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Resources by Subject

Here are some examples of the many subjects included in the collections at the Swenson Center.

Also remember you can keyword search our online database for archival records and photographs, and our library catalog for books.

Agriculture & Farm Life

·        Milton Anderson family correspondence

·        Peter S. Nelson papers

·        Ernst Teofil Skarstedt collection

Arts & Crafts

·        Charles and Sofia Haag papers

·        Mary T. Swanson papers

·        Olof Grafström papers

·        Anna Persson Cave family papers, 1897-2006

·        Ernst Teofil Skarstedt collection

·        Gustaf Nathaniel Malm papers

·        Oliver Anderson Linder clippings

Augustana College Founders

The Augustana founders were Swedish-Americans and members of Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran, Augustana Synod. Thus, the Swenson Center has some materials relating to the founding members of Augustana College, and pastors of the Augustana Synod. However, Augustana College Special Collections holds many more book and manuscript materials that address the history of the college as well as the papers of all past Augustana presidents. Please contact Special Collections for more information. 

·        Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod collection

·        Also see the Religious Life & Clergy section, below.

Bishop Hill

·     Philip John Stoneberg papers

·     Johan Edvard Liljeholm papers

·     John Norton papers

·     Bishop Hill Colony subject collection

·     George Malcolm Stephenson newspaper clipping collection

·     See this page for a list of additional Bishop Hill resources

Business, Accounting & Economics

Many Swedish immigrants were entrepreneurs and involved in business, financial, and legal matters in various industries.

·        G.N. Swan papers

·        Svea Mutual Insurance Company (Orion, Ill.) records

·        Magnus Bernhard Nelson papers

·        Viktor Peterson papers

·        Bengtson and Bohman family papers

·        Erik Lawson papers

·        Sven Peter August Lindahl papers

·        Axel F. Erickson papers

Canadian Swedes

·        Swedish church records in Canada

·        Swedish-Canadian newspapers

Children's Literature

The Swenson Center holds a variety of educational, religious, and leisure reading for children.

·        See this page for a list of more specific holdings.


The Swenson Center has digitized two love letter collections between students of the Augustana Theological Seminary and the women they courted, as well as countless other collections of correspondence.

·        Carl Lorimer and Mabel Anderson Letters (digitized collection)

·        Swan Johnson and Josephine Peterson Letters (digitized collection)

·        Sweden-America private letters from the Emigrants 1858-1910

·        Friman (Freeman) family correspondence

·        Search keywords such as "correspondence" or "letters" in our online database


The Swenson Center holds materials on defunct Swedish-American colleges, other education groups, and individuals' papers concerning their education.

·        Upsala College (East Orange, New Jersey) records, 1893-1995

·        Luther College (Wahoo, Nebraska) records, 1883-1944

·        Luther Junior College and Academy (Wahoo, Neb.) records

·        Adelphia College (Seattle, Wash.) records

·        Ansgar College (Knoxville, Ill.) records

·        Hillsboro College (Hillsboro, Ill.) records

·        Hope Academy (Moorhead, Minn.) records

·        Anna Persson Cave family papers 1897-2006

·        Johannes Telleen letters

·        Oliver Anderson Linder clippings


·        Lars Peter Beckman papers

·        John Olof Viking papers

·        Svenska Litteratursällskapet (Moline, Ill.) records

·        Also search our library holdings for published materials.

Medicine & Health

·        Lutheran Hospital (Moline, Ill.) records

·        The Lindsborg Aid Association (Lindsborg, Kan.) records

·        Charles and Sofia Haag papers

·        Augustana Home for the Aged (Brooklyn, N.Y.) records


Music records at the Swenson Center include choral books from singing groups and religious organizations. The largest single collection is of the American Union of Swedish Singers (AUSS), a singing group organized in 1892 to serve as a national umbrella organization for individual Swedish choirs and to arrange national singing conventions. Other music collections include the Ardith Melloh Papers which include psalmodikon information and instructions. Individual collections may contain sheet music or composed hymns.

·        American Union of Swedish Singers records, 1896-2005

·        Ardith Melloh Papers

·        Bruce W. Anderson papers

·        Fredrik Nibelius papers

·        Sven M. Swanson papers

·        Ernst Wilhelm Olson papers

News, Press & Publishing

Materials about news organizations and publication offices involve several collections, including the Allan Kastrup collection of the American Swedish News Exchange. The purpose of the ASNE was to increase and broaden the general knowledge about Sweden and to provide the American press with news on cultural, economic and political developments in Sweden. Another press collection is of the Augustana Book Concern, a Swedish immigrant publishing house which printed religious and literary text, mostly in Swedish. 

·        Allan Kastrup collection

·        Augustana Book Concern publications, photographs, and more photographs

·        Ernst Teofil Skarstedt collection

·        Ernest M. Espelie papers

·        John Olof Viking papers

·        Gösta Nyblom Publishing House (Rock Island, Ill.) records

·        Ernst Wilhelm Olson papers

·        Oliver Anderson Linder clippings

·        Ernst Wilhelm Olson papers


·        John P. Andersson papers

·        Victor Emanuel Beck papers

·        Johannes Svensson Brodeen papers

·        Callerstrom family papers

·        Carl Johan Isakson papers

·        Axel Lundeberg papers

·        A. Munson papers

·        Ernst Wilhelm Olson papers

·        Ernst Teofil Skarstedt collection

·        Arthur Helge Swan papers

·        Sven M. Swanson papers

·        John Olof Viking papers

Politics & Government

·        Allan Kastrup collection

·        David W. McCormick papers

·        Axel Lundeberg papers

Religious Life & Clergy

·        Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod collection

·        Axel Ferdinand Almer papers

·        August Theodore Fant papers

·        Carl Erik Holmer papers

·        Sven Petrus Holmberg papers

·        August Peterson Säter papers

·        Johannes Svensson Brodeen papers

·        Victor Emanuel Beck papers

·        Charles Lindman papers

·        Axel Lundeberg papers

·        John Peter and Anna (Carlson) Leaf family papers

·        C.A. Larson family papers

·        Sven Peter August Lindahl papers

·        Gustav Lawrence Bongfeldt papers

·        Peter Anderson Cederstam papers

·        Fredrik Nibelius papers

·        Anders P. Lindstrom papers & Johan P. Lindstrom papers

·       Selma Olivia Moberg missionary to China collection

·        Also search for churches and congregations in our online database

Social Groups & Organizations

·        Magnus Bernhard Nelson papers

·        Johan Alfred Johansson Godehn family papers

·        Swedish Olive Lodge #583 (Moline, Ill.) records

·        Swedish Women's Educational Association International (SWEA) records

·        Swedish Old Settlers' Association of Knox County, Illinois records

·        Swedish-American Athletic Clubs (Illinois) subject collection

·        409 Social Club (Washington D.C.) records

·        John Ericsson Republican League of Illinois records

·        American-Scandinavian Foundation Midwest Office records

·        Nytta och Nöje (Rock Island, Ill.) records

·        Ölandsklubben (Rockford, Ill.) records

·        Svenska Kulturförbundet/Swedish Cultural Society of America (Minneapolis, Minn.) records

·        Kulturarvet (Minneapolis, Minn.) records

·          Also see this page for more information on Organizational and Lodge records

·        Also search for "lodges" in our online database


·     Upsala College (East Orange, N.J.) records

·     Swedish-American Athletic Clubs (Illinois) subject collection

·     Luther Junior College and Academy


Arthur Helge Swan wrote plays and kept meticulous lists of plays and performances he attended in New York, Chicago, Boston, Paris, and London. He also kept playbills and advertisements from the performances he attended.

·        Arthur Helge Swan papers

Travel Writing

·        Justina Lofgren family papers and travel writing, 1882-1963


The C.W. Mortenson Collection of our library consists of approximately 200 books on the Viking presence in North America. This collection includes many of the standard scholarly works as well as fiction and several rare items such as C.C. Rafn's Antiquitates Americanae Sive Scriptores Septentrionales Rerum Ante-Columbianarum in America, printed in Copenhagen in 1837 and Arthur Middleton Reeves' The Finding of Wineland the Good. The History of the Icelandic Discovery of America, published in London in 1890.

·        Search keywords in our library catalog to learn more.


·        Augustana Lutheran Women's Home (Omaha, Neb.) records

·        Swedish Women's Educational Association International (SWEA) records

·        Astrid Lodge No. 9 (Omaha, Neb.) records

·        Emmy Evald-Carlsson family papers

·        Harriet E. Carlson papers

World War II

·        Sune Lundberg collection

·        Richard C. Holtman papers

·        Also search keywords in our library holdings for more materials.