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Campus-Wide Performance Appraisals

Led by HR, a cross-functional team met this fall, charged with the task of developing a performance management process and appraisal tool that could be used by all non-faculty employees at Augustana. It was a daunting task, but this spring will mark the debut of this new tool and process. The goal is to create consistent performance feedback and discussions to help all employees towards continual improvement.

Managers are currently attending training sessions and are expected to complete all appraisals between March 15 and May 15. An optional self-appraisal is a feature we are encouraging all employees to take advantage of. Employee meetings to offer best practices for the self-appraisal will be offered next week and the first week of April.

ITS created an automated tool that will streamline notification and create robust reporting capabilities. All employees will be evaluated using the same tool, and will have the opportunity to add comments.

Though the task force put much time and effort into creating this new system, some refinements may be necessary once we experience the "real world" of the process. HR looks forward to implementing a tool that fosters greater consistency and open communication about the quality of our employees' work, and will seek your feedback over the summer.  

At the bottom of the employee information page, you'll notice the new "Performance Management" bar. This is the entry site for managers to access the database and also contains print and electronic versions of the self-appraisal as well as a performance appraisal worksheet. HR will continue to add resources to this area to help all employees with this new process.

Questions may be directed to Laura Ford at (309) 794-7452.