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Campus Sustainability Committee


According to the Environmental Action Plan approved by the Board of Trustees in October, 2007, the Campus Sustainability Committee is the campus-wide advisory group on environmental issues advising the administration on the following:

(a) Provide analysis of sustainability issues regarding future development and expansion of college grounds;

(b) Provide analysis of sustainability issues regarding campus construction projects (new buildings and renovations of existing buildings);

(c) Facilitate campus-wide input on environmental and sustainability issues of our community;

(d) Raise campus awareness of environmental and sustainability issues through community events and convocations as well as other programs;

(e) Coordinate, promote, and expand campus recycling programs with Facilities Services;

(f) Coordinate and promote student awareness of personal environmental responsibility with Residential Life;

(g) Provide recommendations to the administration regarding future campus environmental and sustainability policies;

(h) Provide leadership in helping to build a consensus within the community for creating a smaller environmental footprint and educating the community about how to achieve that goal.


The Campus Sustainability Committee consists of permanent administrative members, supplemented with faculty, staff and students who are appointed for 1-2 year terms.

Permanent Members
Faculty Member Designated by the Dean as Chair: Jeffrey Strasser (Geology Dept.)
Dean of the College (non-voting): Pareena Lawrence
Director of the Upper Mississippi Studies Center: Michael Reisner
Chief Business and Financial Office (non-voting): David English
Director of Facilities Services: Joe Luntz
Director of Food Services: Garry Griffith
Director of Residential Life: Kelly Giovanine
Director of Purchasing: Tom Schaubroeck (ex officio)
Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator: (vacant)

Four Elected Faculty Members (2-year terms)
Bo Dziadyk (2013)
Megan Quinn (2013)
Laura Hartman (2014)

Student and Staff Members (1-year terms)
One student appointed by SGA: Stuart Cassarotto (2013)
One student nominated by Global Affect (or similar student organization) and approved by the President: Vernon Meidlinger-Chin
One member of the hourly staff appointed by the Human Resources Director: Bill Fineran (2013)


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