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Update From Task Force Two, WG 1


The work on Augustana's strategic plan started in August 2012 with the start of Academic Planning at the August 2012 Faculty Retreat as a precursor to the 2013 Strategic Planning effort. In this two-day session, we started work on our vision for our students and faculty, and completed a SOAR (Strength, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Realities) analysis. This was followed by a Friday Conversation in August 2012 and input from the AAEOP (Augustana Association of Education Office Professionals) and Student Affairs staff in late Fall 2012. Results from the SOAR analysis and faculty and staff priorities led to the one-day November retreat where we discussed 5 specific emerging priorities that were identified by faculty and staff. These were further refined over December and presented to the Board of Trustees at the January 2013 retreat.

President Bahls announced the Strategic Planning initiative in Winter of 2013 and a call was sent to faculty to participate as members of the various task forces in March 2013. Task Force Two started its work in April 2013 using the data and information collected from the academic planning sessions and other efforts. In May 2013 to engage the campus in ranking their strategic priorities we sent a campus-wide survey which garnered significant participation from the campus community. Based on the priorities identified via survey results and academic planning efforts, six specific broad themes emerged. Task Force Two held 6 campus-wide discussions on each of these themes over June, July, and August 2013. We engaged in a day-long campus retreat on August 19, 2013 where we hosted several concurrent sessions on specific themes to engage the campus in further refining our strategic priorities. 

Resources and Data Collected:

All supporting materials from these sessions are posted on the Resources website at