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Swenson Center Faculty Research Stipend

The Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center--a national archives, library, and research center providing materials for the study of Swedish immigration to North America, the communities immigrants established, and the role the immigrants and their descendants have played in American life--offers a Research Stipend for Augustana College faculty members.

The Swenson Center wishes to increase access to and use of its materials by faculty and students at Augustana College. One of the Center's goals is to promote original research and information literacy skills in students through partnerships with Augustana faculty. It is our hope that by providing faculty with the time, resources, and a modest stipend ($600) to explore the materials available at the Center, faculty will then incorporate Center resources into new or existing courses, or into their individual research projects. 

The Swenson Center will provide one-on-one assistance for the faculty member conducting research during the stipend period and will offer continued support for creating innovative class projects and promoting student learning. 

Some departments and courses that may particularly benefit from incorporating materials from the Center into their teaching tools include History, Scandinavian Studies, LSFY, Religion, Sociology, Anthropology, Music, Art, and local history studies.


The Swenson Center's collections consist of library materials, archival materials, maps, photographs, music recordings, sheet music, newspapers, and microfilm.

The library contains approximately 20,000 volumes of books, periodicals, and newspapers relating to the Swedish-American immigrant experience in North America, Swedish-American identity and local history. A particular strength of the library is materials printed in Swedish in the United States. 

The Swenson Center's archives is composed of personal manuscripts and institution/organization records. The archival collections span approximately 800 linear feet and have a wide representation of Swedish and English language materials, personal histories, immigrant stories, business records, and photographs. 

To gain a better understanding of the resources available at the Swenson Center, and to get ideas for projects and topics, view the following: 

Research Topics
Learn about various subjects that could be researched using Center resources. 

Resources by Subject Page
Links to various Center collections under subject headings.

Online Collections Database
Search our PastPerfect online database by keyword to read archival collection descriptions, church records and Swedish-American newspaper microfilm holding descriptions, and view digitized photographs and artifacts. 

Finding Aids
Browse the Center's archival collections by collection name and click the links to read the full finding aids. 

Digital Projects
Explore some digitized collection materials, including two correspondence collections, the Swedish American Genealogist journal published by the Swenson Center, and Musiktidning, the newsletter and journal of the American Union of Swedish Singers. 

Search the college's library catalog to see our library materials (look for "Swenson Center" in the location field. You may also limit by this location in your search).

Depending on your area of research, you may encounter resources in the Swedish language. However, most of our more recent records are in English. About 41% of our library materials are in English and 77% of our archival collections are at least partially in English.

Contact Lisa Huntsha, Archivist/Librarian, for more information about language concerns, topics, resources, or the application process.  

Eligibility and Expectations

This Research Stipend provides funding for one currently employed Augustana faculty member (of any rank) to conduct one week (5 days) of in-depth research at the Swenson Center. This time is intended to allow the faculty member to explore the resources available at the Center and design undergraduate assignments or individual projects based on the Center's collection materials. The dates for the research will be during the school year or summer at a time that accommodates both the faculty member's schedule and that of the 10-month Archivist/Librarian, within one year of receiving the Stipend. 

Recipients of the stipend will be expected to provide the Center with a brief report within 1 month of their visit that outlines what they found at the Center and how they intend to use these sources in their teaching or personal research. This report may be published in the Swenson Center's journal, Swedish American Genealogist, or in Digital Commons. 

To Apply

Submit materials to Lisa Huntsha by May 1, 2018. The successful applicant will be notified within a few weeks and no later than June 1, 2018. 

Applicants should provide a statement and a CV.

The statement should address the following:

  • Identify specific collection materials you are interested in examining;
  • Describe the course these materials might support and the class project that might be designed using these materials; OR Describe your specific research project these materials might inform;
  • Include proposed dates for research (can be approximate). 

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of their potential to engage students with the Center's resources and contribute to student learning. Applications for projects that support a faculty member's individual research will be considered, but priority is given to those that will impact students. 

Applications will be reviewed by Swenson Center staff and the Swenson Center Advisory Committee. 

Past Recipients

Dr. Forrest Stonedahl
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Katie Hanson
Assistant Professor of English and Education
Exploring the Collection of Swedish-American Children's Literature

Dr. Christopher Strunk
Assistant Professor of Geography
Influence of Swedish immigrants on the historical geography of Moline