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Conventions, Tours, Singing Festivals and Concerts

Folder Inventory

Box 23

  1. National Convention in Chicago, 1954
  2. Concert ticket sales 1954
  3. National Convention in Salt Lake City, 1958
  4. Secretary’s statement from convention in 1962
  5. National Convention Chicago programs, 1966
  6. National Convention Chicago corresp., minutes, financial statements etc. 1966
  7. National Convention Chicago treasurer’s files 1986

Box 24—Choirs on Sweden tours, 1959 and 1967

  1. Manuscript (article) in Swedish  (no author) and Report by Victor Hedgren, 1959
  2. Concert trip to Sweden—G. Rickan’s corresp., income and expense, 1959
  3. Concert trip to Sweden—G. Rickan’s corresp. with participants, 1959
  4. Concert trip to Sweden—G. Rickan’s corresp. with Swedish American Line, 1959 
  5. Concert trip to Sweden—receipt from Swedish American Line, 1959 
  6. Concert trip to Sweden—corresp. and deposits receipts from Swedish American Line, 1959
  7. Concert trip to Sweden—corresp. and reservation requests with the Swedish American Line, 1959
  8. Concert trip to Sweden—corresp. railroad, and hotel accommodations in Sweden, 1959
  9. Concert trip to Sweden—corresp. and receipts, 1959
  10. Concert trip to Sweden—newspaper clippings, 1959
  11. Concert trip to Sweden—group photograph of Dag Tollin, Tord Halvorson, Ernst Mattsson, Aron Emche, and Sixten Wohlin

Box 25—AUSS Tour 1967 and memorial concert for Hjalmar Nilson 1960

  1. AUSS Veteran Chorus Good Will Tour 1967—program, list of participants and misc. records 1967-1968
  2. Scrapbook with newspaper clippings from 1967 tour.
  3. AUSS Memorial concert for Hjalmar Nilson, 1960