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Samuel Magnus Hill papers, 1870-1920

Size: 2.5 linear feet, 6 boxes

Acquisition: Transferred to SSIRC from Special Collections at Augustana College in 1981. Materials in boxes 5 and 6 were donated by Liz Askey, in May of 2005.

Access: The collection is open for research.

Processed by: Library staff

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The papers of Samuel Magnus Hill (1851-1920) were presented to the Augustana College Library in 1969 by Ramsey Hill, a Swedish instructor at Augustana and grandson of Samuel Magnus Hill. Box 4 folders 38-42 and box 5 materials were donated by Liz Askey, S.M.H's granddaughter, in 2005 and contains autobiographical essays, family letters and photographs.

The separation of the papers into Swedish and English has been retained. The arrangement of the papers into lectures, sermons, articles and speeches had been previously imposed and remains practically unaltered. It is not known who arranged the papers in this manner.

Biographical Sketch

Samuel Magnus Hill was born in Sund, Östergötland, Sweden on January 10, 1851 to Samuel and Maria (Ottar) Samuelson. The family emigrated to Altona, Illinois in 1868. Shortly after arriving in the U.S. the family changed their surname to Hill. The family eventually moved to Paxton, Illinois and finally they settled in Chariton, Iowa.

Samuel enrolled at Augustana College in 1875 at the age of 24 and graduated in 1879. He worked throughout his college years to support himself and pay the tuition. His parents were poor and unable to provide any financial assistance.

After graduation, Samuel went to Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota to teach music and other subjects. Shortly, after his arrival at Gustavus, the College decided to change to co-education and in the first class of girls, he met Julie Johnson whom he married in 1882. Hill stayed at Gustavus for three years.

In 1882, Hill was called by the Illinois conference to go to Utah and serve as a missionary among the Swedes in the Mormon Church. He remained in Utah until 1884, when he accepted a teaching position at the Luther Academy in Wahoo, Nebraska. Hill taught a wide variety of subjects at the Academy, but history, the Swedish language and literature were his main subjects. After the President resigned, Hill agreed to take over the administration of the Academy as acting president, a position he held for 15 years. Hill served Luther Academy for 31 years.

In 1901, he traveled to Sweden and wrote a travel description entitled "Sverige resan," which was published in the Nebraska paper The Omaha Bee.

Hill was ordained in 1917, and upon his resignation from teaching he accepted a call from the Swedish Lutheran Church in Colton, Oregon. During his years as a pastor, he also spent time writing poetry and contributing articles to the Swedish-American press. During World War I, he published a collection of poetry Uggletoner i Vargatider (Portland, 1916.) He also served as contributing editor to the journal Ungdomsvännen.

Hill passed away on June 5, 1920 in Elgaros, Oregon.

For additional biographical info. of S.M. Hill see: Korsbaneret, 1922 p. 235-240; Dowie, Iverne J., Prairie Grass Dividing.

Scope and Content

The collection includes a scrapbook of Hill's travels, letters received by Hill, clippings of his writings, sermons, lectures, articles, a variety of songs and poems by Hill and other persons, and material from Hill's service as a Lutheran missionary in Salt Lake City.

The scrapbook of Hill's travel to Sweden in 1901 (missing pp. 28-62) contains photographs, letters from friends, misc. brochures and other memorabilia and Hill's own travel diary.

The letters Hill received are both professional and personal. For a period of time, he used the back side of letters he received for his own poetry. Many of the poems are also tributes to deceased friends, or memorials for special anniversary days and/or patriotic days.

Hill's sermons are both in English and Swedish and from the period of 1887-1918. The lectures are mostly on the topic of church history and education, but also includes lectures on the topic of alcoholism and temperance from the period 1887-1890.

The articles and speeches are in both English and Swedish and on a wide variety of subjects. Please see detailed folder inventory below. Also included are writings by other people.

The material from Hill's mission work in Salt Lake City includes speeches on the topic of Mormonism, letters from Swedish immigrants, and clippings.

The material contained in box 5 and 6 contain mostly family letters and photographs.

Related Materials

Many of the photographs from this collection can be viewed online in our PastPerfect Online Database by clicking the link and keyword searching "Samuel Magnus Hill papers, 1870-1920" (with the quotes). 

Series I

Box 1

1. Biographical notes/material incl. dismissal papers from the parish in Sweden, July 25, 1870.
2. A collection of handwritten letters in very small print, from Sweden to the Hill family in Altona, Illinois, where the family initially lived after their immigration to the United States.
3. Letters written to Hill, n.d.
4. Correspondence 1903-1904, some photocopies. Some letters are from a later period, about WWI, from Prof. Joseph Alexis, in Swedish.
5. Sverigeresan 1901. Typewritten manuscript copy, pages 1-27 with various photographs and printed items collected during the trip. Describes visit in Göteborg.
6. Sverigeresan 1901. NOTE: Manuscript pages 28-62 are missing. Folder numbering suggests this was lost before being placed in the archive. Typewritten manuscript copy, pages 63-104, with various photographs and printed items collected during the trip. Also letters to and from a number of Swedish editors and authors. Interesting letter from Hjalmar Branting.
7. Sverigeresan 1901. Typewritten manuscript copy, pages 105-140, with various photographs and printed items collected during the trip. Visit to Uppsala and Lund. Letter from Selma Lagerlöf is removed without a copy left behind. Interesting writings by Hill about Swedish-American re-migration. 
8. Newspaper clippings, 1897-1933. In English on Luther Academy in Wahoo, Nebraska. In Swedish: Newspaper clippings of Hill's writings using different pseudonyms.
9. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from Swedish newspapers--favorite poems by various Swedish-American poets. Also anti-British newspaper reporting-on opium trading in China and oppression in India.
10. Sermon texts by Hill. Sermon texts in English. Typewritten (with one exception), from the Colton period

Box 2

11. Sermon texts by Hill, 1904-1917, n.d.
Sermon texts in English. Typewritten (with one exception), from the Colton period
12. Sermon texts by Hill, 1907-1918
Sermon texts in Swedish. Handwritten (with one exception).
13. Sermon texts by Hill
Sermon texts in Swedish. Typewritten.

14. Lectures and/or speeches in English
"The Heathen Mysteries." (Both hand and typewritten).
"Ownership." Handwritten.
"Do We Understand the Problem?" (On church and state separation)
"The First Discoveries and the Columbian Discoveries of America." (Handwritten and unfinished typescript)
"Mixed Races Progressive." Handwritten.
"We Must Not Make Ourselves Ridiculous." Handwritten.
"Education. Omaha and Sioux City." Handwritten.
"The Relation between Church and State." Handwritten.
"Washington as an [unreadable]" Handwritten.
"The Practical Aspect of Religious Training." Handwritten.
"Taxation of Church Property." Typewritten.

15. Lectures and/or speeches in English
"The Washingtons of Other Countries." Wahoo, Feb. 22, 1887. Handwritten.
"Gustavus Adolphus." Nov. 1888. Handwritten.
"The Religious Work of the Swedes and Their Descendants in [the] U.S." July 29, 1892. Handwritten.
"The Mission of the Swedes." Dec.2, 1894.
"Christianity and Education." Sep.1, 1895.
"McKinley and Protection." Aug.28, 1896.
"International Bimetalism: A Study in Political Economy." Post 1896. Handwritten.
"How to Teach." June 2, 1898. Handwritten, but not in Hill's handwriting.
"The Spirit of Progress." May 30, 1901. Handwritten. Untitled, on the social situation in the USA. July 4, 1912.
"Things to be Thankful For." 1913. Typewritten.
"The Dawn of a New Era." On social injustice. Ca 1915.
"War: Adapted after Robert Ingersoll." Post 1915.

16. Temperance lectures and/or speeches in English
"Alcoholism, its causes, results and curse." March 14, 1903. Handwritten.
"The Effect of Drunkenness on the Family." March 12, 1910. Typewritten.
"Drunkenness." No date. Handwritten.
"Temperance, i.e. Abstinence." No date. Handwritten.
"Our Problem of Degeneracy." No date. Typewritten.

17. Lectures and/or speeches in Swedish, n.d.
"Nationens födelsedag." No date. Handwritten.
"Minne af själfständighetsförklaringen 1776" and "Delaware." No date. Handwritten.
"Bikupan i Norden, en skildring af forntida dagars emigration." No date. Handwritten.
"Allsidig bildning: Nödvändigheten af en allsidig bildning." No date. Handwritten.
"Ungdomliga förhoppningar." No date. Handwritten.
"Tal till medlemmarna af Augustana Endowment föreningen. Hållet vid dess månadsmöte i augusti och aftryckt[?] på begäran." No date. Handwritten.
"Lapparnas evangelisering." No date. Handwritten.
"Våren." No date. Handwritten.
"Musiken och ungdomen." No date. Handwritten.
"Sångens betydelse för den kristliga församlingen." No date. Handwritten.
" Lifvet såsom kraft och själ[?]" No date. Handwritten.
"Andens och köttets strid." No date. Typewritten.
"Ledareskapet inom Svenskamerika." No date. Typewritten.
"Ungdomsföreningarna inom Augustanasynoden." No date. Typewritten.
"Indien som missionsfält." No date. Typewritten.
"Den svenske landsfadern." No date. Typewritten.

Box 3

18. Lectures and/or speeches in Swedish, 1887-1915
"Reformationstal för R.I. Nov. 3, 1887." Handwritten. Two copies.
"Reformationens kindpustare. Hösten 1887." Handwritten.
"Hvarför äro högskolor nödvändiga?" July 4, 1887. Handwritten.
"Några drag ur naturreligionens historia." Jan. 27, 1888. Handwritten.
"Församlingsskolan som religionsskola." 1888. Handwritten.
"Gustaf Adolfsdagen 1889." Typewritten.
"Stenarnas Vittnesbörd." 1880. Handwritten.
"Vid nykterhetskampanjen i Nebraska 1890." Handwritten.

19."Dagens frågor. Fjärde juli tal 1893." Handwritten.
"Gustaf Adolfstal för ungdomarna i Mead[?] Dec. 1894" Handwritten.
"Religionens ökade förtroende inom den ...[?] världen." Jan.15, 1895. Handwritten.
"Fosterlandskärleken." Lincoln, Nov.8, 1895. Handwritten.
"Det tjugonde århundradets historia. Rock Island den 28 febr. 1896." Handwritten.
"Biografi." After 1907. Typewritten.
"Augustanasynoden den svenska dotterkyrkan i Amerika, dess verksamhet och dess betydelse för svenskamerikanarne." 1910. Typewritten.
"Nutida företeelser inom andens värld." "Föredrag 1893, avskrivet på maskin 5 jan 1914."
"Reformationstal i Augustana Kyrkan, Portland, Org[sic]. Den 3 nov. 1915" Typewritten.

20. Newspaper articles in English
"A word to the wise is Sufficient." 1891. Two copies, one handwritten, one typewritten.
"Something about the Swedes, part III." Newspaper clipping, ca 1889.

21. Articles and/or lectures in Swedish
"Bolagskolonien eller framtidens åkerbruk." 1892. Handwritten.
"En svenskhetens utpost i vester." Ca 1905. "Article for Idun."
"Hur skall utvandringen hämmas?" 1913. Typewritten. Identical to text in Box 1, Folder 5.
"Musiken och den högre bildningen." No date. Handwritten and newspaper proofs.
"Missionärerna och månggiftet." No date. Typewritten.
"Det menskliga vetandets gränser." No date. Handwritten.
"Snilledyrkan." No date. Handwritten.
"Kristlig samhällslära för gemene man." No date. Handwritten. On the cover: "Omarbetadt för Fosterlandet."
"[?] ... är den som öfvervinner världen!" No date. Handwritten.

22. Psalms, religious poems and texts
"Kyrkosången Nov. 1906" Pamphlet and verse.
"The Prince of Peace. Christmas Program." Edited by S.M. Hill
"Fridsfursten. Julprogram för Söndagsskolan." Redigerat av S.M. Hill.
"A Correction." Hymn. 2 copies. Typewritten.
"Leaders are Wanted." Poem. Typewritten.
"Te Deum." Typewritten.
"And then the Human Soul." Translation by Hill.
"Go Thou and Sin No More." Typewritten.
"The Stumbling Stone." Typewritten.
"Words to the Ave Maria." 4 copies. Typewritten.
"Heavenly Father, We Come to Thee." Typewritten.
"Moses and the First Universal Strike." Typewritten.
"The Scare crow." Typewritten.
"Christ is Born." Psalm.
"The Dispensation of Light." Typewritten.
Two handwritten sheets in both Swedish and English.
Two handwritten sheets, begins in Swedish, ends in English.
"The Oregon Song." 2 copies. Words and music by Hill.
Typewritten copy of the WWI peace treaty and 9 points of labor legislation in English.

23. Poems (tributes and memorials)
"Rådsförsamlingen." 1877. Typewritten poem eleven pages long, 2 copies.
"1883 - 1917." Typewritten poem.
"Nyårsnatt." Typewritten poem signed "K. K-n i Augustana."
"Känslomänniskan." Typewritten proof.
"När de vaknat." Typewritten.
"Man bör lefva ett högre liv." 1892, typewritten.
"Den rättslösas visa." 1899, typewritten.
Hill's translation of Markham's "The Man with the Hoe." 2 copies.
"Sprätten." 1903, typewritten.
"När skrymtarekåpan faller." 1906, typewritten.
"Rådsförsamlingen." 1913, typewritten poem 13 pages long.
"Hyllningsverser till Mr. och Mrs. Frank Magnusson på deras silverbröllopsfest 1914." Typewritten.
"Den sjätte februari, 1914." Typewritten.
"Den 24 januari 1915." Typewritten.
"1915 - 1916." Typewritten.
"Margaret Elizabeth Prichard." 1915, typewritten.
"Nyåret 1917." Typewritten.
"Julotta i Karlborgsdalen 1916." Typewritten.
"Tack för stolen." Jan.10, 1917, typewritten.
"Den 1 Augusti 1917." Typewritten.
"Minnesverser vid tioårsfesten i Karlsborg, den 28 augusti 1917." Typewritten.
"Hvad förr ha händt..." Typewritten.
"Offerhandlingar." Typewritten.
"Världens mäktige, ..." Poem published in Ungdomsvännen, 1917(?).
"Den 31 oktober, 1917." Typewritten.
"Gratulationsverser till grannen, Mr. Tomas Frigaard, på hans 41 födelsedag, den 5 mars, 1918."
"Världshärskaren." Typewritten.
"Den svårlärda läxan." 1919, typewritten.
"Farväl till tjänsteflaggan." 1919, typewritten.
"Ode till människoslaktaryrket." 1919, typewritten.
"Till familjen John Erikson. Den 6 april, 1919." Typewritten."Till Mrs. Ida Charlotta Hult, på 70 årsdagen den 11 april 1919." Typewritten and signed
"Från vännen och grannen S.M.H."
"Till Frank och Charlotta Samuelsson silfverbröllop. Lördagen den 26 juli, 1919." Typewritten.
"Minnesverser vid Bethlehems fest den 24 juni, 1919." Typewritten.
"Vid tioårsfesten i Elgarås den 9 oktober 1919." Handwritten.
"Hvad gör det? Fastlagssöndagen 1920." Typewritten.
"Ack, lycklig den som kunde." 10 jan 1920. 2 copies.
"Fyrtioårsfesten i Astoria den 23 mars, 1920."
Manuscript bundle containing:
"Ode till missnöjet." 1910, typewritten.
"Nyårsnatt." Typewritten "K. K-n i Augustana."
"Änkedrottning Sofias avsked." Typewritten.
"Kom." Typewritten.
"På min sextiotredje födelsedag." Typewritten.
"Tro och ej se. Efter norskan." Typewritten translation.
"Okunnighetens pris." 1896, typewritten.
"Känslomänniskan." 1898, typewritten.
"Människovärdet." 1898, typewritten.

24. Songs and poems
"Soldatvisa." In dialect, typewritten.
"Guvenörsvisan." Typewritten.
"Kalkonvisan." Typewritten.
"Galerslafven." Handwritten, but not Hill's handwriting. 2 copies.
"Subtraktion." Handwritten, but not Hill's handwriting.
"Slafvarnas yngel, ..." Typewritten fragment.
"Raka till dig!" Typewritten.
"Nutidens Magdalena." 1914, typewritten.
"Nej, krigsfantasterna..." Typewritten.
"Ett tackrim." Typewritten.
"Hyllningsverser." Typewritten.
"Grefven." Typewritten.
"Skördesång." 23 March, 1918. Typewritten.
"När komma de lyckliga dagarna?" by Lars Lunell (not Hill).
"Bön om fred." Typewritten.
"Amerika. Fritt efter engelskan." Translation, typewritten.
"Gamla norska kungsången." By N. Fogtman. Typewritten.
"Skolsången. För Luther Academy." Typewritten.
"Till A.S. Skoog." 1919, typewritten.
"Bland stubbar och stockar." Typewritten.
"Hvad skall man rimma?" 1916, typewritten.
"Ode till slentrianen." 1916, typewritten.
"Nutidsprästens klagan." Typewritten.
"Ligger något ondt däri?" 1895, typewritten.
"Den yttersta tidens barn. Melodi av S.M.H." Typewritten.
"Säg, äro vi verkligen kristna?" Typewritten.
"Grottemälden och kanonmaten." Typewritten.
"Sankt Hoover." Typewritten.
"Seklernas höst och vår. By A.F. Almer."
"Snack." Typewritten.
"Till Silfverbröllopsparet, Herr och Fru Albert Almquist." Typewritten.
"Vid Bernard Torrells silfverbröllop." Typewritten.
"Vid Mabel[?] Chindgrens bår." Typewritten.
"Biskop Henning..." Typewritten.
"Martin Luthers skördepsalm." 10 copies, typewritten.
"Dödsmarschen." Typewritten.
"Bönhörelsen." Psalm, typewritten.
"Hör du rösterna från Roma?" Typewritten.
"Ja, han kunde tala om 'et." About Enander, typewritten.
"Rikeman och Lasarus." 8 page choir piece, typewritten.
"Jag är svensk." Handwritten.
"Hur tomt och kallt." Typewritten.
3 handwritten sheets on religious themes.
"Lyft upp din hand till Jesus." Psalm, typewritten.
"Fariseen." Typewritten.
"Statt upp." Typewritten.
"Rikeman och Lasarus." Typewritten.
"Min harpa." 2 copies, typewritten.
"På hvad väg. Valby kyrka [in Oregon]." Typewritten.
"Valet. Till mina första konfirmander." Typewritten.
"Vid Ben. Andersons bår." Typewritten.
"Ty skrymtarekåpan skall falla." Typewritten, with two cuttings on back side.
"När satan utdrifvits." Typewritten.
"Till Bethlehem." Typewritten.
"Kristi kärlek." Handwritten psalm.
"Hängkäft." Translation of "The Man with the Hoe." Typewritten.
"Till Hildur Samuelssons minne." 2 copies, typewritten.
"Soldaterna" av Anders Österling i Oregon Posten.
"Pojken min." Typewritten.
"Mundus vult decipi." Typewritten.
"Backstugusittarepojken." "Den syttende maj 1915."
"Så blicken..." Typewritten fragment.
"Och femtiåra..." Typewritten fragment.
"Emanuel och Anna gratulerar vi." Typewritten.
"Här vi kommit" (front page) "Heliga Stefani Dag" (back page). Typewritten.
"Guld och silfver." Typewritten.
"De ogärningsmän skola platt förgås." Typewritten.
"Gratulationsverser" (in Danish!) Typewriten.
"Engländarehälgonen." Typewritten.
"Sångernas sång." Typewritten fragment of "Ett bibliskt drama."
"Predikotext." 2 pages.
"Program för mötet i Marshfield 10-16 Nov."

25. Songs and poems in Swedish and English. Patriotic songs 1909-1919
"Program of National Songs." Typewritten.
"Our State Song." (Nebraska) Typewritten.
"Oregon / The Oregon Song." 3 copies. Typewritten.
"Words of Introduction For the Concert of National Songs, written by S.M.H." Typewritten.
"Japan National Hymn." Typewritten.
"Gamla svenska folksången." Typewritten.
"Song of England." Typewritten.
"Hälsning till Sverige." Typewritten.
"Öfver dem är ett ljus uppgånget." Typewritten.
"Hälsning." Signed "Bo i Viken i Svenska Amerikanaren." Typewritten.
"I den täcka Karlborgsdalen." Song to C.M. Bellman's "Fjäril vingad." Typewritten.
"Emigrantens hemlängtan. Sång till norsk melodi." Typewritten.
"Fosterlandet." Typewritten.
"Svenska flaggans dag. Av Daniel Fallström." Melody by S.M.H. Typewritten.
"Med tummen på hanen hvarenda sekund." Av "fredsfantasten S.M.H." Typewritten.
"Beväringsvisa." Typewritten.
"Bön under världskriget, efter Gustav Fleetwood." Typewritten.
"Vårt bästa beskydd heter fred." Typewritten.
"Nyårsdagen i Adolf Fredriks Kyrka 1906." Typewritten.
"I Kikaren." 6 February, 1915. Typewritten.
"Julen i Karlborgsdalen 1916." Typewritten.
"Hälsning till Sverige. Täfvlingspoem ... 1 sep 1919." 2 copies, typewritten.
"Versailles 1871, 1919." July 14, 1919, in English, typewritten.
"An Ode to H.C.L. (High Cost of Living)." Sep 6, 1919, typewritten. "The First Universal Strike." Typewritten.
"Song of the Cannon-Food." 2 copies, typewritten.
"The Red Cross." Typewritten.
"The Son of God." Both handwritten and typewritten.
"Our Land." Translation from the Swedish by Hill. Typewritten.
"A Man with a Message." 2 copies, typewritten.
"The Church." Typewritten.
"Rock a Fellow to Sleep." Lullaby, typewritten.
"Down in the Deep, Blue Sea." Typewritten.
"Hurrah for War!" Typewritten.
"The Provocateur." Typewritten.
"A Thanksgiving Rhyme." Typewritten.
"Bridge the Rhine." Typewritten.
"The Liberty Lads." Typewritten.
"The Song of the Hyphenates." Typewritten.
"Hate and revenge. Hämden är ljuf för låga själar. Svenskt ordspråk." Typewritten.
"The Sinking of Tuscania." 2 copies, typewritten.
"How can we help?" 2 copies, typewritten.
"Onward, Office Seekers." Typewritten.
"Remember the Massacres!" 1901, typewritten.
"Colton High School." Typewritten.

26. Notebooks, essay, poem and grammatical rules
Notebook of songs belonging to Hill's daughter Cordelia Hill.
Notebook of psalms belonging to Hill's daughter Cordelia Hill.
An essay, "From Alien to American." Handwritten, but not in Hill's handwriting.
"Gudinna," a handwritten poem, but not in Hill's handwriting.
A set of handwritten Swedish grammatical rules, but not in Hill's handwriting.

Box 4

27. Various poems
Poems by Bernt Emil Bengtson, P.A. Rydberg, J.P. Nyqvist
28. Speech in Swedish
"Det tjugonde århundradets historia." Speech given in Rock Island 1896. Handwritten
29. Speeches/sermons in Swedish
Five handwritten speeches, in Swedish, incl. välkomsttal vid mottagandet av Biskop och Biskopinnan Scheele, 1893
30. Speech in Swedish
"Filosofins Historia." Dated 1901. "Olika svar på Mänsklighetens lifsfrågor; ett försök till en kortfattad, enkel, filosofins historia för allmänheten och särskilt tillägnad den tänkande ungdomen."
31. Speech in Swedish
"Filosofins Historia." Dated 1901. "Olika svar på Mänsklighetens lifsfrågor; ett försök till en kortfattad, enkel, filosofins historia för allmänheten och särskilt tillägnad den tänkande ungdomen."
32. Swedish Catechism
"Svenska Folkets Katekes." Typewritten book manuscript. Folder dated 1911.
33. Speech "Grundläggarnes dag" April, 1905
34. Poem entitled "Augustana" published in Korsbaneret in 1914 under the title Upp till Strid!
35. Recollection of Dr. Enander "Vad jag minns av Dr. Enander"
36. Uggletoner i Vargatider, (2 copies)
37. Writing and letter re. emigration from Sweden
"Hur skal untvandringen hämmas by S.M.H. and letter to Statistiska Byrån, 1913.
38. Newspaper articles relating to Hill's missionary work in Salt Lake City
incl. is a translation of a speech by Brigham Young
39. Various material in Swedish by and about the Mormons
Several transcriptions of texts by Brigham Young.
An essay by Hill: "Adamsdyrkare eller materialismens religion. En skildring av mormonismen av S.M.H., Salt Lake City, Oct.18, 1883."
40. Extracts from Journal of Discourses, 1854-1855 by Brigham Young
and other writings pertaining to the Mormon Church
41. Extracts from Journal of Discourses, 1854-1855 by Brigham Young
and other writings pertaining to the Mormon Church
42. Speeches/lectures by Hill, 1883-1884
"Föreläsning om Reformationen." Salt Lake City hösten 1883. Handwritten.
"Mormonismens säregna läror." Salt Lake City 1883. Handwritten.
"Lutheranismen och det svenska samhällslivet. Salt Lake City i mars 1884." Handwritten.

Series II
Box 5

Family history, travel diary, writings and poems by S.M.H. and family letters

1. Family history, loose-leaf material
2. Mrs. Hill's funeral, 1942--correspondence and funeral reading
3. Graduation program--Julia Johnson and S.M.H.
4. "Biografi, eller vad jag minns ur mitt lifs historia," typewritten, note: the first 6 pages were removed by S.M.H. daughters Augusta and Dorothy
5. "Dagbok på resan till Amerika 1868"
6. "Lite av hvad jag sett och hört här i Verlden" 2 copies one is in longhand and the other typewritten, n.d.
7. Sverigeresan--Borås, Jönköping, Huskvarna, Eksjö, Vestra Ryd; typewritten, n.d.
8. "Hvad jag minns om mitt liv i Amerika" andra afdelningen; typewritten copy
9. Commencement Augustana College, June 12, 1878, response by S.M.H. and printed programs
10. S.M.H. misc writings and poems:
"Till de avgående eleverna," n.d.
"Jesutism a for of our Republic," 1892
Poem entitled "Bjudningen" Konfirmationsdagen i Colton, 1919
"Ungdom och natur," n.d.
Poem entitled "Another if," n.d.
Poem entitled "Down in the Deep, Blue Sea"
"Orgelinvigningen, " n.d.
"Till mina kritiker"
11. Transcriptions of letter from: Morbror Anders Johan, 1869-1902
12. Various family letters 1869-1876
13. Letters from: H. Gustafson, Christ Burman, Brandts, and F.G. Roden 1876-1901
14. Letters from: Johan Carlson, 1869; Carl Johansson, 1871; Anna Stina Israelsdotter, 1888; Amanda Hultin, 1868-1870; Korporal Brandt 1902-1907; J.P. Gustafson 1902; Kristian Burman 1901; Per i Slättna 1902 and 1905.
15. Letters from Samuel Magnus Hill to F.G. Roden 1868-1869 and letters from F. G. Roden 1876-1878
16. Letters to Samuel M. Anderson Ottar from Samuel Magnus Hill 1868-1876
17. Letters from Samuel Magnus Samuelson to family in Sweden 1868-1870
18. Letters written by Augusta Hill to S.M. H. 1874-1881; letters written by S.M.H. to Augusta and his mother 1876-1878
19. Letters from Slättna 1869-1905
20. Misc. professional correspondence
21. Misc. letters addressed to S.M. H. at Luther, Wahoo
22. Annotated copy of Uggletoner i Vargatider

Box 6

Family Photographs and miscellaneous documents

1. Portraits: Hill family, Paxton , Illinois; Samuel Magnus Anderson and Maja Stina Ottar, n.d ; Samuel Samuelson Hill, Illinois n.d.; Ander Samuel Hill
2. Portrait: Maria Kristina Ottar Hill, n.d.
3. Portraits of Samuel Magnus and his wife--grandparents of S.M.H.
4. Portraits: Maria Kristina Ottar-Hill and daughter Augusta Hill, St. Peter, Minn. 1880; Hanna Bergstrom, Mrs. Alexis, Julia Hill--school mates at Gustavus Adolphus College; Julia johnson, Augusta Hill--School mates at Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minn, n.d; Augusta Hill and Julia Johnson, St. Peter, Minn. 1881
5. Family portraits: Photographs of the Hill children, n.d; Dorothy and Cordelia (toddler and infant); Dorothy and Cordelia (also infant and toddler); Samuel Bernhard Adiel b. in Wahoo, Neb. 1887-1889.
6. Portraits of S.M.H. at various ages, and with sister Augusta
7. Samuel Magnus Hill portraits, marriage portraits
8. Samuel Magnus Hill portraits
9. Portrait: wedding pictures of S.M.H. and Julia Johnson June 4, 1882. Photo taken in Minneapolis, Minn., just before they left for Salt Lake City, Utah. S.M.H. was a missionary to the Mormons for two years.
10. Portrait: Julia Johnson (Hill); Augusta Hill, St. Peter, Minn., n.d.
11. Portraits: Mrs. S.M. Hill sitting on a porch of an old home in Salt Lake City, n.d.; Mrs. S.M. Hill, Wahoo, Neb. 1880s; Mrs. S.M. Hill
12. Photograph: Hill's home in Wahoo, Neb., 1914; Luther Academy, n.d.; and misc. postcards Luther Academy, 1942, Bethlehem Lutheran Church , n.d.
13. Portraits: Johanna Grönhörd, Mc Gregor, Iowa; Gölin Högberg and daughter age 9ö Mr. Crary, Mc Gregor, Iowa.
14. Julia Johnson age 16, Mc Gregor, Iowa, 1875; Gölin Högberg, Mc Gregor, Iowa, 1875; Gölin Högberg and daughter Julia Johnson, Mc Gregor, 1877