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Allan Kastrup collection (American Swedish News Exchange, New York, N.Y), 1920s-1990

Size: 19.25 linear feet, 28 boxes

Acquisition: The collection was donated to SSIRC in 1990 and 1991.

Access: The collection is open for research and a limited amount to copies can be requested via mail.

Processed by: Christina Johansson

Control Num.: SSIRC MSS P: 308

Historical Sketch

The American-Swedish News Exchange was established by the Sweden-America Foundation in Stockholm in 1921 and the agency opened its office in New York City in 1922. ASNE's main purpose was to increase and broaden the general knowledge about Sweden and to provide the American press with news on cultural, economic and political developments in Sweden. The agency also had the primary responsibility for publicity campaigns during Swedish official visits to the United States, such as the Crown Prince Gustav Adolf's visit in 1926, the New Sweden Tercentenary in 1938, and the Swedish Pioneer Centennial in 1948.

Between 1926 and 1946, ASNE was under the leadership of Naboth Hedin. Hedin increased the visibility of Sweden in the American press immensely, wrote countless of articles on Sweden, and co-edited with Adolph H. Benson Swedes in America: 1638-1938. Hedin was also instrumental in assisting many American writers with advice and information about Sweden; including Marquis W. Childs in his widely read and circulated work Sweden the Middle Way, first published in 1936.

Allan Kastrup assumed the leadership of ASNE in 1946. He held this position until his retirement in 1964, at which time ASNE ceased to exist and its responsibilities were assumed by the Swedish Information Service. Kastrup continued the mission of supplying the American press with information and developments in Sweden during times marked by various diplomatic tensions between the nations.

Kastrup's efforts to publicize and foster a general knowledge and interest in Sweden are evident in the pamphlets published by the American-Swedish News Exchange: the Making of Sweden, 1953 and Digest of Sweden, 1959.

Biographical notes

Naboth Hedin and Allan Kastrup

Naboth Hedin immigrated to the United States from Reftele in Småland with his parents in 1900. He attended the Gunnery Preparatory School and Harvard from which he received a B.A. in 1908. From 1908 to 1918, Hedin was employed at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and served as their war correspondent in Paris between 1914 and 1918. In 1918, he assumed a position with the Universal Press to cover the Peace Conference. After returning to the United States, Hedin settled in Boston and worked as freelance writer and translator. Hedin began to work for the American Swedish News Exchange in 1925 and assumed the role as Director in 1926, a position he held until 1946.

Allan Kastrup was born in Lund in 1906 and educated at the University of Lund and at the Swedish School of Economics and Business in Stockholm. Upon graduation from the university, Kastrup worked for the Swedish news agency TT, and as a political editor for Nya Upsala Tidning. In 1943, he moved to New York City and joined the staff at the American-Swedish News Exchange. Three years later, he became ASNE's director, a position he held until his retirement in 1964. After his retirement, Kastrup contributed significantly to the field of Swedish-American History with his works The Swedish Heritage in America, 1975; Partners in Progress. A chapter in American-Swedish Exchange of Knowledge. Edited by Allan Kastrup and Nils William Olsson, published by the Swedish Council of America in 1977; and Med Sverige i Amerika, 1985, which documents and recounts his own experience at the American-Swedish News Exchange in New York.

Content note

The collection spans from early 1920s up to the 1980s and includes a wide variety of materials that reflect ASNE's efforts in promoting Sweden in America and Allan Kastrup's own interest in Swedish immigrants and their achievements in the United States. The most prominent and inclusive material is the clipping collection which documents Swedish cultural, political and economic developments as portrayed in the American press during 1920s-1960s. The collection also includes extensive correspondence between Hedin and Kastrup, a variety of speeches given by Swedish officials in the United States incl. Prince Bertil's; annual reports of the agency; nearly 100 photos depicting the Swedish Pioneer Centennial in 1948; and information on Sweden's neutrality during WWII.

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Folder inventory

Box 1, folders 1-10

Professional and Personal Correspondence

1. Correspondence, 1940s, Swedish/English
2. Correspondence, 1950s, Swedish/English
3. Correspondence, 1960s, Swedish/English
4. Correspondence, 1970-1975, Swedish/English
5. Correspondence, 1976-1980, Swedish/English
6. Correspondence, 1980s English/Swedish
7. Correspondence with Naboth Hedin, 1946-1959, English
8. Correspondence with Naboth Hedin, 1960-1969, English
9. Correspondence, n.d. Swedish/English

Box 2, folders 11-20

ASNE office papers and records

11. Stadgar för Nyhetsbyrån, n.d.
12. Annual reports, ASNE 1940-1963
13. ASNE internal activity reports and memos, 1945-1963
13a. Minutes from meetings, 1945-1963, n.d.
14. Bibliography of published articles and books in English about Sweden 1947-1962.
15. Sweden in the U.S. media 1964 (copied clippings).
16. Bibliography of material published in the American Press March 1-Dec. 1963, Jan.1-June 30, 1965.
17. Guide to Information about Sweden 1945 (bibliography)
18. Excerpts from comments on Gustav V, in memoriam: Hail Gustav VI Adolf , scrapbook published by ASNE Dec. 1950.
19. Archives and Library at ASNE.
20. ASNE- personnel issues
20a. Naboth Hedin-Biographical information

Box 3, folders 21 - 29

ASNE Office papers and various speeches

21. Svensk-Amerikanska Nyhetsbyrån - 30 årsjubileet 1951, by Mac Lindahl, and Svensk-Amerikanska förbindelser under 50 år 1951, by Naboth Hedin.
21 a. "The Pioneer" and "Fifty Years of Swedish-American Relations" by Naboth Hedin.
21 b. "The Future of Swedish in the U.S.A." Naboth Hedin.
22. Letters and excerpts of comments on the newsletter "News from Sweden"
23. Various speeches:
"The Immigration to Worcester, presented by John Jeppson at the Worcester Fire Society Jan. 6, 1975"
"Address by Ambassador Sven Dahlman, Acting Chairman of the Swedish-American Society, on fourth of July 1969 celebrated at the American Embassy grounds in Stockholm"
"Prime Minister Erlander's speech at the Swedish Government's dinner for Vice-President and Mrs. Johnson September 3 1963"
"Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson response, Prime minister's dinner royal ministry, Stockholm September 3, 1963"
"Fourth of July Address 1963 Millesgården, Stockholm by Axel Iveroth"
"Speech given at Svithiod Singing Club, Chicago, May 2 1958"
"Address by Dr. Conrad Bergendoff at the Swedish Pioneer Centennial celebration at the Palmer House, June 5 1948"
"Address by Pres. Calvin Coolidge at the unveiling if the John Ericsson document in Washington, D.C. on May 29, 1926"
24. Information och upplysningverksamheten i USA, rapporter: Program P.M. ang. informationsverksamheten i USA budgetåren 1968/69, 1969/70 och 1970/71; Kommentarer till kommitterapporten "Upplysningsverksamhet i USA rörande svensk forskning, teknik och industriell utveckling, 1961; Yttrande rörande utredning om upplysningskampanj i USA 1957; "När svensk upplysningsverksamhet i Amerika under senare.... odaterat och utan titel.
25. Articles by Robson Black, published in various Canadian Daily newspapers and magazines.
26. Information about Sweden in the media and press. Comments and analysis by Allan Kastrup (1907-1960s).
27. Vad gör USA-kampanjen i New York?
28. Misc. press releases and excerpts from newspaper articles.
29. General and misc. papers

Box 4, folders 30 - 46

Subject files arranged in alphabetical order

31. American Literature in Sweden, notes and excerpts from media and books by Allan Kastrup.
31a. Business and Industry, Speeches and papers 1960-1975, n.d.
32. Christmas, essay by Martin P:n Nilsson.
33. Economics, papers and article: The Future - Threat or Opportunity for Management, 1975 by Anders Wall; Is Sweden an Economic Model? article by Frank C. Porter; Sparbankernas konferens. Vårt ekonomiska läge 1972. China-teatern i Sthl. 8-10 mars; Sweden in the World Economy: Problems and possibilities of a small country.
34. Foreign policy, papers: Some questions about Sweden's foreign policy, ASNE ; Swedish Defense by Mai Santesson.
35. Foreign Service, Sweden. Articles and comments 1958-1963
36. Linne, Carl von. Paper n.d. or no author.
37. Modern Sweden, "Modern Sweden" Address by Tage Erlander
Prime minister of Sweden at the Economic Club of Detroit November 9,
1965; A Fresh Look at Scandinavia, by Ralph Cohen Assistant to the
Pres. SAS.
38. Market Report on Sweden. Conducted by Rundt's Market Report 1963.
39. Myrdal, Gunnar. Speech given in his honor at the Waldorf Astoria
Hotel, in New York June 2, 1948 by the "Committee of 100."
40. Publicity. ASNE memos on publicity and the Cultural Exchange in the
American Press.
41. Religion in Sweden 1800s. Notes and excerpts from various sources by
Allan Kastrup.
42. Thomas, Elmer Senator. Issues surrounding the Marshall Plan and
American delegation visiting Sweden in 1949.
43. Turistbyrån i New York. Report on the agency between 1921-1971.
44. Sweden in the years '76 and '76 in Sweden. Paper by Jarl Torbacke.
44a. Swedes in America. Clippings and papers
45. Travel in Scandinavia. "Med SJ-buss genom Nordkalotten I: Från Luleå via Haparanda och den fiskrika Kukkolaforsen till Rovaniemi;" "Med SJ-
buss genom Nordkalotten II: Från norra Finland till Nordkap - säderut till Narvik och tillbaka till Luleå. Allan Kastrup.
46. WW II. Speech on Sweden and WWII issues delivered by Naboth Hedin at the American Defense, Harvard Group, November 15, 1944; Criticism of Naboth Hedin's paper: "The race for the Iron Ore in the Case of Sweden during the Second World War. Presented by in Swedish by Torvald Höjer 26 October 1948; Speech delivered at a Banquet at the Chicago Club April 16, 1946 by Herman Eriksson.

Box 5, folders 47-55

Prince Bertil's visits in America 1948-

47. Speeches from the Swedish Pioneer Centennial Celebration 1948.
48. Clippings from the Swedish Pioneer Centennial Celebration 1948.
49. Printed matters, brochures, and programs the Swedish Pioneer Centennial Celebration 1948.
50. Printed brochures and programs the Swedish Pioneer Centennial Celebration 1948.
51. Brochures, printed matters and speeches from visits in San Francisco 1958 and 1964.
52. Speech, Berkeley, California 1958.
53. Speeches, Minnesota 1958 and 1975.
54. Speech to the American Club (Chicago?) 1975.
55. Speeches and programs from visits in the Pacific North West 1958.

Box 6, folders 56-66

Allan Kastrup personal papers, 1967-1980s

56. Misc. excerpts and notes on Swedish news mid 1960s -1980s.
57. Notes and excerpts of Swedish news relating to Swedish Foreign Policy 1967-1989.
58. Notes, papers etc. relating Swedish-U.S. diplomatic relations during the Vietnam War.
59. Correspondence with Nels. M. Hokanson
60. Sverige Information, reports 1968-1988/
61. Hammond Issues: "Scandinavia" comments and criticism by Allan.
62. Misc. papers and notes marked "personal use only."
63. Uppsala Nya och världskriget. Minnen med kompletteringar, från tiden fram till sommaren 1943, Allan Kastrup.
64. Svensk-Amerika en brygga mellan USA och Sverige. Edgar Svensson, Nordstjernan.
65. Selling and marketing of Swedish Heritage in America.
66. Health Examination Report.

Box 7, folders 67-74.

Swedish Heritage in America. Research material and notes.

67. Swedes in America. Clippings and articles 1940s-1960s
68. Swedish Immigrants in the U.S., notes from articles and books.
69. Swedish Heritage in America, notes, sales etc.
70. Swedish Immigrants in America, biographical notes
71. Swedish Immigrants in America, biographical notes
72. Swedish Immigration to the U.S., notes and obituaries
73. Swedish Immigration to the U.S. notes from books and articles.
74. Color separations for "Swedish Heritage in America."

Box 8

Photographs 1-142. From 1948 Swedish Pioneer Centennial.
(see PastPerfect Online Database for images and a detailed description of the photographs)

Box 9

Mixed Photographs

Most are included in the PastPerfect Online Database.

143. General Dwight D. Eisenhower visiting Stockholm and the Vasa Museum.
144. Picture of Carl Sandburg on his 75th birthday celebration in Chicago. Left to right Ralf Newman, chairman of the sponsoring committee; Mrs. Sandburg; Erik Boheman, Swedish ambassador to the United States.
145. Charlie Chaplin and Ingmar Bergman during a meeting at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm November 1964.
146. Lucia and City Hall (Stockholm) floats in the 25th Southwestern Sun Carnival Parade in El Paso, TX on January 1, 1960.
147. Dalahorses featured with K.W. Guller's book USA and Sweden.
148. Gymnastic group of young women visiting the U.S. in 1939.
149-157. 9 photographs of American officials visiting Sweden in conjunction with the Marshall Plan aid efforts in 1949.
158. Tage Erlander and Eric Hellquist U. of Calif. at Skansen, n.d.
159. Fredrika Bremer.
160. Swante Swenson
161. Farsta Centrum, 1969.
162. Albin Johansson, nd.
163. two young children celebrating Lucia, 1974.
164. Swedish war bond posters featured in San Francisco? n.d.
165. Gustav V spelar tennis 1933.
166. Group photo of 6 men in Kodak aprons, not identified.
167. Cranbrook Academy, exterior of the building with sculpture n.d.
168. Cranbrook Academy "Triton with Shell"
169. Woman baking "spettkaka" 1960, possibly in Skåne, Sweden.
170. Portrait of Chester Carlson, inventor of xerography
171. Marcus Wallenberg
172. Man with dog
173. Gamla stan
174. Transtrand: Rullbäcksid
175. Jenny Lind in an opera
176. Bryn Athyn Cathedral in Bryn Athyn, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
177. William Otto Liljenstolpe Swanson smoking a cigar
178. Denkmann Library reading Room at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois
179. Sven Dahlman sleeping on a train
180. 1 reproduction of world's oldest stock certificate, Stora Kopparberg, 1288. 

Box 10

Misc. Pamphlets and brochures

Box 10a

Publications by American-Swedish News Exchange:
Gustav V, in Memoriam: Hail Gustaf VI Adolf! (Clippings from American Newspapers)
Newspaper and Magazine Articles about Swedish in 1943 by Nat A. Barrows, Blair Bolles, Marquis W. Childs, Raymond Clapper, Charles E. Gratke.
Sverige i Amerika via Svensk-Amerikanska Byrån.

Boxes 11-18

Clippings and articles from both Swedish and American news media, organized by subject in alphabetical order, approx. 1920s-1960s

Box 11

Americans in Sweden

Box 12

Book reviews and book advertisements

Box 13


Box 14

Design in Scandinavia
Decorative Arts

Box 15

Food Supply
Foreign Trade
Göta Kanal

Box 16

Foreign Relations - 1939 to postwar

Box 17

Miller, Carl

Box 18

Prince Bertil of Sweden
Swedish Pioneer Centennial 1948

Box 19

Power plants
Sports - Ingemar Johansson
Social Life
Stockholm - Andrea Doria
Swedes in America

Box 20

Swedes in America
Winter Olympics

Boxes 21-25

1700 indexed clippings, indexed in a database. Please consult the staff.

Box 26 (Oversized clippings)

Swedish Design and Craft exhibits in the United States, 1950s