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Gustaf Adolf Magnusson photographs (Augustana Book Concern), 1905-1960s.

Size: .5 linear feet, 1 box

Acquisition: The collection was donated to SSIRC by Brian Magnusson in 2002.

Access: The collection is open for research.

Processed by: Christina Johansson, 2002

Control Num.: SSIRC MSS P:283

Biographical note

Gustaf Adolf Magnusson was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1906 and died in Moline in 1993. He emigrated from Sweden with his family in 1924 and settled in Moline, Illinois. Magnusson worked at the Augustana Book Concern approximately 40 years and in 1958 he was promoted to Production Manager, a position he held until 1962. He married Thelma Theresa in December of 1935.

Content note

The collection contains photos from the Augustana Book Concern. Included are historical photos of both the exterior and interior of the building spanning from the early 1900 to the early 1960s. There are also photos of employees in various work environments and the Board of Directors. There are also photos from the pressroom with workers. A number of the photographs were published in A Ministry of Printing. History of Publication House of the Augustana Lutheran Church 1889-1962, by Daniel Nystrom (Augustana Press, R.I., Ill.). The majority of the photographs have been digitized and can be searched in our online archival database.


Augustana Book Concern
Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.
Swedes in Illinois

Related Materials

Many of the photographs from this collection can be viewed online in our PastPerfect Online Database by clicking the link and keyword searching "Gustaf Adolf Magnusson photographs (Augustana Book Concern), 1905-1960s" (with the quotes). 

Photo inventory (all photos are b&w and 8 x 10, unless otherwise noted)

  1. Interior office room at Augustana Book Concern, men (not identified) sitting at their desks, 1905
  2. Office featuring a desk and chairs, 1905
  3. Office, 1905
  4. Sätterisalen, date 1910-1920. Third man from the right is C.A. Larson, the manager at the time
  5. Linotypmaskinrummet 1910-1920s. C.A. Larson to the far right
  6. Pressrummet, 1910-1920s
  7. Bokbinderiet, 1910-1920s
  8. Bokbinderiet, 1930s
  9. Bokbinderiet, 1910-1920s
10. John Gordon and Carol Lindquist 1940s
11. John Gordon 1930s
12. C.A. Larson, 1920s
13. James Radcliffe and John Gilbert late 1920s
14. Mailroom 1910-1920s
15. Approx. 1905
16. Group picture seated from far left: Arthur Oberlander, C.A. Larson, G.A. Gustavson, Hjalmar Nyquist. Middle row from left: Frank Beronek, William Dahlstrand, unidentified, Rudolph Lindstrom. Upper row from the right: Swan Nyquist.
17. Right: Dick Gustavson, Left: John Gilbert
18. Group photo from bookbindery showing both female and male workers, date approx. 1910s
19. Augustana Book Concern Truck loaded with sacks of mail[?] outside ABC building., late 1920s
20. Photo of first ABC building in Rock Island, erected in 1884
21. Augustana Book Concern building exterior, 1911
22. Augustana Book Concern building, exterior, late 1920
23. Augustana Book Concern building, exterior front view, late 1920
24. Augustana Book Concern building, exterior late 1930s
25. Augustana Book Concern building, exterior mid 1930s
26. Augustana Book Concern building, exterior taken from hill right across 7th Avenue, approx. early 1940s
27. Augustana Book Concern building, exterior, approx. early 1950s
28. Augustana Book Concern building, exterior completed with new addition and remodeled 1959
29. Andreen Hall, picture from lower campus
30. Portrait of employees from December 28, 1951. Front row left to right: Arthur E. Oberlander, Swan Nyquist, Frank E. Beronek, Clarke L. Swanson, and Robert C. Abrahamson. Second row: Allen H. Johnson, Mrs. Louise Anderson, Mabel Bloomberg, Mrs. Eva Swanson, Edna Anderson, Oscar H. Ericson, Birger Swenson. Third row: John Gordon, Harold A. Swanson, Pearl Gordon, Carl R. Anderson, Oscar Larson, Gustav A. Magnusson.
31. Portrait of Augustana Book Concern employees left to right: Harold Swanson, Frank Beronek, Oscar Larson, Birger Swenson Pastor Clifford Nelson, Ivar Johnson, early 1950s.
32. Portrait of employees 1946. See notes
33. Board of Directors, 1946 left to right: not identified, not identified, not identified, O.V. Anderson, Victor Pearson, A.D. Matson, Birger Swenson, Mack Lund, George Hogdahl, not identified, not identified, Ivar Johnson
33a. Board of Directors, 1946 (2 copies)
34. Augustana Book Concern, bookstore shot, man with velvet collar, C.A. Kraft
35. Press room, left to right: Gustav Magnusson, John Gordon, Supervisor, Fred Miller, Karl Anderson with arm on his hip, and Howard De Way, Pressman
36. Augustana Book Concern office, left to right: Sharron Frazell, Gust Magnusson, Delmar Moore, Ruth Duffin, Donna Behsman, 1959
37. Royal visit to Augustana College, Rock Island, IL 1976. King Karl Gustav, Wilhelm Wachtmeister, Gustav Adolf Magnusson (2 copies)
38. Augustana Book Concern office 1960, left to right: Linda Preston, Sharron Fyazelle, Oscar Layson, Ruth Duffin, Delmar Moore 3.5 X 3.5
39. Augustana Book Concern Office, 1960, seated Gustav Adolf Magnusson, Sharron, Ruth Duffin, Delmar Moor, Linda Preston
40. Portrait of Oscar Ericsson , n.d.
41. Portrait of Karl Kulle Andersoon, Gustav Magnusson, Harold Swanson
42. Ernie V. Swanson, foreman of the Shipping Dept.
43. Augustana Book Concern display, Omaha Nebraska 1957
44. - 49. Augustana Book Concern book store shots, early 1960s
50. Augustana Book Concern's annual family outing 1928, 8 x 18 (2 copies)
51. Augustana Book Concern, Personnel 50th Anniversary, 1934, 8 x 18