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Summer FAQs

As the summer grows closer, employees often have questions regarding summer dress code, work hours and holidays. Answers to these frequent questions are below.  Of course, employees should discuss how this relates to individual offices with their manager/supervisor, and the HR team is ready to answer individual inquiries as well.

1.      When are we closed for summer holidays?  The campus will be closed on Monday, May 27 for Memorial Day and Thursday, July 4 for Independence Day. Full-time, 12-month employees will receive holiday pay for these days; 12-month, part-time employees will receive prorated holiday pay for these days. Nine and 10-month employees only receive holiday pay if the holiday pay falls within the timeframe in which they are regularly scheduled to work.

2.     What is our summer dress code?  For those offices that do not have uniforms or safety concerns, the dress code remains the same for summer as the other three seasons. As employees make decisions about their appearance, it's important to remember that we expect professionalism from employees in both action and appearance. The college employee handbook dress code policy remains in force throughout the summer. The college continues to have many campus visitors during the summer months, and it's important for employees to continue to proudly represent the Augustana brand in action and appearance.

3.     How does the condensed summer schedule option work?  Beginning the week after graduation (Friday, May 24) employees, with supervisory approval, have the option of working their normal hours in a condensed format. Many employees choose to work nine hours per day from Monday-Thursday and four hours on Friday. The college remains open all week days during the summer, and all offices should be open and ready to conduct college business. Each office must consider the best way to provide coverage so that needs of the college and campus visitors are met. Voice mail messages should indicate an extension where help is available if an employee is gone for the afternoon. The switchboard dispatcher greatly appreciates updated information on where callers should be routed. Employees should continue to use Time Clock Plus to track hours worked. Work in offices may start as early as 7 a.m., and scheduled hours should generally conclude by 5 p.m. This condensed schedule benefit will be available as outlined above beginning May 24 and ending on August 9.

4.      Are there any special concerns about vacation time usage?  Vacation time is subject to the approval of each employee's manager or supervisor and should be scheduled with as much notice as possible. All employees should submit vacation requests using Time Clock Plus for accurate accounting of time away.

  • Staff employees may carry over up to twice the yearly accrual and eight hours of personal time.  Any hours in excess of this limit on August 9 will be forfeited.
  • Administrative employees may not carry over unused vacation time, and vacation time not used by August 31 for administrative employees will be forfeited.