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Internship profile: Texas Medical Center

January  09, 2014

Kelsey Moon found she loves working in a clinical setting, especially at a children's hospital.

Kelsey Moon with researchers at the Texas Medical Center.

Senior Kelsey Moon was one of several Augustana students with full-time summer internships at the Texas Medical Center, Houston. She worked in a lab where I researched osteosarcoma and Rothmund-Thompson syndrome using mice as models.

"I spent a lot of time genotyping the mice and breeding the proper mates," she said. "I used different lab techniques to analyze the limb bud in order to better understand the skeletal defects that arise from RTS and osteosarcoma.

Moon's genetics and cell biology classes helped her understand the pathology of the two diseases. The labs she has taken also helped because she had already mastered many of the lab techniques that I used in Texas.

"I was able to shadow a pediatric oncologist, a pediatrician and a neurologist," she said. "The shadowing opportunities were the highlights for sure."

Moon is majoring in biology and minoring in biochemistry. She said the internship helped affirm her career goals.

"I loved working in the clinical setting, especially when I volunteered at the children's hospital and could interact with the kids," she said.

However, the senior found out she doesn't particularly enjoy research, "which surprised me because in class I enjoyed the lab portions of my courses."

She recommends the Texas Medical internship to other students: "I learned so much over the summer and was exposed to things that I wouldn't have been able to see anywhere else.