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ePayment/eBill frequently asked questions

For complete instructions on how to navigate the ePayments/eBills website, check out the online instruction guide.

What is CASHNet?

CASHNet® - a Higher One Company is a vendor utilized by Augustana College that enables students to pay student account charges online. This system eases the payment process by allowing payments to be made at any time, from any location with Internet access. It also gives you 24/7 access to your account.

What types of payments are accepted?

Augustana College accepts cash, personal checks, money orders or traveler's checks in the Business Office in Sorensen Hall. Checks can also be mailed directly to Augustana.

Electronic check (ACH) and credit card payments can be done online through the CASHNet site. Accepted credit cards are MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express cards, however, credit card payments that are made using ePayment/CASHNet will have a convenience fee of 2.75% of the transaction amount. E-check payments allow you to securely pay the student bill directly from your bank account. There is no convenience fee for an electronic check. All electronic payments are made real-time and therefore prevent delays and costs associated with mailing a payment.

What is e-check or ACH?

Augustana College allows students and authorized users to make payment with e-check through the CASHNet site. There is no convenience fee for making a payment with e-check. Payment with e-check will create an ACH transaction to your checking or savings account. Payments processed as an e-check without available funds or with a cancellation of funds will result in a $25.00 fee.

Am I required to pay online?

There is no requirement to pay online. We continue to accept payments made at the Business Office, by wire transfer and by mail.

Can I use my debit card to pay my bill?

You can use any debit card with a MasterCard or VISA logo to pay your bill. However, it will be processed as a credit card and will incur the 2.75% convenience fee. Daily limits may prevent your card from being approved.

Why must I pay a convenience fee if I pay by credit card?

The fee of 2.75% is paid directly to CASHNet for providing the convenience of using credit cards to pay tuition bills. Augustana College does not retain any amount of this convenience fee and therefore it cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Are electronic payments secure?

Yes, our business partner, CASHNet, has met all compliance standards and is regularly audited to ensure they are meeting the required security measures.

How do I access the ePayment/eBill website?

Students can access their ePayment account profile through the "Students" section in Arches

Parents can only access their son/daughter's account information if they have been designated as "authorized payers" by the student. Current authorized payers can access the ePayment website at

How can I become an "authorized payer/user" on my son/daughter's student account?

Only student can designate authorized payers/users. To become an authorized payer, the student must log into his/her ePayment/eBill account profile (see instructions above) and click "Add New" under the Parent PINs section. If you are currently an "Authorized Payer" your student must set you up for access to receive the eBill notification. They would go to the Parent PINs section and click on "Edit" to give you access.

Please review the frequently asked questions carefully. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the Business Office at 1.800.798.8100 Ext. 7354 or 7390.