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Ölandsföreningen records, 1929-1990

Acquisition: Donated to SSIRC in 2002.

Access: The Collection is open for research. A limited amount of photocopies may be requested via mail. Photographs can be reproduced and purchased upon request.

Processed by: Christina Johansson 3/19/2002

Control Num.: SSIRC I/O:49

Historical Sketch

Ölandsföreningen was organized in Rockford, Illinois on October 29, 1929.The first meeting was held at the Tegner Hall on 4th Avenue in Rockford and attracted approximately 200 people, all with close ties to Öland.John F. Nelson (later known as nr. 1) was elected president of the organization, vice president another John Nelson (nr. 2) and for secretary, Alex Olson.Gust Larsson was elected financial secretary and Carl Olson cashier.The main purposes of the organization was to preserve the heritage and culture of Öland andto promote Swedish culture in general.

The organization was started with enthusiasm and support from members and managed to survive the depression era of the 1930s, which forced many young members to move elsewhere in the United States or back to Sweden.The organization arranged monthly meetings and social gatherings throughout the year, incl. hosting members from other landskapsföreningar in the Chicago area. It is evident from the minutes that the activities and membership is starting to decline in the late 1970s and by the beginning of 1984 the minutes are no longer kept in the Swedish language.

Scope and content

The collection contains a handwritten membership listing of original members which include both place of residence in Rockford and places of birth on Öland,Sweden.

The minutes from 1929-1950 and 1960-1990 (records from 1950-1960 missing) gives a clear and concise view of the activities the organization supported and arranged throughout the years. The minutes were kept in the Swedish language up until 1984. Please note also that the minutes exists on microfilm CSC-41 at the Swenson Center.

The account books from 1930-1990 lists the organizations financial transactions which support the activities recorded in the minutes. Other items include a 40th anniversary history written by Albin L. Peterson, which was read at the anniversary gathering in October of 1969.

Box Inventory

Box 1

Item 1 Original membership list 1929-1986.
Item 2 Membership records – loose leaf, individual forms
Item 3 Membership journal, incl. name, and address of member and place of birth in Sweden
Item 4 Account book - membership fees 1930-1933
Item 5 Account book - membership fees 1933
Item 6 Account book - membership fees 1939-1944
Item 7 Account book – membership fees 1981-1985
Item 8 Account book - membership fees 1985-1986

Box 2

Item 1 Account book – Income and Expense 1929-1941
Item 2 Account book - Income and Expense 1938-1944
Item 3 Account book - Income and Expense 1941-1953
Item 4 Account book - Income and Expense 1944-1953
Item 5 Account book - Income and Expense 1969-1985

Box 3

Item 1 Minutes - annual meetings 1929-1934
Item 2 Minutes – annual meetings 1935-1941
Item 3 Minutes - annual meetings 1941-1950
Item 4 Minutes - annual meetings 1960-1979
Item 5 Minutes - annual meetings 1970-1990

Box 4

1. History of Ölandsföreningen 40th anniversary
2. Clippings misc.
3. Misc. letters, thank you cards from members etc.
4. Accounts – Income and Expense misc. loose-leafe
5. Misc. stationary etc., bilagor till Ölandsföreningen