Albert G. Kullberg Scholarship
  • Dr. and Mrs. S.A. Lindholme Memorial Scholarship
  • Amos T. Lundquist Memorial Scholarship
  • Kathryn E. Lundquist Memorial Scholarship
  • Clifford and Lucille Patterson Scholarship
  • Dr. Victor R. Pearson Memorial Scholarship
  • The Rising Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. and Mrs. E.E. Ryden Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard E. Ryden Memorial Scholarship
  • Hilda Emelia Sutherland Scholarship
  • Everett P. Swenson Memorial Scholarship