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Internship profile: Dow Chemical

January  31, 2014

David Devore had the satisfaction of seeing his software in use "in the real world."

Devore's task as an intern was to develop a program to allow different applications within Dow Chemical to access central scientific data repositories. People all over Dow Chemical could store and pull all of their data from one location and more easily analyze large amounts of data.

"The highlight of my internship was actually seeing a Dow Chemical employee use my piece of software to help accomplish his task at hand," Devore said. "Just being able to see my software, that I created, being used in the real world was just a great experience."

Her said the courses he has taken so far at Augustana gave me the skills needed to succeed at the task. "The time management skills I acquired through different classes were also very beneficial for me," he said.

Going into the internship, he had been thinking about a career of software development. But while at Dow he had a tour of the robotic facility and a new door opened.

"Now I plan on pursing a software development job but within the robotics field. These new future plans have also caused me to take some classes that I would have never expected to take during my time at Augustana," Devore said.

One thing that surprised him about the internship was the environment. In the classroom, an assignment might be to write a program, using specific tools, that does certain specific things.

"In the real world you will never get those detailed instructions," Devore said. "A client will come to you saying, 'I want a program that does... ' and usually they don't even know what they want. That whole design phase was a very new experience for me that I really enjoyed."

Devore recommended his internship, at the Dow facility in Midland, Mich., to other students. "The work environment is great, along with the people with whom you'll work. Also they will give you meaningful projects during your internship. They don't give you things to do that aren't relevant to the company."

Devore, whose hometown in Midland, is majoring in computer science and applied mathetmatics.