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Bishop Hill Bibliography

This bibliography is organized by format: Printed books, Articles, Bibliographies, Dissertations, Book Reviews, Periodicals, Archival Resources and Online Resources. Furthermore, printed books are sub-divided as follows:  Anniversaries and Jubilees, Architecture, Art, Biography, Cooking, Fiction, Guide Books, History, Language and Dialects, Religion, and Youth Books. 

Books with call numbers indicate availability at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. The following abbreviations are used for the various locations on campus:  AC - Thomas Tredway Library, SC- Special Collections at the Thomas Tredway Library, and SSIRC for Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center in Denkmann Hall.

Printed Books

Anniversaries and Jubilees

Booton, Joseph F, and George M. Nedved. Centennial Celebration of the Bishop Hill Colony, Bishop Hill, Ill: Monday, September 23, 1946. Springfield: Illinois Dept. of  Public Works and Buildings, 1946.

Det blåser en vind: Bishop Hill-sällskapets Jubiléumsskrift 1996. Örsundsbro : Bishop Hill-sällskapet, 1996. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 B3 1996]

Illustrated Souvenir, Seventy-fifth Anniversary, Historic Bishop Hill, 1846-1921
[SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 I54 and Linder 325.773 .B5B5h]

Root, John, eds. Semi-Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Bishop Hill Colony: held at Bishop Hill, Illinois, Wednesday and Thursday, September 23 and 24, 1896. 1909.  [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 R7 1896 and NWO F549.B6 R7]


Galva and Bishop Hill as of the year 1936: An illustrated review of public buildings, homes and citizens. Altona, Ill.: K. Krans, 1936. [SC Mississippi Valley F549.G16 G3 1936] 

Historic Bishop Hill, Preservation and Planning: Class Report, UP 320, Planning for Historic Preservation. [Urbana]: Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning, College of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1976. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 H57 1976]

McKay, Joyce. An Analysis of Archaeological Excavations at Bishop Hill, Illinois, 1972-1975. Springfield, Ill: The Department, 1979.

Van, Ness J. R, and Hiram Wilson. The Bjorklund Stable Site, Bishop Hill, Illinois: Site Report. Springfield, Ill: Illinois Dept. of Conservation, 1981.  


Sparks, Esther. Olof Krans, Prairie Painter. Washington, D.C.: National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1972. [SSIRC Immig. E184.S23 H5 1972]

Swank, George. Painter Krans of Bishop Hill Colony. Galva, Ill.: Galvaland Press, 1976. [SSIRC Immig. ND237.K67 S9 1976]


Anderson, Theodore J. 100 Years: a History of Bishop Hill, Illinois: also Biographical Sketches of Many Early Pioneers in Illinois. Chicago: T.G. Anderson, 1946. 

Badger, David Alan., Clark, Crystle D.Tellier, Nancy A. Bishop Hill: Fifteen Years that Last Forever. Havana, Ill.: BADGER, 1996. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 B3 1996] 

Elmen, Paul. Wheat Flour Messiah: Eric Jansson of Bishop Hill. Carbondale: Published For the Swedish Pioneer Historical Society by Southern Illinois University Press, 1976. [SSIRC Immig. BX7990.J3 E45 and NWO BX7990.J3 E45]

Nelson, Rueben H. Little Nels and the Partner: Over 75 Years of living the great American Adventure as seen through the Highlights in the lives of a Swedish-American farmer and his wife in the Cambridge Ulah, Red Oak, and Bishop Hill Communities of Henry County, Illinois, 1882-1964. Tempe, Ariz. : [s.n.], 1965. [SSIRC Immig. CT275.N443 N4 1965]

Bonham, Jeriah. Fifty Years' Recollections: with Observations and Reflections on Historical Events, Giving Sketches of Eminent Citizens--their Lives and Public Services. Peoria, Ill.: J.W. Franks & Sons, 1883. [SC Mississippi Valley F540 .B71 1883]


Bishop Hill Heritage Cookbook: ... A Collection of Recipes. Bishop Hill. Ill.: Bishop Hill Heritage Association, 1982. [SSIRC Immig. TX722.S8 B57 1982]


Döhl, Inger. Profetens barn: roman. [Malung : I. Döhl], 2000. [SSIRC Immig. PT9876.14.O34 P7 2001] 

Frommer, Sara Hoskinson. Witness in Bishop Hill. New York: St. Martin's Minotaur, 2002. [SSIRC Immig. PS3556.R5944 W58 2002]

McDonald, Julie. The Ballad of Bishop Hill. Montezuma, Iowa: Sutherland Publishing, 1985. [SSIRC Immig. F541.6 .M322 1985]

Steele, Tom. The Pied Piper of Sweden : A novel. Coral Springs, FL : Llumina Stars, 2009. [SSIRC Immig. PS3619.T44 P54 2009]


Henry County, Il Cemetery Inscriptions. Kewanee, Ill.: Henry County Genealogical Soc, 1987.

Guide Books

A Guidebook to Bishop Hill Colony Buildings. Bishop Hill, Ill.: Bishop Hill Heritage Assn., 1976. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 B57 1976] 

Bishop Hill, Illinois: Guidebook to Buildings. [Bishop Hill, Ill.: Bishop Hill Heritage Association], 1986. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 B57 1986]

Official Guide to the Old Colony Church and Catalogue of the Collection of Pioneer Relics of Bishop Hill. [S.l.: S.n.], 1946.  [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 O5 1946]

Swank, George. Bishop Hill: A Pictorial History and Guide. [Galva, Ill.: G. Swank, 1965. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 S93 1965 and NWO F549.B6 S93x 1965]


Address of John Root: Delivered at Bishop Hill, Ill., 4th, 1899, in Presenting the Soldiers' Monument to Village. [S.l. : S.n.], 1899. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 R66] 

Anderson, Theodore J. 100 Years: A History of Bishop Hill, Illinois: also Biographical Sketches of many early Pioneers in Illinois. Chicago : T. G. Anderson, 1946. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B58 A5 1946 and NWO F549.B58 A5] 

Bishop Hill. Macomb, Ill. : University libraries and the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Illinois University, 1989. [SSIRC Immig. F536 .W47]

Bishop Hill svensk koloni på prärien. [Springfield, Ill.] : Illinois Dept. of Business and Economic Development, Division of Tourism, [1969]. Print. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 I83x 1969]

Bygdearvet Festskrift för Svenska Hembygsförbundet i America. Chicago : Published in Connection with Swedish Province Societies of America Fall Festival, 1946.  [SSIRC NWO F549.B6 B94 1946]

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Eriksson, Ulla and Johansson, Lars-Ove., eds. Emigrationen från Söderala till Bishop Hill och Norra Amerika åren 1845-1855. Söderhamn : Söderhamn Kommun, 1994. [SSIRC NWO F549.B6 E45 1994]

Hedstrom, Emmelyne Arnquis. Historic Bishop Hill, 1846-1946: Bishop Hill Centennial Souvenir : Observance September 22, 23 And 24, 1946. [Aldo, Ill. : Times Record Co., 1946?. Print. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 H437] 

Isaksson, Olov,ed. Pionjärer på Prärien: De första svenska utvandrarna. [Sweden] : En bok för alla, 1996. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 P56 1996]

Isaksson, Olov, Hallgren, Sören. Bishop Hill svensk koloni på prärien. Stockholm, LT: [Solna, Seelig], 1969. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 I83x 1969]

Isaksson, Olov. Historien om Bishop Hill. [Stockholm ] : LT, 1995. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 I84 1995]

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O'Neill, Linda. History, Memory, and Ethnic Identification: Rediscovering Community in Bishop Hill, Illinois: 1994. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 O54 1994]

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Wilson, J. Hiram. Property as a Social Institution in the Bishop Hill Colony: An Ethnohistorical Study.  [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 W54]

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Language and Dialects

Hedblom, Folke. En Hälsingedialekt i Amerika: Hanebomål från Bishop Hill, Illinois : Text och Kommentar = A Hälsingland Dialect in America : Hanebo Parish Dialect Recorded in Bishop Hill, Illinois : Text and Commentaries. Uppsala : Lundequistska Bokh., 1978. [SSIRC Immig. PD5827.H35 H4 and NWO PD5827.H35 H4]

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Youth Books

Cosentine, Sherry. Rickman, Deborah. Bishop Hill: Children's Activity Book. Moline, Ill.: Illinois Writer's Guild, 1980. [SSIRC Immig. F549.B6 C67 1980]


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Other Bibliographies

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Book Reviews

Elmen, Paul. "Bishop Hill, Illinois: A Utopia on the Prairie." Chicago History 4.4 (1975): 257-259.


Bishop Hill Heritage News. Bishop Hill, Ill. : Bishop Hill Heritage Association, 1979. [SSIRC Periodicals F536 .B57]

Bishop Hill Heritage Association Newsletter Bishop Hill, Ill. : Bishop Hill Heritage Association . [SSIRC Periodicals F536 .B57]

Archival holdings (institutions)

Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center (Philip Stoneberg papers, 1843-1916)

Knox College Library and Archives, Galesburg, Illinois

Bishop Hill Heritage Association, Bishop Hill, Illinois

Vasa Archives, Bishop Hill, Illinois

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