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Vehicle and Pedestrian Sidewalk Traffic


1.1. Augustana College has developed the following procedure to protect the safety of pedestrians,
prevent damage to campus walkways and other facilities, and promote the safe operation of
motorized transportation devices on campus.

1.2. Augustana College safety procedures apply to all university employees, state/federal agency tenants,
contractors, vendors, visitors, volunteers, student employees, and/or students.

1.3. Unauthorized vehicles will not be allowed on campus sidewalks. Authorization to use a vehicle on
campus sidewalks must be obtained from Security or the Director of Facilities Services. Offices that
need to transport items to or from vehicles on a regular basis should purchase dollies or request
Facilities Services to move the items.


2.1. This procedure applies to college service vehicles (i.e., automobiles, vans, pick-up trucks, and heavy
equipment) and college approved contractor vehicles that use the specified modes of transportation
for official business. Any use other than official business expressly prohibited.

2.2. Measures will be taken to minimize traffic by service vehicles operating on campus sidewalks. The
sidewalk is a pedestrian right of way. Service vehicles must yield to pedestrians when on or crossing
a sidewalk. Service vehicles will not exceed the speed of normal pedestrian traffic while traveling
on a sidewalk. Drivers of service vehicles should access buildings from designated exterior routes.
Measure to minimize traffic by service vehicles may include other actions deemed necessary to
promote sidewalk safety.

2.3. Access to vendor vehicles (i.e., express pickup/delivery vehicles, food or drink delivery vehicles, etc.) is
restricted to streets, parking areas, and loading docks.


3.1. Failure to follow these requirements is a cause for college sanctions. For college approved contractors
and tenant service vehicles, first violation for the procedure will result in a verbal or written warning
citation, second violation will result in the issuance of a local municipal court-based citation, and
subsequent violations will result in revoking of driving privileges on campus. For an employee, first
violation of the procedure will result in a verbal or written warning citation and second violation will
result in the issuance for a local municipal court-based citation and a referral to their supervisor for
appropriate disciplinary action.

3.2. The department responsible for enforcement of the above measures is Security.

Rev. 10/11/2013