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Col. Ernest R. Swanson papers, 1885-1985

Size: 28.25 linear ft., 71 boxes

Acquisition: Donated to SSIRC in 1992.

Access: The Collection is open for research. A limited amount of photocopies may be requested via mail. Photographs can be reproduced and purchased upon request.

Processed by: Christina Johansson and Jennifer Horwath, 1995-1996

Control Num.: MSS P: 289

Biographical Sketch

Ernest Robert Swanson was born April 13, 1905 in Ogema, Wisconsin, to Swan August Swanson and Anna Walborg Hoffner. Swanson entered the military service at the Vancouver Barracks, Washington in 1924 and attended West Point Preparatory School at Fort Dupont, Delaware in 1925. In 1927 after graduating from West Point S. was stationed at the Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. During his time there he attended Washington University in St. Louis where he generated the first topographic map ever of the Jefferson Barracks and military reservation. The map was later incorporated in the US Geological Survey quadrangle map of that area and the project marked the beginning of Swanson’s interest in the potentials of aerial photo mapping.

Swanson’s career as a civil and military engineer include surveying and mapping of Oak Grove Hydroelectric Power Project with the Portland Railway Light and Power Company, Portland, Oregon (1922-24); railroad location surveys with the St. Louis - San Francisco and Texas Railroad in the Texas Panhandle and St. Louis headquarters (1929-31); topographic mapping and engineering studies with the St. Louis District Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army (1931-1940), in connection with maintenance and control of inland waterways for navigation, sanitation, and flood control projects. In 1937, Swanson designed and patented the “Aerosterograph,” a stereo plotting photographic instrument.

After having been an advocate for a comprehensive and coordinated world mapping program before W.W.II, Swanson was called to active duty on October 16, 1940 as 1st Lieutenant in the Office Chief of the Air Corps in Washington DC and placed in charge of air corps map and aeronautical chart requirements. As first Commander of the Air force Aeronautical Chart Service, Swanson was faced with United States entering a global war and a world virtually unmapped. Swanson developed the basic structure and design for several series of the Air Force Aeronautical Charts of global coverage and arranged with other Federal and Commercial Mapping Agencies of other Nations, including exchange of data between the British and Canadian Governments. Under Swanson’s direction the organization grew from a one-person unit into the Map Section of the Intelligence Division and eventually emerged as the AAA Aeronautical Chart Service and the Aeronautical Chart Plant in St. Louis, Missouri was also established. The latter served the United States Air Force with around the world up-to-date geographical information, airport logistics, radio facility, and other technical aid needed during air operations.

Other military assignments during W.W.II II include Construction Control Officer; Air Technical Service Commander, Write - Patterson Field, Ohio; and Air Installation Officer, San Bernardino. S. was active in commercial mapping as President of Continental Aerial Surveys, Inc., St. Louis, and was registered a professional engineer in the State of Missouri in 1948.

From 1957 until retiring in 1965, Swanson served in a civilian capacity at the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center. He was engaged in performing plant-wide studies on specific projects concerning new cartographic and photographic materials, techniques, systems, and equipment to better accomplish the mission of the ACIC. The efforts during this period resulted in a series of new equipment used for cartographic and photographic instruments. S. was rewarded Air Force recognition for the following devices: the Autoratiograph, Autocartograph, Rotoverser, Electromat, and Scanomat.

After retiring S. and his wife Lillian Werdle Swanson devoted much of their time to genealogy and went on several “Genealogical Safaris” through Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany, searching the archives and visiting newly discovered relatives.

Col. Ernest R. Swanson and Lillian Werdle (3rd wife) were married October 9, 1947.

Lillian Werndle Swanson was born March 18, 1908 in East St. Louis, Missouri to William Martin Werndle and Minnie Lola Cross. Lillian Werndle received her A.B. from Washington University in St. Louis in 1941 and a M.S. in Zoology in 1943 also from Washington University.

Werndle was active as a professional violinist in the St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra from1931 to1941. She taught anatomy, physiology, chemistry and microbiology at Lindenwood College, 1943-1951; held a position as a research assistant at Washington University School of Medicine 1951-1952; taught at the Washington University School of Nursing, 1952-1955; and at the Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing 1955-

Lillian Werndle Swanson died March 17, 1992.

Scope and Content

The papers include Swanson's extensive genealogical research on his Swedish and Danish ancestry. Swanson's family immigrated to Ogema, Wisconsin between the years 1892-1908 to Ogema, Wisconsin. The papers include ancestral charts, correspondence, vital records and family photographs from Sweden, Denmark and Ogema, Wisconsin. Swanson's papers also include his professional papers in the military and as civil engineer and his wife, Lilian Werndle's family history. The papers are divided into the following series:

Series: I. Family History (Boxes 1-15)

The genealogical material includes pedigree charts of the Swanson family in the United States, Sweden, and Denmark dating back to 1700s, as well as original immigration papers, land records, baptismal and marriage certificates etc. The Swedish and Danish genealogy papers specifically relate to Col. Ernest R. Swanson's grandfather Peter Svensson and his ancestors. The material from the U.S. includes detailed pedigree charts of Peter Svensson’s nine children who all emigrated to Ogema, Wisconsin between 1892 and 1908.Among the latter is documentation on the Ryden family and specifically Ernest Edwin Ryden, the editor of the Lutheran Companion between 1934-1961 and a member of Augustana College Board for 22 years. Included is also material about other Swedish families in Price and Polk Counties, Wisconsin.

Series II. Correspondence (Boxes 16-22)

Includes both family letters to and from Ernest Swanson’s siblings and parents and correspondence relating to genealogy.

Series III. Professional Papers (Boxes 23-34)

Detailed account of Col. Swanson's professional life as a civil and military engineer. The material includes specific plans on the developments and inventions of photographic and cartographic instrument such as the Aerosterograph, Autocartograph, Electromat, Scanomat, and Rotomat.

Series IV. Personal Papers and Memorabilia (35-44)

Includes numerous biographical sketches, resumes, postcards, personal finance accounts, and detailed accounts of the Swanson’s’ travel in the United States and Europe.

Series V: Photographs (45-56)

The photographs are mostly portraits of the family in the United Stated, but include also a number of photographs from various places in Wisconsin, lumber camps and mills.

Series VI: Family memorabilia (57-58a)

Funeral books for Anna Walborg Swanson, Edward Adrian Swanson, Swan August Swanson and Irene Beatrice Lucas and other miscellaneous family memorabilia.

Series VI: Papers of Lillian Werndle Swanson (59-70)

The majority of the information is genealogy related and includes a family history and pedigree charts of Cutter Family from Germany, original family documents from the Colony of Virginia and Switzerland. Included are also teaching and school records from Lillian Werndle professional life and correspondence and other misc. memorabilia.

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Folder Inventory

Box 1

Family from Skåne, Sweden

  1. Per Eriksson Plato and Anna Greta Christiansdotter
  2. Anders Persson Malmgren & Hanna
  3. Axel Persson Plato & Amanda Kristina Pälsson
  4. Augustana Persdotter Plato & Jeppe Nissen Hottner

Box 2

Family from Blekinge län, Sweden & Ogema, WI

  1. Family of Peter Svensson and Sofia Svensdotter
  2. Family Relation, Kalmar Län & Blekinge
  3. Mästaremåla, Rödeby, Blekinge
  4. Family Relations
  5. Hinderås, Rödeby, Blekinge
  6. Mästermåla/Ogema, WI, volume 1
  7. Mästermåla/Ogema, WI, volume 2
  8. Ledja, Rödeby församling
  9. Ogema, WI, volume 3

Box 3

Family from Blekinge län

  1. Petter Jonasson & Agda Olasdtr
  2. Olof Pettersson & Lena Maria Gustavsdotter
  3. Hans Pettersson & Ingrid Olasdotter
  4. Sven Nilsson & Botil Larsdotter
  5. Sven Pettersson & Dorotea Svensdotter
  6. Peter Swanson (Svensson) & Sofia Svensdotter
  7. Johannes Svensson & Ingrid Andersdotter
  8. Karl August Svensson & Helena Larsdotter
  9. Anna Mathilda Svensdotter & Otto Måkansson
  10. Hedvig Svensdotter & Sven Andersson
  11. Olof Svensson II & Hilda Sotia Pettersdotter
  12. Emelia Sotia Svensdotter & Per Alfred Johansson
  13. Hilda Karolina Svensdotter & Hans Olsson

Box 4

Family from Kalmar län

  1. Bonde Eriksson & Sissa Larsdotter
  2. Sven Eriksson & Brita Månsdotter
  3. Hästmahultsmåla, "Rislycke" släktgård, Torsås, Kalmar län
  4. Hyltan, Torsås församling, Kalmar län
  5. Fagerhyltan, Gullabo församling, Kalmar län
  6. Stenbäck, Torsås församling, Kalmar län
  7. Öjebomåla, Gullabo församling
  8. Brokarlsmåla, Gullabo församling
  9. Öjebomåla, Torsås församling, Kalmar län
  10. Hallasjö, Torsås församling, Kalmar län—Svens Svensson & Cecilia Olotsdotter
  11. Strömsbergsläkten, Småland, Ancestor Charts
  12. Strömberssläkten från Småland; Stamfader, Anders, Persson b.1775-1820
  13. Hästmahultsmåla and Mästaremåla SLÄKTEN

Box 5

Family from Kalmar län

  1. Sven & Kristina Nilsson
  2. Bonde Nilsson & Christina Olsdotter
  3. Brita Nilsdotter & Petter Pehrson
  4. Nils Svenson & Kierstin Nilsdotter
  5. Lars Olsson & Cajsa Larsdotter; Fagerhyltan, Gullabo förs., Kalmar län
  6. Maria Svensdotter & Peter Nilsson; Rörsmåla
  7. Nils Svensson & Ingrid Maria Petersdotter
  8. Peter Svensson & Maria Nilsdotter
  9. Anders Svensson & Ingrid Andersdotter Rislycke, Hästmahultsmåla, Gullabo församling, Kalmar län

Box 6

Ryden Family

  1. Emma Ryden; biographical, obit
  2. E. E. Ryden; ancestor charts
  3. E. E. Ryden; correspondence (1966-1976)
  4. E. E. Ryden & Agnes Elizabeth Johnson Ryden; biographical, clippings, misc.
  5. Agnes Elizabeth Johnson (Ryden); ancestor charts
  6. George Herbert Ryden (1884-1941); biographical material
  7. Hope Ryden (daughter of E. E. Ryden); (see also oversized folder for clippings)
  8. Correspondence, Ryden family
  9. Roes family; correspondence—Christmas Greetings (1972-1979)
  10. Roes family; family history
  11. Hoogner family; family charts
  12. John Holmberg & Alma Victoria Ryden; ancestor chart
  13. Ryden; ancestor charts
  14. Ryden family; ancestor charts

Box 7

Swanson Family History in the U.S.

  1. Swan August Swanson & Anna Walborg Hoffner
  2. John Erickson & Gladys Sophia Swanson
  3. Ernest Robert Swanson & Lillian Werndle
  4. John Magi Oberg and Edna Augusta Swanson
  5. Edvard Adrian Swanson and Edna Alrina (Lodin) Hokanson
  6. Theodore Leroy Swanson and Gladys Minerva Lodin
  7. Anna Linnea Swanson
  8. Gust Emil Hill & Inez Bernice Swanson
  9. Carl John & Christina Hult
  10. Andrew William Palm and Emilie Persdotter
  11. Charles Robert Swanson & Syster Nina Marie Palm
  12. Jönne Swanson
  13. Viktor Teodor Swanson
  14. Walter Edgar Richardson & Freda Charlotte Swanson
  15. Frank Hult & Victoria Kristina Swanson
  16. Bror Algot Hult & Hildegarde Maria Theresea Swanson
  17. Otto Adrian Swanson & Anna Marie Johnson
  18. Joseph Harry & Sarah Jochum
  19. Joseph Harry Jochum & Hilma Otilia Swanson
  20. Nils Jens Walin
  21. Hilding Fredrick Walin & Selma Seratia Swanson

Box 8

Biographical Information & Memorabilia for Edna Oberg Swanson et. al.

  1. S. August Swanson; personal memorabilia
  2. August Swanson & Annie Walberg Hoffner (Amery, Polk Co., WI)
  3. Ernest R. Swanson Rt. 1 Box 74; Defiance, MO 63341
  4. Edna Oberg Swanson; biographical sketches by E.O.S.
  5. Otto Adrian Swanson; personal memorabilia
  6. Victor Theodore Swanson
  7. Edna A. Lodin (Swanson)
  8. Edward A. Swanson; biographical notes
  9. Correspondence to August Swanson & translations

Box 9

Family Histories—Polk County, WI

  1. Johnson-Winkler
  2. Johnson (Andrew), Lundstrom, Weberg
  3. Three Ogema families: A. Peter Johnson, Peter Lundstrom, Gustav Lundgren
  4. Nels Johnson, Fredrik Johannesson (Bråt, Sweden)
  5. Alex W. Nelson
  6. Robert A. Luckow & Chloie Pearl Hultin
  7. Old families from El Salem—Amery, Polk County, WI
  8. Blomberg family tree, Daretorp, Släkten-Modigs anor
  9. Old families of Ogema, Price County, WI
  10. Martini and Arvid Anderson (Ogema, Price County, WI)
  11. Clarin family (Ogema, WI and Minneapolis, MN)

Box 10

Price County and Howard Johnson Family History

  1. State of WI-relating to Price County
  2. Quarter Century-in Price County, WI
  3. Mission and Church-History
  4. The Press-of Price County
  5. Public School-History
  6. Recollections of Pioneer Days-Price County, WI
  7. Early Events-in Price County, WI
  8. Southern Price County
  9. Hemökares-Price Härad, WI
  10. Miscellaneous Historical Data
  11. Lutheran Church-Ogema, WI
  12. Peter W. Johnson and Elna Jönsdotter
  13. John Gustav Berglund and Sissa Jönsdotter
  14. Nils (Jönsson) Walin and Anna Svensdotter
  15. Andrew (Svensson) Roseen and Nellie Nilsdotter
  16. Nils (Svensson) Tulin and Marie
  17. Andrew Westberg and Ingrid Petersdotter
  18. Bruce Reinhart & Katherine Peterson
  19. Howard Johnson

Box 11

Genealogy-Danish Line

  1. Originals Denmark & Sweden
  2. Family Relationship (Denmark)
  3. Jeppe Nissen and Sara Jesdatter Refshauge
  4. Jacob Heinrich Hoffner & Bergithe Brink
  5. Johan Hoffner & Christine Boesech
  6. Nicolai Hoffner & Marie Gydesen
  7. Jacob Heinrich Hoffner & Walborg Jeppesdatter Refshauge
  8. Johan Schmidt & Anne Marie Storm
  9. Jeppe Nissen Hoffner & Offerine Jensine Mariane Schmidt (Wife #1)
  10. Denmark Miscellaneous
  11. Jeppe Nissen Hoffner & Family-Xerox copies pictures
  12. Johan Schmidt & Family

Box 12

Miscellaneous Genealogies

  1. Bengt (Knudsson) Clarin & Bengta (Betty) Bloomquist-Ogema, WI
  2. Bengta Torstensdotter & Jöns Månsson-Ogema, WI
  3. Hanna Torstensdotter & Sven Torkelsson-Ogema, WI
  4. Sissa Torstensdotter & Peter Ǻkersson-Ogema, WI
  5. August Hultin & Hedda Carlsson-Ogema, WI
  6. Leif J. Sverdrup-Major Gen. U.S. Army (Ret.)
  7. Jesse & Frank James family
  8. Frank and Kristina Johnson-Amery, WI and Portland, OR
  9. Frank Johnson family-Portland, OR
  10. Nils Peter Hansen Munkholm and Alma Caspersen
  11. Hopmeyer family (Germany-Illinios)
  12. Mrs. Katherine Winn family-Peoria, IL
  13. Miscellaneous Swedish Genealogies
  14. Axel Larsson, Tjustslakton, Larsson till Vivelsjő

Box 13

Baptismal certificates, Emigration papers, Land records

  1. Baptismal & Work permits-Sweden
  2. Baptismal certificates-Rődeby, Blekinge
  3. Birth, Baptismal, Confirmation, marriage, etc. certificates-WI
  4. Ogema, WI property-Peter Swanson, Jönne Swanson, Charles Swanson
  5. 1870-Jeppe Nissen Hoffner—El Salem & Amery, Polk Co., WI
  6. 1888-Peter (Svensson) Swanson—Ogema, Price Co., WI-Section 25, T34N, R1E
  7. 1897-Peter Swanson-Ogema, Price Co., WI-Section 35, T34N, R1E
  8. 1896-Carl John Hult, Christina Johansson-Hill, Price Co., WI-Section 7 T34N, R2E
  9. 1900-Sven August Swanson & Anna Walborg Hoffner-Ogema, Price Co., WI-Section 35, T34N, R1E
  10. 1921-Otto Adrian Swanson-Ogema, Price Co., WI-Section 35, T34N, R1E
  11. 1912-Frank Hult, Kristina Victoria Swanson-Hill, Price Co., WI-Section 7 T34N, R2E
  12. 1960-1968-Ernest R. Swanson & Lillian Swanson—Ogema, Price Co., WI
  13. Cemetery Plot
  14. Vital records-WI
  15. Jeppe Nissen Hoffner-Real Estate
  16. US Citizenship certificates
  17. Immigration Documents

Box 14

Parish Records and Inventory Estates

Box 15

Swanson Family Miscellaneous Information

  1. Anna Linnea Swanson
  2. Mother-Mrs. S.A. Swanson—Golden Age Home, Rib Lake, WI 54470
  3. Swan August Swanson and Anna Walborg Hoffner
  4. Jeppe Nissen Hoffner and Augusta Gustava Plato
  5. Old Letters-from Jacob Heinrich Hoffner, Langeland, Denmark to his brother Jeppe Nissen Hoffner, Ogema, WI—1913-1918
  6. Axel Persson Plato and Amanda Kristina Pålsson
  7. Andrew A. (Plato) Malmgren and Hanna
  8. Per (Ericksson) Plato & Anna Greta Christiansdotter
  9. Petter Jonasson & Agda Olasdotter-Hinderås, Rödeby, Blekinge
  10. Richardson-Aunt Freda
  11. Frida Charlotta (Petersdotter) Swanson and Walter Edgar Richardson

Box 16

Family Correspondence

  1. Correspondence from Ernest Swanson to parents August & Anna Swanson—1936-1944
  2. Correspondence from Ernest Swanson to parents August & Anna Swanson—1945-1955
  3. Edna Swanson to parents
  4. Anna Walborg Hoffner and Swan August Swanson
  5. Correspondence from Lillian Werndle (Swanson) to Mr. & Mrs. S.A. Swanson
  6. Josephina Fuhrmann to Anna Swanson
  7. Correspondence from Mrs. Georgia Swanson to Mr. & Mrs. S.A. Swanson
  8. Sister Inez
  9. Edna Augusta Swanson and John Magni Oberg
  10. Letters from sister Gladys

Box 17

Family Correspondence

  1. Correspondence with parents
  2. Letters to August Swanson, Ogema, WI from sister Hilma Svennson
  3. Sister Gladys
  4. Sister Edna Oberg to send to Inger Pettersson
  5. Sister Edna
  6. Brother Roy
  7. Ruth & Paul Thomas
  8. Brother Edward
  9. Lester & Ann Jochum
  10. Aunt Hildegarde

Box 18


  1. Correspondence with Molly Clausen
  2. Miscellaneous Correspondence
  3. Correspondence with Lillian Holt
  4. Correspondence with Aunt Hildegard (Hult) Andreen
  5. Correspondence with Ingar Petterson & family
  6. Paul Frederick Thomas and Ruth Gladys Erickson
  7. Elmer Swanson & Margaret Dresser—Deer Park, Polk Co., WI
  8. Carleton Crosby Hoffner and Josphine M.—R.Adm. USN (Ret.)
  9. Torolf Dahlblom--Ǻland, Finland
  10. Correspondence of Mathilda, Per, Thelma Anderson & Ernest Swanson family
  11. Hjalmar & Gunhild Olsson—Torsås, Sweden
  12. P. Waldemar Jacobsen and Karin Gudrum Arvidsen
  13. Carl Valdemar Hoffner—Bagsvaerd, Denmark
  14. Agner & Grethe Sørensen—Løndalgaard, Mausing, Denmark—Peter Norskov Jensen—Viborg, Denmark
  15. No. 1, Johan M. Nilsson
  16. Correspondence Miscellaneous

Box 19


  1. Carl Robert (Petersson) Swanson and Syster Nina Marie (Hult) Palm
  2. Winnefred &Turl Shelin
  3. The Malmgren Family Österlöv, Skåne, Sweden
  4. The Malmgren Clan Üsterslöv, Sweden
  5. Landsarkivet, Lund, Sweden
  6. Correspondence with Harald Bergman, Genealogist
  7. Correspondence with Henning Aschan, Genealogist
  8. Mrs. Alexander C. MacDonald, Marie Christine Peterson

Box 20

Correspondence-Family & Genealogy

  1. Grete Andersen & Steven Palermo
  2. Correspondence with descendants of Anne Marie Hoffner & Peter Andreas Jacobsen
  3. Visit L982 by Petra Madsen
  4. Correspondence with descendants of Anne Marie Hoffner & Peter Andreas Jacobsen
  5. Hans Hoffner Jacobsen and Tove Elenora Bendixen
  6. Anne Marie (Vega) Hoffner & Peter Andreas Jacobsen
  7. Jeppe Nissen Hoffner & Wife #1-Offerine Jensine Mariane Schmidt descendants
  8. “Our Family” Jacob Heinrich Hoffner & Walborg Jeppesdatter Refshauge
  9. Jacob Heinrich Hoffner & Walborg Jeppesdatter Refshauge
  10. Descendents of Nicolai Hoffner & Marie Gydesen
  11. Landsarkivet Ǻbenrå, Denmark
  12. Landsarkivet for Fyn, Denmark
  13. Descendents of Johan Hoffner & Christiane Boesech
  14. Refshauge Ancestors
  15. Correspondence with Fru Fris Justsen, Genealogist
  16. Correspondence with Holger Frank, Genealogist
  17. Landsarkivet for South Jylland
  18. Landsarkivet for Nord Jylland

Box 21

Correspondence-Family & Genealogy

  1. “Our Family” Peter Swanson & Sofia Svensdatter
  2. Swanson
  3. Inez Bernice Swanson and Gust Emil Hill
  4. Trip to Ogema, WI—Edward A. Swanson funeral
  5. Edward Adrian Swanson and Edna Alvina Lodin
  6. Lodin
  7. Otto Hakansson & Anna Matilda Svensdotter
  8. Olof Svensson and Hilda Sofia Pettersdotter
  9. Karl August Svensson and Helena Larsdotter
  10. Johannes (Svensson) Swanson and Ingrid Maria Andersdotter

Box 22


  1. Swanson postcards & miscellaneous
  2. Swanson correspondence miscellaneous
  3. H. W. Palm-Family history includes correspondence, photographs, clippings
  4. Palm family correspondence 1948-1982
  5. Hilda Karolina Svensdotter and Hans Olsson
  6. Emil Reinhold Olofsson
  7. Swanson-correspondence with Karl & Lizzie Bondeson-Ronneby, Sweden
  8. Correspondence with Wyona & Hilding Westlund- Mason, WI
  9. Correspondence with Hilma Jochum
  10. Nils Munkholm & Alma Caspersen
  11. Ernest Walter Hoffner and Joanne Shute
  12. Correspondence with Mrs. Russell J. Bergen (Christine Bergen)

Box 23


  1. Electrophotographic (equipment, materials, and techniques) Staff study 3/2/1960
  2. The proposed acic “electromat”—drawings and specifications
  3. Specifications for the “electromat” 5/1/1961
  4. Patent application for the “electromat” & misc. memos, letters on the topic
  5. Copies of patents relating to electrophotography, electromat
  6. J.W. Brady Electromat Corp. Correspondence
  7. Autocartograph Model A—2/1/1958
  8. Autocartograph—miscellaneous
  9. “New photographic equipment for the cartographer-compiler” by E. Swanson 1/29/1962
  10. “Autocartograph” drawings & specifications 2/1/1958

Box 24


  1. The proposed ACIC “Autocartograph” 1958-1959
  2. The proposed ACIC “Autocartograph” Model B—drawings and specifications
  3. Autocartograph notes
  4. Status of Autcartograph—contracts, correspondence, memos
  5. Autocartograph—legal papers
  6. Miscellaneous patents
  7. “Rotoverser”
  8. Inversor
  9. Projectograph

Box 25


  1. Autocartograph patents—legal
  2. Autocartograph—notes, receipts, etc.

Box 26


  1. Electrophotographic camera—notes
  2. Spherical mirror projector
  3. Proposed auto-focus system for Micromaster (105mm) camera-projector 1/11/1960
  4. Development of the scanomat
  5. Scanomat patent papers
  6. Scanomat
  7. “The Rotomat” and “Rotopunch”—Weather map printer
  8. Electrophotographic material
  9. “Aerostercograph” original
  10. Patent ability search—Electrostatic printing
  11. “Autocartograph” original & copies
  12. “Scanomat”—original & copies
  13. Miscellaneous clippings
  14. Papers & publication material

Box 27


  1. Development of Aero stereograph
  2. Development of Aero stereograph
  3. Notes Autocartograph
  4. Autoratiograph receipts, financial, etc
  5. Autoratiograph receipts, financial, etc

Box 28


  1. Autoratiograph—notes, memos, etc.
  2. Autoratiograph 5/1/1937
  3. World War II—copies of special orders 16 Oct. 1940- 2 Oct. 1943
  4. World War II—copies of special orders 16 Oct. 1940- 2 Oct. 1943
  5. Vertical Viewfinder—drift meter combined
  6. Photo rectifying table Aug. 12, 1936

Box 29


1. Inventions of Ernest Robert Swanson-Vol. I

  1. Record changer
  2. Belt loading device
  3. Topographic map
  4. Projector drafting table
  5. Aero stereograph
  6. Aero stereograph
  7. Photo rectifying table
  8. Autoratiograph (Model X)
  9. Microcomparator
  10. Autoratiograph (Model A)
  11. Erectograph (plotter)
  12. Edafilm
  13. Autoratiograph (Model B)
  14. Vertical viewfinder (Model A)
  15. Vertical viewfinder (Model B)
  16. Autoratiograph (USAF/ACIC)
  17. Autocartograph (Model A)
  18. Rotoverser

2. Inventions of Ernest Robert Swanson-Vol. II

  1. Cable-cam inverser
  2. Confrascope
  3. Autocartograph (Model B)
  4. Projectograph
  5. Electromat (Model A)
  6. Spherical mirror projector
  7. Converto-Aerial Camera
  8. Disk viewer (105mm film)
  9. Electrophotographic camera
  10. Continuous tone electrostatic toner
  11. Autofocus (Micromaster 105mm)
  12. Scanomat (USAF/ACIC)
  13. Electromat (Model B)
  14. Autocartograph (Model C)
  15. Rotomat (weather map printer)
  16. Rotopunch
  17. Reversal electro photographic material

3. Professional papers 11 March, 1935- January 1965

Box 30A


  1. Autoratiograph negatives
  2. Miscellaneous photos & negatives
  3. Development of Aero stereograph
  4. Plans and specifications of Aero stereograph

Box 30B


  1. Development of the erectograph-1949
  2. The erectograph plotter “Exhibit A”
  3. Development of the erectograph

Box 31

Creation & Development of the Aeronautical Chart & Information Center 1940-1943

  1. Creation, organization and development of the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center—United States Air Force-Chronology 1940-1943
  2. Creation, organization and development of the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center—United States Air Force-Chronology 1940-1943
  3. Creation, organization and development of the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center—United States Air Force-Chronology 1940-1943
  4. Creation, organization and development of the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center—United States Air Force-Chronology 1940-1943

Box 32

Creation, organization and development of the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center 1940-1960

  1. Creation, organization and development of the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center—United States Air Force-Summary 1940-1960
  2. Aeronautical Chart and Information Center—United States Air Force-1940-1960
  3. Aeronautical Chart and Information Center—United States Air Force-1940-1960

Box 33

Legal agreements, other memos, newspaper clippings

  1. Copyright applications for family histories
  2. Legal agreements
  3. Newspaper clippings
  4. Office memos, writings, etc
  5. Office memos, writings, etc

Box 34

Professional papers 1940-1960

  1. Map-chart division-Organization 1942
  2. History, creation, organization, and development of the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center-USAF 1940-1960
  3. Investigation of appropriations, expenditures, costs, and quantities by E.R. Swanson
  4. Professional papers etc. June 6th1957-April 30th 1965
  5. Professional papers, etc. August 11th 1947-June 5th 1957
  6. Review Army Air Force Aeronautical charting activities organization and development—October 1940-November 1941

Box 35

Career papers

  1. Retirement papers
  2. Career summary
  3. Career summary
  4. Career resume of Ernest Robert Swanson

Box 36

Personal papers, Career papers, etc

  1. Career papers
  2. Career papers
  3. Career papers
  4. Career papers

Box 37


  1. Aeronautical charts
  2. Mapping division layout
  3. Overheads of inventions

Box 38

Correspondence—professional & personal

  1. Letters to retirees
  2. Correspondence—personal A-C
  3. Correspondence—personal D-K
  4. Correspondence—personal L-S
  5. Correspondence—personal S-
  6. Correspondence—personal T-W
  7. Personal letters—miscellaneous

Box 39

Personal papers, Military career, Biographical sketches, etc

  1. Biographical sketches 1940-1960, reflections
  2. Continued education
  3. Military career 17 April 1924- 10 July 1946
  4. Military career
  5. Career papers

Box 40

Personal papers, receipts, retirement papers

  1. Retirement papers
  2. Receipts from business trips, budgets, etc
  3. Receipts for business trips
  4. Receipts for business trips

Box 41

Retirement party, Photos & miscellaneous, letters, notes

  1. retirement party papers
  2. family photos of Robert Edward and Blanche Lillian Swanson
  3. retirement party photos

Box 42

Personal Memorabilia

  1. Christmas Greetings
  2. Passports, International drivers licenses & birth certificates
  3. Last Will and Testament E. Swanson & Lillian Werdle Swanson
  4. Finances
  5. Travels in Europe—Denmark, Sweden, Norway. & Switzerland
  6. Lodges
  7. Addresses & Address book
  8. Photo collection—Missouri Historical Society
  9. Cards from Lillian Swanson
  10. Miscellaneous, postcards, invitations, etc

Box 43

Genealogy Safaris 1968-1981

  1. 1968—Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway—Genealogy Safaris of the Swanson’s
  2. 1969—Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland—Genealogy Safaris of the Swanson’s; 1972—Denmark, Sweden
  3. 1975-1977—Genealogy safaris of the Swanson’s
  4. 1978-1980—Genealogy safaris of the Swanson’s
  5. 1981—Genealogy safaris of the Swanson’s

Box 44

Genealogical safaris & travel 1952-1980

  1. Travel U.S.—1952,1962,1964,1966
  2. Travel U.S., Scandinavia & Switzerland, Canada—1968-1970
  3. Travel N.E. U.S., IL,WI,KS,MN—1971
  4. Travel 1972
  5. Travel 1973-1974
  6. Travel 1975-1976
  7. Travel 1977, 1978, 1980


Envelope #1—First Lutheran Church, Ogema, Wisconsin

Envelope#2—Sunnyside School 1907, Ogema, Wisconsin

Box 45

Amery, Wisconsin-Inventory

  1. Miss Viola Florence Petersen
  2. Phyllis—daughter of Gladys
  3. Augustus Holmgren 1905-death photo
  4. Brother Ray and sons Fritz and Jimmy
  5. Louie Anderson children—Margaret, Christ, Lilly, and Minnie
  6. Amery Hospital 1944
  7. Scene at Amery, WI July 4th, 1944
  8. Elaine Hokenson 9 years old
  9. Elaine Hokenson 1950
  10. Fritz 6 years old
  11. Fritz
  12. Elaine Hokenson
  13. Margaret Peterson
  14. Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Povil, Amery, WI
  15. Herman Peterson (child)
  16. Laura Peterson & husband—2 children & 2 nieces
  17. Carl Hanson
  18. Frank Johnson
  19. Postcard from Amery, WI—street scene
  20. Postcard from Amery, WI—street scene
  21. Postcard from McIntosh, MN—street scene
  22. Postcard public & high school, Amery, WI
  23. Postcard hospital, Amery, WI
  24. Postcard high school—Amery, WI
  25. Postcard city park—Amery, WI
  26. Postcard congregational church—Amery, WI
  27. same as 26 (different angle)
  28. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church—Amery, WI
  29. Postcard residence scene in Danielson’s Addition—Amery, WI
  30. Postcard residence scene—Amery, WI
  31. Postcard Hickory Point Lodge—Amery, WI
  32. Court House, Medford, WI
  33. Meramac Caverns—ripped postcard

Box 46

Hilding Walin

  1. Selma Swanson (adult)
  2. Selma Swanson (adult)
  3. Edward Bertil Walin-one year old—to Ernest Swanson from Aunt Selma Hilden
  4. Bertil Walin
  5. Harry Walin
  6. Bertil Alfred Walin-3 mo. old- Dec. 15th 1910
  7. Edward Walin-son of Hilding & Selma Walin—Selma, sister to Swan August Swenson
  8. Edward Bertil Walin-4 mo. old—April 26th 1914
  9. Selma Swanson (adult)
  10. Selma Swanson, Aunt Victoria, & Ebby Hult
  11. Ida May Walin
  12. Bertil Alfred Walin—son of Selma & Hilding Walin—died in childhood (duplicate 12a)

Victoria Hult

  1. Victoria Swanson, Oscar Liendstrom, & Esther Johnson 1904
  2. Aunt Victoria—24 years old & Aunt Selma 17 years old—1907
  3. Victoria Swanson—sister to Swan August Swanson
  4. Kristina Victoria Swanson
  5. ?
  6. Edith Victoria Hult Maserend—1973
  7. Ethel Christine Hult & Walter Moris Kerran

Nils Johnson & Otto Hokanson

  1. Fred Johnson (duplicate 1a)
  2. John Johnson (Fred’s brother)
  3. Jenny Johnson (Fred’s sister)
  4. Fred Johnson
  5. Esther Johnson (Fred’s sister) (duplicate 5a)
  6. Ernest Hokanson
  7. Ernest Hokanson
  8. Fred Johnson & his parents Mr. and Mrs. Nils Johnson
  9. Fred Johnson
  10. Ernest Manfred Hokanson & his daughters
  11. house
  12. house

Box 47


  1. Aunt Freda baby Weneserferd
  2. Aunt Freda & husband, little Weneserferd & grandma Richardsen (Walter’s mother)
  3. Freda Swanson—sister to Swan August Swanson 1902
  4. Walter Richardson (Aunt Freda’s husband)

J. N. Hoffner

  1. Grandpa J.N. Hoffner (2 dup)
  2. packet of pictures & pocket match box of Jeppe Nissen Hoffner
  3. J.H. Hoffner (dup 3a)
  4. Jeppe Nissen Hoffner-age 84 & neg. taken 1914 (duplicate 4a-c)
  5. Anna Hoffner-June 1901 (duplicate 5a-d)
  6. Anna Walborg Hoffner and Swan August Swanson wedding photo
  7. Jeppe Mission Hoffner Home, Amery, WI 1903
  8. Grandpa Hoffner & Edward
  9. 3 negatives
  10. Winnie Peterson
  11. woman (dup 11a-d)

Hilma Jocham

  1. Hilma & girlfriend 1908
  2. Hilma (duplicate 2a)

Box 48

Peter Swanson

  1. Otto Swanson & Manford Hakanson
  2. from L to R—Charles Swanson, Jenny Johnson, Charlie Johnson, Josephine Jones, Hulda Thron, Freda Swanson, Fred Johnson, Esther Johnson
  3. Otto Swanson
  4. Grandma Swanson (Sofia Svensdotter) (dup 4a)
  5. 4 negatives
  6. Grandma Swanson (dup 6a-e)
  7. Sofia Svensdotter—picture 1870 age 23+ Polaroid's of (4)
  8. Sven Svenson & Cecilia Olafsdotter (dup 8a-c)
  9. Hildegard, Ebba, & Victoria
  10. Hildegard & Selma
  11. Victoria & Hildegard
  12. Frank Hult & Charlie Swanson (dup 12a)
  13. Uncle Charlie
  14. Uncle Otto Swanson, aunt Freda Swanson, uncle Charlie Swanson, aunt Victoria Swanson & sister Gladys
  15. Charley & August—fall 1898
  16. Gladys & Otto Swanson—1916
  17. Joe Levine, Oscar Lundstrom, Otto Swanson; front row—Gust Levine, Harry Carlson
  18. Freda & August
  19. August Swanson
  20. Victoria Swanson & Anna Plureen
  21. dad’s second cousin (Carlson)
  22. Victor Theodore Swanson
  23. Theodore Swanson
  24. Theodore Swanson & men from Oregon

Box 49

John Erickson

  1. Ruth Erickson
  2. Gladys
  3. Ruth (6-16-1957)
  4. Inge Somdalen & Ruth (dup 4a)
  5. Ruth & 2 dogs
  6. Ruth Erickson-13 years old
  7. Ruth & daddy
  8. Ruth & parents
  9. Gladys Sophia Swanson (dup 9a-b)
  10. Ruth—June 1948
  11. Ruth—1961
  12. Ruth Erickson
  13. Ruth Erickson
  14. Ruth, Gladys, & John Erickson—June 1965
  15. Gladys & John Erickson
  16. Paula Christine Thomas—4 months
  17. Gladys—wedding picture (dup 17a-d)
  18. Ruth Erickson (dup 18a)
  19. Several pictures of John Erickson
  20. Wedding picture of John & Gladys Erickson (20a-c)
  21. John Erickson
  22. Ruth Erickson
  23. Ruth Erickson Thomas—1964
  24. Paul Frederick Thomas—1964
  25. John & Gladys Erickson (dup a-b)
  26. several pictures of Gladys Erickson
  27. Gladys Erickson
  28. John Erickson
  29. John Erickson & Gladys Sophia Swanson—wedding 1941
  30. John & Gladys Erickson
  31. Gladys
  32. ?
  33. ?
  34. Gladys & Esther Edna
  35. Gladys & Esther
  36. 3 negatives


  1. Jurgesans—sheep ranch
  2. the home of the Everenson family—Park Falls, WI
  3. Ed Everson’s little girl
  4. Ed Everson’s little boy
  5. Oscar Lundstrom
  6. Victor Saulson (Emid Carlson’s uncle)
  7. Edna Hausen
  8. Oscar Lundstrom
  9. Oscar Lundstrom
  10. Maggie Hansen
  11. Louisa Turry
  12. Mr. & Mrs. Wels Johnson
  13. Gust Johnson (dup 13a)
  14. Josephine Johnes (Mrs. John Erickson)
  15. Mrs. Charley Lundstrom (Hilma)
  16. Joshua Johnes
  17. Christina Johnson
  18. Joshua Jones
  19. Richard Palm & baby girl (dup 19a)
  20. woman & baby (dup 20a)
  21. woman

Box 50

S.A. Swanson

  1. Mother & Dad—60th Wedding Anniversary—11/24/1960 (dup 1a-f)
  2. Sven August Petersson—Denmark 1892
  3. Sven August Petersson—Denmark 1892
  4. August & Anna’s first home—1901
  5. Sven August Swanson (5a-d)
  6. negative of #5
  7. SA Swanson—July 1954
  8. Sunnyside School
  9. Anne & August’s home
  10. Inez Bernice Swanson
  11. Gladys Sophia & Edna Augusta Swanson
  12. Jacobson's
  13. Dad & 2 cows
  14. Mother & Dad (dup 14a-b)
  15. dead deer
  16. horse
  17. August Lionmea Ma & Inez at home
  18. church in Ogema, WI
  19. Ray, Edward & Dad
  20. barn & person
  21. person & 2 horses
  22. mom & dad with their pets
  23. August & Anna’s home
  24. August Swanson (24a-b)
  25. Dad (August Swanson 1908)
  26. Mr. & Mrs. S.A. Swanson
  27. Maggie Peterson 1911 at Taylor Falls, MN
  28. Ervin Peterson—Ada Parlsen baby
  29. horse
  30. Vera & myself 1925
  31. family that worked for Charley
  32. Anna & her 2 children Linnea & Inez
  33. Selma Haskin
  34. Edaert—picture of 4 children with rakes
  35. mother—90 years old
  36. logging company
  37. Roy & Gladys—1940
  38. Anna & August—1940
  39. Inez & Mother—1931
  40. Mr. & Mrs. SA Swanson
  41. August Swanson (41a-b)
  42. Mother & Dad’s Wedding Picture (Mr. & Mrs. SA Swanson) (dup 42a)
  43. S.A. Swanson (dup 43a-d)
  44. man in snow
  45. August Swanson
  46. SA Swanson
  47. Mr. & Mrs. SA Swanson (dup 47a)
  48. Swan August & Anna Swanson with Edna, Edward, & baby Roy
  49. Sunnyside School & Gladys

Box 51

Edna & John

  1. Edna—April 1959—Racine, WI
  2. Edna & John’s house—spring 1959
  3. Edna & John’s house—spring 1959
  4. Bob—Sept. 1959
  5. June 1954 aboard Gripsholm
  6. June 1954 aboard Gripsholm
  7. June 1954 aboard Gripsholm (Edna in pic. somewhere)
  8. Edna Augusta Swanson 1907 (dup 8a)
  9. Edna
  10. Edna
  11. Edna & Gladys

Algot Hult

  1. Ebba Hult, Algot Hult, Hildegard Swanson, Victor Hult, Victoria Swanson, Otto Swanson—wedding picture
  2. Algot Hult & Hildegard Swanson’s wedding picture

E.W. Hoffner

  1. W. Hoffner and first wife—1930
  2. Mrs. Joan Hoffner (2nd wife)
  3. Mrs. Joan Hoffner (2nd wife)
  4. Mrs. Nora Hoffner—age 50
  5. Mrs. Nora Hoffner
  6. Nora Null—Wheetland, IN
  7. Nora Null—Wheetland, IN
  8. Nora Null age 43
  9. Nora Null Hoffner age 43
  10. Nora Null Hoffner
  11. Nora Null Hoffner age 45
  12. postcard like card-poem by E.W. Hoffner (4 copies)
  13. Walter Hoffner (1900) (dup 13a)
  14. Walter Hoffner-1900
  15. Walter Hoffner (dup 15a)
  16. E.W. Hoffner
  17. W. Hoffner—Minot, ND
  18. W. Hoffner—Minot, ND
  19. E.W. Hoffner 1907
  20. W. Hoffner & ?
  21. W. Hoffner 1909—Medford, WI (dup 21a)
  22. W. Hoffner 1911
  23. W. Hoffner
  24. W. Hoffner
  25. W. Hoffner
  26. W. Hoffner
  27. Walter Hoffner & Budd Wilhelm
  28. The dells in Minnesota
  29. Walter built this home
  30. W. Hoffner
  31. Walter Hoffner and Budd Wilhelm
  32. church built by Walter
  33. Walter and crew working on house

Box 52

Colonel Ernest Swanson

Box 53

Hoffner and Plato photos

  1. Heden Logging Camp—Ogema, Prince County, WI
  2. Hoffner Contractors old—Oneida, SD—1911
  3. Hoffner Contractors Office—Blue Earth, MN 1918
  4. E.W. Hoffner business card
  5. The Hoffner home—Amery, WI—1903 (4 duplicates)
  6. S.A. Swanson home—Ogema, WI about 1918
  7. Mrs. S.A. (Anna) Swanson and Mrs. Otto (Matilda) Weberg
  8. Macky Spur—Ogema, WI
  9. August Swanson driving August Gustafson’s team—Uncle Otto and John Swanson on board—Ogema, WI—1914 (dup 9a)
  10. S.A. Swanson and Tony Everson piling lumber for Westboro Lumber Co.—in Westboro, WI
  11. Skånska riot
  12. Kyrka Lutheran church Glimåkra, Skåne (12a)
  13. Woman praying on rock—Augusta Persdotter Plato at Ormsten—Glimåkra, Skåne between 1866 & 1869 (10 duplicates)
  14. August Swanson
  15. logging camp crew (dup 15a)
  16. Ogema camp home bunch
  17. Hilma J. Plato
  18. Oscar W. Plato
  19. Wedding of Jack Harry Plato to Ruth Signe Nelson—April 4, 1948
  20. Henry Plato, Sante Swanson, Oscar Plato (left-right)
  21. Henry Mival Plato 5-10-1895/9-11-1955
  22. Main Street—Ogema, WI
  23. Business Street—Ogema, WI
  24. Old Hoffner home in 1967—456 Keller Avenue, Amery, WI

Box 53a

Heden Logging Camp

1. Anna Hoffner & bridesmaid Frannie Johnson—J.O. Anderson-Amery, WI—1899
2. Sunnyside Christmas 1910—family photo
3. Sunnyside April 1911—children
4. Swanson children, 1914
5. family photo
6. family photo 1907
7. Sunnyside farm—bring in hay—1938 (dup a-b)
8. brothers & sisters of Swan 1908
9. Sunnyside School 1911
10. Sunnyside School 1914
11. Charles Swanson & Arthur Hult
12. Victor Theodore Swanson
13. Sunnyside school
14. E. Swanson’s godparents
15. Otto Adrian Swanson
16. Swanson family reunion—1956
17. Swanson family reunion—1926
18. Otto Swanson
19. First Lutheran Church—Ogema, WI

Box 54

Photos—portraits of Colonel Swanson

Box 55

Photos—professional photos of Ernest R. Swanson

Box 56

Photos—black and white inventions of Ernest R. Swanson

Includes The Autoratiograph model B-52/10-45, film holder, printing easel, lamp & reflector assembly , easel tilt mechanism, front drive assembly, auto focus assembly, motor-cam adjustment, opal glass slide-roll film bracket, control panel, the designer (E.R. Swanson) and the manufacturer (A.P. Feightner), and others

Box 57

Funeral memorabilia

1. Funeral book for Anna Walborg Swanson
2. Funeral book for Edward Adrian Swanson
3. Funeral book for Swan August Swanson
4. Funeral book for Irene Beatrice Lucas

Box 58

Miscellaneous Memorabilia

  1. Ernest R. Swanson—Report card 1911, grade 1—Sunnyside School, Ogema, WI
  2. Anna Marie Johnson’s wedding ring from husband #1—Berl V. Dixon; Inscription: V.D. to A.J. May 23rd 1909
  3. E.R. Swanson checkbook
  4. Monthly time book from May 1937-January 1938
  5. Signed Canadian dollar
  6. Signed U.S. dollar
  7. Empty checkbook from 1952
  8. Pin from Harvey Lodge #832 in honor of 25 years of membership—Ernest Walter Hoffner
  9. Pass Book depositor for the Autoratiograph—1952
  10. Registration Certificate for John Swanson—1918
  11. Patch saying ACCIC
  12. Other signed monies
  13. Two medals (ASF)

Box 58a

Miscellaneous papers of Colonel Ernest R. Swanson

Box 59

Miscellaneous photos

Box 60

Family photos, miscellaneous, churches

  1. School district No. 8—Ogema, WI
  2. family photos
  3. more family photos
  4. churches—Denmark, Sweden, and US

folder containing an early portrait of E.R. Swanson in military uniform

Box 61

Family photos miscellaneous

  1. Swanson family
  2. Hult family
  3. Ryden family
  4. miscellaneous family photos and information
  5. more family photos incl. the Werndle & Minster families

Box 62

Scrapbook of E.E. Ryden

Box 63-Lillian Werndle Swanson

Custer family, Krenfeld, Germany

  1. Contains Peter Custer & Elizabeth Cudimagister; George Custer; Mark Custer and Margaret E. Kimble; Jacob Custer and Mary Kiml
  2. Reuben Custer and Cassia; Providence Anderson and Hannah Custer; Peter Custer and Elizabeth; Jonathan Custer and Hannah Peters (widow of Benj. Kendall)
  3. Paul Custer and Sarah Martha Ball; Arnoldus Kuster and Rebecca
  4. Paulus Kuster and Gertrude Streypers; Johannes Streypers and Op den Graeff
  5. Mennonite migration from Krenfeld, Germany
  6. Custer family lines—includes Lillian Swanson; Donald M. Custer; Rev. Chester E. Custer; Miss Myrtle Custer; and Gen. George A. Custer

Box 64

Colony of Virginia and the United States

1. Thomas Anderson and Jane; James Anderson Sr.; Colbert Anderson Sr. and Mary
2. Abraham Yeats and Mary Anderson; Colbert Anderson Jr. and Nancy
(Ann); Peter Custer and Elizabeth; Providence Anderson and Hannah Custer
3. William Henry Anderson and Ann Collis
4. Providence Anderson and Ruth Ellen Walker
5. Thomas Jefferson Anderson and Emma Jane Pool; William H. Anderson; Lydia M.
Anderson; Daniel W. Anderson
6. James Robert Cross and Hulda Ann Anderson; James N. Anderson; Joseph Higgins
and Hannah I. Anderson
7. James J. Musick and Eliza C. (Lida) Anderson; Descendants of George Musick
and Anne Allen; Sanford Hudson and Rachel L. Anderson

Box 65

Original documents from the Colony of Virginia/US; Switzerland and the United States

  1. original documents of the Colony of Virginia/United States
  2. original documents—colony of Virginia
  3. original letter to Irene Belila; original funeral home receipt—Irene Faulkner
  4. original note received from Providence Anderson
  5. notebook—William Henry Anderson family
  6. Property deeds of Mrs. Irene B. Yelton; Mrs. Irene Volalia; presently Mrs. Irene Lucas
  7. genealogy of Lillian (Werndle) Swanson from Switzerland (general)—original
  8. Ulrich (Werner) Werndle & Elizabeth (Brandi) Schalkli
  9. Henry Deter and Elizabeth Werndle
  10. Andrew Werndle & Mary Allen; Edward Kimme & Lena Werndle
  11. Frederic Werndle & Cora Elizabeth Beshears
  12. Emil Werndle & Amelia (Pachedag) LaBarge; William Martin Werndle & Minnie Lola (Cross) Faulkner
  13. William and Ellen (Davis) Minster
  14. Ludwig Wagner & Maria Schmidt also cemetery Mount Hope, St. Clair Co., IL

Box 66

Personal Correspondence; Teaching and Schooling Records

  1. Family genealogy
  2. 1970 personal correspondence
  3. 1974-1976, 1954-1969, personal correspondence & misc.
  4. 1973 personal correspondence
  5. 1972 personal correspondence
  6. 1971 personal correspondence
  7. Lutheran Hospital—School of Nursing—teaching records; Lillian Swanson
  8. Lindenwood College—teaching records of Lillian Swanson
  9. Washington University—St. Louis
  10. Career of Mrs. Lillian Swanson (Werndle)
  11. Washington University—School of Nursing
  12. Hypertension study—Lillian Swanson
  13. Washington University Placement Bureau

Box 67

Personal Memorabilia contains notebooks, scrapbooks

  1. Chemistry notebook
  2. Organic Chemistry notebook
  3. Membership in the American Association of University Women 1960-1967
  4. Personal scrapbook—Lillian Werndle
  5. Feb. 1926-1941 concert programs, newspaper clippings (music)
  6. High School years Feb 1922-1926

Box 68

Genealogy Correspondence; Marriage, birth, death certificate; General family histories—Custer, Ball, Washington

  1. Miscellaneous correspondence
  2. Correspondence with Irene M. Posey
  3. Correspondence with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hudson & Mr. and Mrs. William Allen
  4. Custer family correspondence
  5. Correspondence with Mrs. Russel J. Bergen; Mrs. Guy L Keesecker & Mrs. Ina A. Iverson
  6. Correspondence with Mrs. Helen Flegal
  7. Correspondence with Cora Werndle, Mildred Werndle & Mrs. Helen Wyile
  8. Correspondence with Barbara Kaetzel Row
  9. Correspondence with Mr. & Mrs. Aurthur Lien & Mrs. John E. Engelbrent
  10. Correspondence with David Flegal
  11. Correspondence with James Deter & family
  12. Correspondence with Mrs. Ralph (Margaret) Kinsey
  13. Original documents—Lillian Werndle
  14. Original documents—Werndle family
  15. Switzerland—Werndle family
  16. Werndle family old letters
  17. Death certificates & obituaries of Werndle family
  18. Marriage & birth certificates of Werndle family
  19. Thomas Anderson family—colony of Virginia
  20. Providence Anderson
  21. Thomas & Rudy Werndle
  22. Census Records—Elk City, KS, Highland, IL & Berkley Co., VA
  23. Washington family
  24. Ball family
  25. Custer family

Box 69

Eastern Star memorabilia, initial research, miscellaneous

  1. Beginning genealogy compiled from same source
  2. Descriptions of Marriage Resisters—Werndle family
  3. Beginning genealogy research—Werndle family
  4. Initial genealogy research of Werndle family
  5. Order of the Eastern Star
  6. Order of the Eastern Star
  7. Order of the Eastern Star 1961-1964 programs
  8. Order of the Eastern Star 1964-1966 programs

Box 70

Lillian Swanson Werndle Correspondence

  1. Custer family genealogy information—relation of Lillian (Werndle) Swanson
  2. Joseph Lucas
  3. Irene Beatrice Lucas