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Business Office Personnel Directory

Our office is located on the second floor of Sorensen Hall. The primary mission of our office is to service students concerning the areas of student billing and payroll. We also service the Augustana Community with regard to payables, receivables and employment inquiries. Below is a list of employees within our office by job title and a list of possible questions referenced to the person who you need to contact.

Accounts receivable

Student Accounts Coordinator Diane Hamann 794-7354
Student Accounts Coordinator Rhonda Vogel 794-7390

Accounts payable

Accounts Payable Supervisor Jill Harris 794-7351
Accounts Payable/Purchasing Assistant Kristen Vickers 794-7713

Human Resources



Director of Human Resources Laura Ford 794-7352
H.R. Generalist Brandon Tidwell 794-7141
H.R. Benefits & Leave Specialist Lisa Sears 794-7740
H.R. Assistant Ashley Kilker 794-7352


Student Payroll Assistant Kelly Hall 794-7353
Employee Payroll Supervisor

Jean Choate



Director of Financial Planning, Analysis & Procurement Malhar Saheed 794-7499
Purchasing/Accounts Payable Assistant Kristen Vickers 794-7713

Administrative Personnel

Vice President for Finance and Administration Kirk Anderson 794-7203
Executive Assistant Tammy Sullivan 794-7203
Controller Jacob Bobbitt 794-7154
Student Accounts Services Director Diane McCann 794-7150
Director of Financial Planning, Analysis & Procurement Malhar Saheed 794-7499
Account Analyst Missy Lambrecht 794-7432
Staff Accountant Amy Ariano 794-7688

If you have questions concerning:

Accounts Payable
Jill Harris 794-7351
W-9 Jill Harris 794-7351
Accounts Receivable (Non-Student) Kim Warner 794-7454
Electronic Funds Transfers - Student Diane Hamann 794-7354
Electronic Funds Transfers - General Jacob Bobbitt 794-7154
Employee Benefits Lisa Sears 794-7740
Employment Opportunities - Students


Employment Opportunities - Staff Laura Ford 794-7452
Grant Accounts Jacob Bobbitt 794-7154
International Programs Rhonda Vogel 794-7390
Payroll - Student Kelly Hall 794-7353
Payroll - Employee Jean Choate 794-7455

Student Accident Insurance

Tammy Sullivan 794-7203
Student Accounts Diane Hamann 794-7354

Student Loans (Perkins Loan)

Diane McCann 794-7150

Financial Arrangements/Deferments

Diane McCann 794-7150

Travel Reimbursement/Expense Reports 

Jill Harris 794-7351
Worker's Compensation Brandon Tidwell 794-7141