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The Swenson Center archives collects, preserves, and promotes the use of unpublished primary source material that documents the Swedish immigration and the Swedish-American experience in North America. The archival collection is composed of two categories: personal manuscript collections and institution/organization papers. The archival collections measure approximately 800 linear feet. 


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Finding Aids

Finding aids are indexes to archival and manuscript collections. Information in a finding aid usually places the collection in a historical or biographical context and may contain a basic or detailed inventory. Researchers use finding aids to determine if the content of a collection is relevant to their research.

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Many of our finding aids are available online, though not all, so you may still wish to contact us for help identifying sources.

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American Union of Swedish Singers records, 1896-2005
American-Scandinavian Foundation, Midwest Office records 1969-1974
Allan Kastrup collection (American Swedish News Exchange, New York, N.Y.), 1920s-1990 
Anderson, Milton T., family letters, 1875-1926
Anderson, Oscar W., papers 1893-1900
Anderson, Oscar Vitalis, papers, 1939-1946
Anderson, Per Idof and Gurli A.M, papers, 1903-1979
Anderson, Sigurd L., papers, 1947-1950 
Augustana Book Concern (Rock Island, Ill.) photographs
Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church of Elkhart, Indiana building collection, 1942-1954
Collection of Augustana Synod letters, 1853-1908, 1914, 1927
Arvid Augustsson and Elin Andersson immigration papers collection, 1900-1911
Automobile Lodge # 934, East Moline, Illinois, records, 1915-1943


Beck, Victor, papers, 1910-1960
Bergman, A.H. and Gustaf and Sophie Sjoquist letter collections, 1870-1888 
Bodelson family papers, 1860-1944
Bongfeldt, Gustav Lawrence, papers, 1936-1949; 1981 
Brolander, Glen E. papers, 1981-2008


Carlfeldt, Carl Gustaf, Papers 1917-1950
Carlson, Erland papers, 1844-1893
Cave, Anna Persson, family papers 1897-2006
Cederstam, Peter Anderson, papers, 1855-1902 
Christensson, Martha school papers, 1923


Danielsson, Mathilda Cassel Peterson, papers, 1861-1866


Erickson, Axel, papers, 1962-1981


Peter Froeberg family letters, autobiography, and other materials, 1894-1954 and undated


Henry Granat (President, American Union of Swedish Singers) records, 1907-2002


Haag, Charles and Sofia, papers, 1907- 1969 
Hill, Samuel Magnus, papers, 1870-1920


Jenny Lind Chapel (Andover, Ill.) records, 1850-1943
Johanson, Roy A., family papers and photographs, 1884-
Johnansson, David, letters, 1922-1935
John Ericsson Republican League of Illinois records
Johnson, Gustav, 1913-1949
Johnson, Niel family scrapbook
Johnson, Sven August, papers, 1831-1921

Kastrup, Allan collection (American Swedish News Exchange, New York, N.Y.), 1920s-1990
Knock, Arthur Wilhelm, papers, 1938-1954 
Kulturarvet, records 1985-1988


Linder, O.A., clipping collection, 1880-1930
Lindstrom, Anders Jonasson, papers, 1860-1870
Lindstrom, Anders Peter papers, 1879-1889 & Linstrom, Johan Peter papers, 1863-1869
Justina Lofgren family papers and travel writing, 1882-1963
Lundberg, Sune, papers 1939-2001
Lundeberg, Axel, papers, 1810-1970
Luther Academy records, 1883-1944
Lutheran Hospital (Moline, Ill.) records, 1915-1979


Magnusson, Gustaf Adolf, photographs, 1905-1960s
Manufacturers Lodge # 485, Moline Illinois and Coal Valley#304 records 1872-1937
Matherville #997, Sherrard Lodges #637 and #523 and Swedona #637 (IOOF), records 1877-1962 
Moberg, Selma Olivia missionary to China collection
Moberg, Selma Olivia photograph collection
Munson, Marie Johnson papers, 1914


John E. Nelson, papers, 1952
Nelson, Carl Z., family papers, 1935-1981 
Norelius, Eric, papers, 1851-1916
Nytta och Nöje club (Rock Island, Ill.) records, 1900-1984


Olson, Ernest Wilhelm, papers, 1870-1958 
Olson, Oliver and Rock Island Literary Club, papers 1869-1890 
Olson, Sven T., family papers, 1869-1908


Rebekah Lodge # 73 records, 1874-1979 
Rebekah Lodges #734 Reynolds, #365 Silvis, #256 Moline, #445 East Moline, Moline, records 1906-1971  
Rolander, Johann Oscar, Papers, 1982


Scandinavian Temperance Union (Moline, Ill.) records, 1914-1922
Silvis IOOF Lodge #18 (formerly #424) records, 1865- 1945

Skarstedt, Ernst Teofil, collection, 1857-1929 
Stephenson, George Malcom newspaper clipping collection
Stoneberg, Philip, papers, 1843-1916 
Svea Mutual Insurance records, 1865-1970s
Svenska Kulturförbundet/The Swedish Cultural Society, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, records, 1962-2002 
Swan, Arthur Helge, papers, 1885-1916
Swan, G.N., papers, 1875-1938
Swanson, Earl R. and Janice B., family papers, 1808-1997
Euphemia Peterson nursing papers, 1910-1948
Swanson, Col. Ernest R., papers, 1885-1985
Swanson, Mary T. papers, 1970-2000
Swanson, Sven Malte, papers, 1925-1982
Swedish Augustana Home for the Aged. Brooklyn, New York, Records 1908-1972
Swedish Colonization Company (Davenport, Iowa) records, 1884-1888 and 1913
Swedish Olive Lodge #583 records, 1875-1987
Swedish Women's Educational Association International records, 1979-
Swedish Women's Educational Association (SWEA) Los Angeles records 1979-2014
Swenson, Birger, collection, 1928-1992 


Upsala College records, 1893-1995 

Presidential papers (Series I)
Dean's papers (Series II)
Board of Trustees (Series III)
Financial Documents, comptroller (Series IV)
Assessments, self-studies, accreditation (Series V)
General administrative papers (Series VI)
Faculty papers (Series VII)
Students papers (Series VIII)
Department of Education (Series IX) 
Personal papers from Upsala College archives (Series X)
Upsala College history (Series XI)
Women's auxiliary (Series XII)
Alumni papers (Series XIII)
Photographs (Series XIV)
Architectural plans and drawings (Series XV)
Wirth campus (Series XVI)
Memorabilia (Series XVII)


Viking, John Olof, papers, 1892-1955


John and Lilly Werner papers, 1906-1995


Ölandsföreningen (Rockford, Ill) records, 1929-1990