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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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A Safety Data Sheet (SDS), is a document providing information about a chemical or product. It explains the item's characteristics (for example, the color, scent, pH), hazards, precautions for safe handling, first aid procedures and emergency response measures. SDSs help faculty and students work safely with chemicals; therefore, the proper SDSs should always be read before using any chemical for the first time. Augustana is required by OSHA to provide this information to employees and students of the College.

Augustana College maintains a collection of 10,000 - 11,000 SDSs. Most are viewable online as scanned documents (pdf files). Every member of the Augustana community can retrieve, read and print these files from any computer with access to the AugieNet system and Adobe Acrobat software. A sample SDS can be found here if you need additional help reading SDSs.  The SDS collection compliments training provided in our Hazard Communication program. 

The SDS database is constantly being updated. If you don't have an SDS for a chemical you currently use, and it is also missing from the collection, contact Human Resources. We'll help locate something appropriate. If your department has SDSs that are not available in this collection, please forward copies to the HR office and we will make them available to the community.

If for any reason the online SDS database is inaccessible, Augustana College also maintains a complete hardcopy collection of SDSs in room 101 of the Science Building. This collection should always be accessible. If you require further assistance, contact Kelly Atkins in room 301 of the Science Building, or at x3378.

Description of SDS Contents