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CSL information and policies

Building Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. – midnight
Saturday-Sunday: 9 a.m. - midnight
(Hours will vary during breaks, holidays, 10th week and finals week)

The walkway through the CSL/Tredway Library will be closed when the building is not open.

Available spaces

The Center for Student Life offers a wide variety of reservable spaces for events and activities.

The CSL Information and Library Services Desk is located on the Fourth Floor and is designed to help visitors get information and find their way in the center.

Brew by the Slough offers seating for 60 people and can only be reserved on Friday and Saturday evening after 7 p.m. Please contact the Office of Student Life and Leadership to make a reservation – 309-794-2695.

The Patio offers seating for 88 guests for performances, receptions and meetings. Please contact the Office of Student Life and Leadership to make a reservation – 309-794-2695.

Meeting rooms are available in several sizes and multiple configurations to accommodate most needs. Each of these rooms may be reserved for either open or private events. All rooms must be reserved in advance, and must adhere to the Center for Student Life policies for reservation and use.

Please contact the Office of Student Life and Leadership to make a reservation by calling 309-794-2695 or emailing Schary Santamour. Meeting rooms that are not reserved will be available to students, faculty and staff as additional study areas.

Scheduling of Facilities

All events to be held in the CSL Brew, Patio or Meeting Rooms must be scheduled through the Office of Student Life. Policies for use of the Fourth Floor Computer Lab and Group Study Rooms are available on the library’s website. Questions may be directed to the Library’s secretary, 794-7266.

Priority for use will be assigned in the following manner:

  • Major College Events
  • Confirmed Reservations
  • Student Life and Leadership & Library Events
  • Student Organization Sponsored Events
  • Academic/Departmental Sponsored Events that are not considered Major College Events
  • Non-Augustana Organizations
  • Student groups must be recognized and have a faculty advisor in order to reserve the facilities.
  • Facility usage is not finalized until approved by the Office of Student Life and Leadership.

Not all facilities are available for use, and restrictions apply on the types of usage in some facilities located in the CSL.

Events sponsored by non-Augustana organizations are subject to approval by the College’s Rental Review Committee, and will be charged a fee for use of facilities according to a policy maintained by the College. Please contact the office at 794-2695 for further information. Non-Augustana users of certain facilities must sign a Lease and Technical Rider agreement prior to use of those facilities.

Although this happens very rarely, the College reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or relocate events if necessary based on the greater needs of the institution.

Charges for facility use

Meeting rooms: no charge for college-recognized student organizations or academic departments. Rental fees for non-college events use of classrooms and other facilities will be quoted upon request.

Reservations for facilities must be made in advance. Unusual or special arrangements in meeting rooms may necessitate a charge to college groups. All school events: no charge for use of general facilities.

Private parties: a fee will be charged depending on facilities and equipment, even if the party host is a member of the Augustana community.

Only the Augustana catering office may provide food and beverages in the CSL (exceptions to this policy may be granted only by the Director of the Office of Student Life and Leadership). An extra fee will be assessed for vandalism or excessive trash.

Facilities regulations

All meeting room spaces in the CSL will have a standard configuration of tables and chairs. Users are able to move furniture around but must return the room to its original set-up.

Users will be expected to abide by all building and campus regulations. If, in the opinion of the supervisory staff, a person's presence interferes with the operation of a building or program, that person will lose the right to be present in that building or at that program.

Users must provide the Office of Student Life and Leadership with the technical, staffing and equipment needs for their event at least two weeks prior to their usage of facilities. Users of CSL must meet with the Coordinator of the OSA Tech Team at least two weeks prior to their event; call X2695 to make arrangements.

All buildings are smoke-free. All facilities are smoke- and flame-free. Exceptions may be made by the College Chaplain, Dean of Students and Dean of the College.

Posting signs in the CSL

Student initiated advertisements, flags, banners or decorations of any type that are placed on college buildings, lamp poles, sidewalks, etc. must receive general approval from the Dean of Students or the Director of Student Life and Leadership.

Items must be stamped by the Office of Student Life and Leadership prior to being displayed. Such items may be displayed only on bulletin boards – nothing is to be taped to any windows, doors, brick work or painted surfaces. These items must be removed immediately following the event.

Advertisements, banners, flags or decorations of any type from non-campus users of facilities must be approved by the Dean of Students or Office of Student Life and Leadership.

Digital Image Policy

Groups or organizations who wish to post ads on the digital signage in the CSL (near the 4th floor information desk and Gavle rooms) need to follow these guidelines.

  1. Precedence is given to functions which are:
    • Open to all students
    • Held by a CSL-based department or within the CSL itself.
  2. Submissions must be received by email at least 10 days before the event.
  3. Information about the event must include the title of the event, a short description of the event, time, and place.
  4. You may submit a finished banner ad (graphic) or simply the information needed. If you have a photo you wish to have used in the ad, please include that at the time of submission.
  5. Ready-made banners must be .jpg, .jpeg, or .png.
  6. Each submission must have the name and email address of a person who may be contacted for more information about the event.
  7. You must include the dates when you wish to have the ad displayed.


Bulletin boards: General use bulletin boards are available throughout the CSL and Tredway Library, on which items may be hung upon approval from the Office of Student Activities. However, only one copy of any advertisement is allowed per bulletin board. Flyers and posters cannot be hung on windows, doors, bathroom stalls or walls. Bulletin boards are completely cleared at the end of each month.

Student organization tabling: Several locations are available, by reservation, for student organizations to table in and around the Center for Student Life. Tables can be used for activities such as recruiting members, publicizing events, or fundraising, and are available daily from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 4:30–7:30 p.m.

  1. All tabling must be reserved through Office of Student Life and Leadership – 309-794-2695.
  2. Students and student groups may book a table space up to five weekdays per month.
  3. Tables are not booked on weekends or holidays.
  4. Outdoor tables are not available for reservation between November 1st and the end of spring break (check academic calendar for appropriate date)
  5. Typically, tables are reserved from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. each day. Longer hours or evening reservations can be arranged with advance notice.
  6. Please allow at least 3 days for confirmation of table reservation. Because tabling is a popular and well-used service, please plan ahead to guarantee needed dates for reservation.

Print station: The CSL has a public print station available at the south end of the fourth floor near the Reading and Writing Center, through which documents can be printed via the campus network.

Public computers: Check your email, Facebook, or your latest assignment on one of three public computers located on the fourth floor of the CSL in the Brew. Computers are free and available for use during building hours. In addition, students, faculty and staff can check-out laptop computers at the fourth-floor Information and Library Services Desk or at the library’s second-floor Circulation Desk for use in the CSL or library.

Computer Lab: The fourth floor computer lab is available for use by students, faculty and staff. Instruction sessions are occasionally held in the lab. Session times will be posted.

Wireless Internet: Wireless Internet is available throughout the CSL. For help with accessing the connection, please visit the Circulation Desk or Research Help Desk on the second floor or the Information and Library Services Desk on the fourth floor.

Game Room: Open to all students as a place to hang out, play games, chat and relax. Games and controllers can be checked out in four-hour blocks at the information desk on the fourth floor. See desk for list of games.