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Information about parking permits

Student parking permits — the process

  1. Register your vehicle
  2. Pay for the permit
  3. Pick up your permit
  4. Find your parking lots on campus
  5. Display your permit properly (and avoid tickets)
  6. FAQs

1. Register your vehicle

Before you register, three things must be in order:

  1. Your vehicle must have its permanent plates. We can only issue a temporary permit until permanent plates are obtained. 
  2. All parking fines must be paid in full. Contact Tom Phillis in the Public Safety Office, (309) 794-7279.
  3. Fill out this form completely.

All students also receive a parking packet in the mail at their home addresses. This packet includes the vehicle registration form needed to buy a permit. The completed form and payment must be returned to the Facilities Services Office:

By mail:
Augustana College
ATTN: Trisha Hines
639 38th St
Rock Island, Ill., 61201  

In person:
The Facilities Office, ground floor of Sorenson Hall. Come in person and bring your student ID card.

2. Pay for the permit

Full academic year permit: $220.00

Term Permit: $85 per term
The term permit is ideal for students who may only be taking classes for one or two terms out of the academic year, students who will only be here one or two terms, and students who will only have a car on campus for one or two terms out of the academic year. Students may not purchase permits for two terms at once. Term permits are sold at the start of each term on a first-come, first-served basis if spaces are available. Students are given a chance to re-purchase their term permit during finals week each term.

Partial Term Permit: $50.00 (Permit valid for 5 weeks from date of purcahse)

By check: 
Make checks payable to Augustana College. Write the student's name and ID number in the memo area.

By credit or debit card:
At the Facilities Office, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER. Payment must be included at time of purchase. Students will be charged $20 for a returned check and the permit will be made invalid. If you submit your form by mail, return both copies of the vehicle registration form. All receipts will be sent via email to each student's Augustana email address. Save your receipt. No paper receipts will be provided, unless you pay in person at the Facilities office.

3. Pick up your permit

You may pick up your permit starting Monday, August 14, 2017  in the Facilities Office is on the ground floor of Sorensen Hall.

If you did not receive a permit, Facilities will contact you by phone to inform you. For instance, if you have unpaid parking tickets, we will not issue you a new parking permit.

4. Find your parking lots on campus

Each parking permit allows you to park in one or several parking lots. We assign you a parking permit as close as possible to your dormitory or TLA. Here is a complete listing of the different parking permits and what lots they allow you to park in. Here is a printable campus map.

5. Display your permit properly (and avoid tickets)

First, remove any old parking permits. Only your current, valid parking permit sticker should be displayed.

Permits must be displayed at the bottom left-hand side of the rear window. We must be able to read the number of the permit at all times. Instructions for how to display the sticker are on the back of your permit when you pick it up. Note that the number of your permit is tied to your license-plate number. So you cannot, for instance, loan your permit to a friend for the weekend.

6. Frequently asked questions

What's the lottery?

Parking permits are issued first to returning students and commuter students, and then to first-year and transfer students. If there are more permit requests than parking spots on campus, a lottery is held to determine who gets the spot.

Can I come into the Facilities office and complete this whole process?

Yes. When you come, please bring the following info with you:

  • Name of student (ID number, residence hall or TLA house name or commuter address, and phone number)
  • Vehicle owner (name, address, phone)
  • Vehicle information (make, model, color, year, license plate number)

Students who obtain a permit and do not have complete information on their vehicle registration form will have their permit held in the Facilities Office until the information is completed.

I'm going on foreign term - how does this work for me?

Students on foreign term who have designated housing may purchase permits May 8, 2017. Foreign-term students will be given the option to purchase a full academic year permit to ensure that they will have a parking spot when returning to campus for the winter/spring terms.

However, students who will be gone during fall term may not buy a term permit for the winter term prior to the start of the winter term. Term permits are only sold at the start of each term. Foreign-term students may only purchase a permit if they have been assigned housing. Otherwise, we could not assign the correct parking lot. Students without designated housing will have to wait until they receive their housing assignment.

Term permits for the winter and spring terms will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis if parking spaces are still available.

I have a motorcycle. Do I need a parking permit?

Yes. Parking permits are required for all motor-driven vehicles: automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and mopeds.

I don't live on campus - I am a commuter student. When can I get a permit?

Commuter students are a special case since they must drive to campus every day. They may purchase either a full academic year permit or a term permit at any time.

I realized that I walk everywhere! Can I get a refund?

You probably can. Refunds of unused portions of parking permits will be issued as follows depending on the type of permit purchased and the amount of unused time remaining on the permit.

$220 - Full academic year permit

  • Full refund within 31 days of first day of classes
  • $100 refund for remainder of Fall term
  • $50 refund for remainder of Winter term
  • No refund after 4:30 pm of the 1st day of Spring term

$80 - single term permit

  • Full refund within 15 days of first day of classes
  • No refund thereafter

$50 - Partial term permit

  • Full refund within 7 days from purchase

  • No refund thereafter

When will I receive my permit?

You can pick up your permit at the Facilities Office During move-in week. Come in person, and bring your student ID card.

Can I just watch a video about how to do this?