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Doing Business With Us

Augustana purchases from pre-qualified suppliers. Before soliciting business on campus suppliers should contact the Director of Purchasing for authorization, and registration/pre-qualification.

Pre-qualification Process:

1. Fill out a Vendor Application Form. This information will auto populate a database we will use to select new suppliers from.

2. The completed application and Federal W9 as well as any supportive materials describing products or services, including any catalogs or samples should be returned to the purchasing office for review, and if approved, inclusion on the approved vendor list.

Only registered suppliers who demonstrate capability and willingness to provide competitive value for the College in their respective categories, will be considered for approval by the Purchasing office. As purchasing request are received, individuals will be directed to the supplier(s) who can best supply their products or services.

Multiple suppliers may be registered for a given category and may be selected based upon best pricing for any given order.

Primary Vendor Status:

Primary Vendor status is awarded through a bid process to the vendor providing the best overall value to the College for a given category of products or services. These are generally multi-year agreements with negotiated renewal clauses.

College personnel are encouraged to utilize suppliers with Primary Vendor status as the source of choice for goods or service needs in their respective categories. These suppliers will be listed in the Existing Agreements section of the Purchasing web site for easy access by Augustana Personnel.

Payment and Purchasing Methods:

Suppliers providing goods or services to the College must be registered by Purchasing or Accounts Payables in our Datatel system in order to be considered for payment.

Augustana uses a Visa Purchasing Card program to purchase goods valued at $1,000 or less and a Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order system for goods valued at greater than $1,000.

A valid Augustana Purchase Order number must be referenced on invoices for goods greater than $1,000.00 and greater than $5,000 for services in order to be considered for payment.


Augustana may withhold or refuse payment of invoices submitted for purchases that do not adhere to the College's purchasing policies.