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Environmental Academic Programs

Students taking field notes in Wyoming

Majors / Areas of Study

For several decades, Augustana has offered a rigorous minor in Environmental Studies, emphasizing both interdisciplinary breadth and disciplinary depth. A new interdisciplinary Environmental Studies major is now offered, building upon the academic strengths and reputation of the long-standing minor. Augustana also offers majors and minors in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, or Geology, each of which has a unique perspective on the environment.

Upper-class students may enroll in the Environmental Literature and Landscape Learning Community, a pair of thematically linked courses offered by the English and Geography Departments (ENGL-315, GEOG-307). Both courses are framed by the question "How are you going to live?", addressing issues of cultural consciousness, lifestyles, land use, energy use, etc. Students in the Learning Community have initiated several efforts on campus, such as renovating the Local Culture House, promoting locally grown foods, and planting gardens and orchards.

For students interested in pursuing graduate studies in environmental studies, Augustana offers two cooperative programs with graduate schools. In either program, a student completes graduation requirements in 3 years at Augustana. In the 3-2 program with Duke University, the student completes a Masters degree in either Environmental Management or Forestry in two additional years. In the 3-3 program with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the student completes a Master of Landscape Architecture degree in three additional years.

Field Stations

Augustana College owns and manages nearly 600 acres of ecologically significant habitats divided among three field stations in northern Illinois. The mission of the college field stations is to promote the understanding and protection of Illinois native ecosystems through field-based education, research and other scholarly activities.