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Augustana Book Concern (Rock Island, Ill.) photographs

Collection #: I/O:23
4 linear feet (6 boxes)

Creators: Augustana Book Concern (Rock Island, Ill.)
English, Swedish

This collection is open for research. A limited amount of photocopies may be requested via mail.


Augustana Book Concern (Rock Island, Ill.)
Slides (Photography)
Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod of North America
Rock Island (Ill.)
Orphans' Homes
Old People's Homes
Retirement communities
Senior housing
Homes for the aged
Lutheran Church Missions
Institutional care, Women
Minnesota College (Minneapolis, Minn.)

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Swenson Center staff, 2006
Updated by Lisa Huntsha, 2013

Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center
Augustana College
639 38th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

Custodial History

The material was found on the 5th floor storage area of Sorenson Hall in 1983. The photographs appear to have been used for various Augustana Book Concern publications.  

Biographical Sketch

Founded in 1889, the Augustana Book Concern served as the official publishing house for the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod. ABC's main publication focus was to supply the Augustana Synod congregations with religious texts such as bibles, hymnals, choir music, and Sunday school literature for children. In addition, ABC published an array of Swedish-American literature, poetry, historical works, and reprints of Swedish national literature.
In 1962, the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod merged with the Lutheran Church of America and the Board of Publications in Philadelphia (part of the Lutheran Church of America) absorbed the ABC. In 1967, Augustana College purchased the building which had housed the ABC and renamed it North Hall; in 1975 it was renamed to honor retiring president C.W. Sorenson. 

The collection consists of photographs of Augustana Institutions: Orphan's Homes, Old People Homes, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Augustana Book Concern, Immigrant Homes, Immanuel Woman's Home, Chicago Inner Missions, Bethpage Mission, and other Augustana affiliated buildings.


Box 1 Photographs
Box 2 Rolled Photographs
Box 3 Photographs (Churches and People)
Box 4 Records and Books
Box 5 Slides
Box 6 Oversized Photographs

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Inventory List

Box 1 Photographs

1. Augustana Central home, Chicago, IL
2. First Lutheran Church, Brockton, MA
2a. Swedish Lutheran Church and Parsonage, Campello, MA
3. First Lutheran Church, Brockton, MA
4. First Lutheran Church, Brockton, MA
5. Esbjörn Memorial Marker, Andover, IL
6. - 21. Augustana Orphan's Home, Andover, IL
22. - 23. (in oversized Box 6)
24. - 27a. Augustana Orphan's Home Joliet, IL
28. Augustana Orphan's Home Mariadahl, KS
29. - 30. Augustana Orphan's Home Stromsburg, NE
31. - 33. Bethany's Children's Home, Duluth, MN
34. Augustana Nursery, Chicago, IL
35. - 42. Augustana Book Concern building, Rock Island, IL
43. Augustana Home Brooklyn, NY
44. - 56. Augustana Old People's Home, Chicago, IL
57. Bethesda Old People's Home, Chisago City, MN
58. - 59. Lutheran Old People's Home, Madrid, IA
60. - 61. Old People's Home, Lindsborg, KS
62. - 64. Augustana Hospital, Chicago, IL
65. - 70. Swedish Hospital, Kansas City, MO
71. Emanuel Hospital, Portland, OR
72. - 81. Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Paul, MN
82. - 85. Luther College and Academy, Wahoo, NE
86. Minnesota College, Minneapolis, MN
87. Northwestern College, Fergus Falls, MN
88. Trinity College, Round Rock, TX
89. - 92. Swedish Lutheran Immigrant Home, New York, NY
93. Immanuel Women's Home, Chicago, IL
94. - 98. Bethphage Mission, Axtell, NE
99. - 101. Swedish National Sanatorium, Denver, CO
102. - 134. Mission to China Photographs
135. Augustana Synod Mission Work, Puerto Rico
136 - 137. Swedish Lutheran Old People's Home, Worcester, MA
138. Lutheran Home for the Aged, Grand Rapids, MI
139. Salem Lutheran Home for the Aged, Kansas City, MO
140. - 142. Augustana Children's Home, Minneapolis, MN
143. - 144. Mission Cottage Children's Home, Minneapolis, MN
145. - 147 (in oversized Box 6)
148. - 151. Immanuel Deaconess Institute & Orphan's Home, Omaha, NE
152. - 226. (in oversized Box 6)
227. - 233. Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island, IL
234. - 236. (in oversized Box 6)
Box 2 Rolled Photographs

237. Annual Outing - Augustana Book Concern, July 14, 1928 (same as ph 240)
238. Personnel of Augustana Book Concern - Fiftieth Anniversary - 1934 (same as ph 242, ph 243)
239. Augustana Book Concern Executives and Employees, Saturday November 27, 1926 by John Eckman, Rock Island, IL (same as ph 246, ph 247)
240. Annual Outing - Augustana Book Concern, July 14, 1928 (same as ph 237)
241. Cemetery photograph, Philadelphia
242. Personnel of Augustana Book Concern - Fiftieth Anniversary - 1934 (same as ph 238, ph 243)
243. Personnel of Augustana Book Concern - Fiftieth Anniversary - 1934 (same as ph 238, ph 242)
244. Personnel of Augustana Book Concern, 1934 (similar to ph 238, ph 242, ph 243)
245. Printing Industry - N.R.A. Code Hearing - Lindsay Rogers, Deputy Administrator, Washington D.C., September 18, 1933
246. Augustana Book Concern Executives and Employees, Saturday November 27, 1926 by John Eckman, Rock Island, IL (same as ph 239, ph 247)
247. Augustana Book Concern Executives and Employees, Saturday November 27, 1926 by John Eckman, Rock Island, IL (same as ph 239, ph 246) 

Box 3 Photographs (Churches and People)

248. Duluth Church
249. Bethlehem Church, Minneapolis, MN
250. Libanson (?),  Minneapolis, MN
251. Statue to Swedish Settlers, Minnesota
252. Luther League Convention, Sheyenne District, Minot, SD
253. Augustana Församlingens i Minneapolis Invalid hem elev f. d. ålderdomshem
254. Lutheran Carlslund Parsonage, Buffalo, MN
255. Interior Immanuel Lutheran Church, Rine (?) Lake, WI
256. Lutheran Parsonage, Cambridge, MN
257. Swedish Lutheran Parsonage, Langford, SD
258. Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church, Uppsala, MN
259. Lafayette, MN
260. The Mamrelund Parsonage in Pennock, MN
261. Augustana Church, Claremont, SD
262. Cokato District Nylund, MN
263. Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Salem Church and Parsonage, St. Cloud, MN
264. Beckville Lutheran Church, Beckville, MN
265. Zion Lutheran Church, Apple River District, Church and Parsonage, Hudson, WI
266. Augustana Lutheran Church and Parsonage, Minot, ND
267. Bethlehems församlingens kyrka i Nordland Township, Aitkin Co., MN
268. Ungdomskola i West Union, St. Peter District
269. The white House in the Lutheran Parsonage at Niobe, ND
270. Zion Lutheran Church, Louriston, ND
271. Lutheran Church Cambridge, MN
272. Manuel Church, Minneapolis, MN
273. Minneapolis, MN
274. Swedish Lutheran Church, Grove City, MN
275. Swedish Lutheran Church and Parsonage, Worthington, MN
276. Mamrelund Church, MN
277. Swedish Lutheran Church of New Richmond, WI
278. St. James, MN
279. East Chain Lake, MN
280. First Lutheran Church, Port Wing, WI
281. Bethany Lutheran Church, Poplar, WI
282. Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Superior, WI
283. Zion Lutheran Church, Superior, WI
284. Clara Lutheran Church, Deer Lake, MN
285. Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Moose Lake, MN
286. Swede Park Lutheran Church, Denham, MN
287. Augustana Lutheran Church, Cumberland, WI
288. McKinley, WI
289. Mann Valley, WI
290. Pashin, WI (?)
291. Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Superior, WI
292. Saron Lutheran Church, Ashland, WI
293. Immanuel, Odessa, MN
294. St. Joseph Lutheran Church, Rosholt, SD
295. Augustana, Claremont, SD
296. Emanuel Lutheran Church, Washburn, (WI?)
297. English Branch Nathanael Lutheran Church, Alcester, SD
298. - 300. (in oversized Box 6)
301. Elim Lutheran church, Scandia, MN
302. Afton Memorial Lutheran Church, MN
303. Forest Lake Faith Lutheran Church, Forest Lake, MN
304. Taylors Falls First Lutheran Church, Taylors Falls, MN
305. - 312. (in oversized Box 6)
313. First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Winthrop, MN
314. Swedish Lutheran Elim Church, Scandia, MN
315. Swedish Lutheran Church, Gibbon, MN
316. Cannon Lutheran Church, Cannon Falls, MN
317. First Lutheran Church, Red Wing, MN
318. - 324. (in oversized Box 6)
325. First Lutheran Church, Comfrey, MN
326. Immanuel Lutheran Church, Dunnell, MN
327. Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Darfur, MN
328. Bethesda Lutheran Church, Dresser Junction, WI
329. Immanuel Lutheran Church, Clayton, WI
330. Star Prairie Lutheran Church, Star Prairie, WI
331. Swedish Lutheran Church, Centuria, WI
332. - 343. (in oversized Box 6)
344. Libanon Lutheran Church, Levis, WI
345. Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, St. Paul. MN
346. Immanuel Lutheran Church, Eau Clare, WI
347. Zion Lutheran Church, St. Paul, MN
348. Immanuel Lutheran Church
349. - 350. (in oversized Box 6)
351. East Union Lutheran Church, East Union, MN
352. West Union Lutheran Church, West Union, MN
353. First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Winthrop, MN
354. Union Creek, SD
355. Alsburg, SD
356. Dalesburg, SD
357. - 365. (in oversized Box 6)
366. Östmark, MN
367. Mamrelund Lutheran Church, Pennock, MN
368. Bethany Lutheran Church, Starbuck, MN
369. Zion Lutheran Church, Chippewa Co., MN
370. First Lutheran Church, Litchfield, MN
371. Svea Lutheran Church, Svea, MN
372. Lebanon Evangelical Lutheran Church, New London, MN
373. Ontonville, MN
374. Walla Lutheran Church, New Effington, SD
375. Le Suer Lutheran Church, Le Suer, MN
376. Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Belgrade, MN
377. Spring Garden Lutheran Church, Cannon Falls, MN
378. Svea Lutheran Church, Hager City, WI
379. Goodhue, MN
380. First Lutheran Church, Lake City, MN
381. - 388. (in oversized Box 6)
389. Grace Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
390. Augustana, Minneapolis
391. Gustaf Adolf Lutheran Church, Minneapolis
392. Swedish Lutheran Zion Church, Cloquet, MN
393. Nathanael, Lincoln Co., SD
394. Tabor Strandburg, SD
395. Vasa Lutheran Church, Vasa, MN
396. Vasa Barnhem
397. Myrtle O. Larson portrait
398. Clara Bobs portrait, Minnesota College
399. Mez Melander portrait, Minnesota College
400. Dr. Joshua Larson portrait, Minnesota College
401. Fredereck Peel portrait, Minnesota College
402. Laurinda Rash portrait, Minnesota College
403. Charles L. Lindstrom portrait, Minnesota College
404. Charles D. Ostergren portrait, Minnesota College
405. Harriet Swanson portrait, Minnesota College
406. Walter Lundeen portrait, Minnesota College
407. Herbert Larseen portrait, Minnesota College
408. James A. Bliss portrait, Minnesota College
409. Helen Schwend portrait, Minnesota College
410. Helen Lindblad portrait, Minnesota College
411. Lillee Udden portrait, Minnesota College
412. Carl J. Johnson portrait, Minnesota College
413. Hannah Nelson portrait, Minnesota College
414. Arthur E. Palmquist portrait, Minnesota College
415. Mrs. O.W. Brastad portrait, Minnesota College
416. Elmie Storm-Williams portrait, Minnesota College
417. C. F. Petterson portrait, Minnesota College
418. Virginia Tasker portrait, Minnesota College
419. Mrs. A.P. Anderson
420. A.P. Anderson
421. August Westland
422. August Lindquist
423. Dr. W. J. Sture
424. Miss Anna Johnson
425. Syster Bo(?)
426. J.S. Gray
427. Ruth G.E. Nelson
428. D.C. Mitchell
429. Victoria Johnston
430. E.C. Carlton
431. Esther Cederstrom(?)
432. P.M. Skartredt
433. A.H. Dahlström
434. Hulda S. Abrahamson
435. Sven Froeburg
436. K.A. Kilander
437. Inez Rundström
438. J.A. Edquist
439. Ella J. Pehrson
440. Arthur W. Ryburg (?)
441. J.A. Youngquist
442. Walter S. Johnson
443. Conrad Peterson
444. Samuel Nelson
445. Edith Lindberg
446. C.J. Larson
447. Otto H. Johnson
448. C.J. Carlson
449. Anna C. Johnson
450. A.P. Ahlson
451. Agnes Rash-Snyder
452. Le Roy Carlson
453. Prof. Ralph Ingman portrait, Minnesota College
454. Harry W. Ranks portrait, Minnesota College
455. Barnard B. Nelson portrait, Minnesota College
456. E. Joseph Shadurick portrait, Minnesota College
457. Gerhard T. Alexis portrait, Minnesota College
458. (in oversized Box 6)
459. Augustana församlingens från ålderdomshemmet i Minneapolis
460. Old Millstone, Gustavus Adolphus College, MN
461. - 475. (in oversized Box 6)

Box 4 Records and Books

1. Traktater (Swedish)
2. Church Tracts (English)
3. Den Svenska Lutherska Församlingarnas och Svenskarnas Historia i Amerika, E. Norelius, 1890
4. Den Svenska Lutherska Församlingarnas och Svenskarnes Historia i Amerika, E. Norelius, 1890

Box 5 Slides

Augustana Book Concern slides (1-151)

Box 6 Oversized Photographs

22. - 23. Andover Children's Home (Andover, Ill.)
145-147. Orphans' Home, Avon, MA
152-183. Immanuel Deaconess Institute, Omaha, NE
184-191. Iowa Lutheran Hospital, Main Nurses' Home, Superintendent Home, Des Moines, IL
192-198. Salem Home for the Aged, Joliet, IL
199-204. Bethesda Hospital, Bethesda Deaconess Home, Bethesda Invalid Home, St. Paul, MN
205. Bethesda Deaconess Home, St. Paul, MN
206. Gustaf Adolph's Orphans' Home, Jamestown, NY
207. Orphans' Home, Vasa, MN
208. First Lutheran Church, Jamestown, NY
209. - 210. John and Thilda, Jeppson. Swedish Lutheran Old People's Home, Worcester, MA
211. - 215. Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS
216. - 225. Upsala College, East Orange, NJ
226. Immigrant Home, Boston, MA
234. Cookery School 1903, Stockholm, Sweden
235. - 236. Augustana Book Concern Building prior to 1935, Rock Island, IL
298. Salem Lutheran, Milbank, SD
299. Elim Lutheran Church, MN
300. Siloa Lutheran Church, MN
305. Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Dassel, MN
306. Harmon, Albion, MN
307. North Crow River, MN
308. Carlsund Lutheran Church, Buffalo, MN
309. Bethel Lutheran Church, Herman, Middleville, MN
310. Cokato Lutheran Church, MN
311. Annandale Lutheran Church, MN
312. Atwater, MN
318. Emanuel Lutheran Church, Two Harbors, MN
319. Salem Lutheran Church, Chisholm, MN
320. Lakeside Chapel, Duluth, MN
321, Bethel Lutheran Church, W. Duluth, MN
322. First Lutheran Church, Duluth, MN
323. Bethel Lutheran Church, International Falls, MN
324. Immanuel Lutheran Church, Hibbing, MN
332. Immanuel Lutheran Church, Belview, MN
333. Zion Lutheran Church, Fridhem, MN
334. First Lutheran Church, Lafayette, MN
335. Augustana Lutheran Church, Clarkfield, MN
336. Clear Lake Lutheran Church, Clear Lake, MN
337. Calgary Lutheran Church, Swede Home, MN
338. Bernadotte Lutheran Church, Bernadotte, MN
339. First Lutheran Church, Pillager, MN
340. Bethesda Lutheran Church, Rossberg, MN
341. Swedish Lutheran Church, Aithin, MN
342. Immanuel Lutheran Church, Darling, MN
343. Zion Lutheran Church, Belle Prairie, MN
349. Calvary Lutheran church, Rush Point, MN
350. First Lutheran, Rush City, MN
357. Braham, MN
358. Cambridge, MN
359. Hinckley, MN
360. Zion Lutheran Church, Henriette, MN
361. Dell Grove, MN
362. Rice Lake, MN
363. Athens, MN
364. Lutheran Church, Mora, MN
365. Bradford, MN
381. Bethany Lutheran Church, Columbus, ND
382. Granfield, near Sheyenne, ND
383. Bethany Lutheran Church, Lignite, ND
384. Elmdale, Niobe, ND
385. Klara, Heimdale, ND
386. Augustana Lutheran Church, Sheyenne, ND
387. First Lutheran Church, Evelith, MN
388. First Lutheran Church, Virginia, MN
458. Mrs. Ida S. Dearborn
461. Milville, MN
462. Welch, MN, Cannon Lutheran Church
463. Hoflanda Lutheran Church
464. Cannon River
465. Tabor, Bay City, WI
466. Little Plum, Pepin
467. Sabylund Lutheran Church, Stockholm, WI
468. Minniska, MN
469. Bethesda Lutheran Church, Kildare, MN
470. Saron Lutheran Church, Spicer, MN
471. Immanuel Lutheran Church, Rosendahl, MN
472. Beckville Lutheran Church, Beckville, MN
473. First Lutheran Church, Lake Lillian, MN
474. Bethel Lutheran Church, Willmar, MN
475. Fridhem Lutheran Church, Murdock, MN

Publication Note

When citing this collection, use the following credit line: Augustana Book Concern (Rock Island, Ill.) photographs (I/O:23), Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois.