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Schedule of Student Charges 2017-18

Basic student charges


Academic year

Tuition and fees   $40,908
Standard room & board   $10,314
Total comprehensive fee   $51,222
Part-time or overload tuition per credit and/or private study per credit (including courses audited)   $1,755
When determining eligibility for assistance, allowances are made for the following expenses:
Books and supplies   $1,000
Personal expenses   $800
Travel expenses   $400

Campus housing


Per term


Per academic year

Hall double/triple (Westerlin, Erickson, Seminary, and Andreen halls.)   $1,740   $5,220
Deluxe double/triple (A double or triple with a bathroom. Located in Swanson Commons and Anderson/Bartholomew.)   $2,029   $6,087
Deluxe single (A single with a private bathroom.)   $2,550 $7,650
Hall single (Located in Westerlin, Erickson, and Andreen halls.)   $2,350   $7,050
Transitional Living Area (TLA) double/triple (TLA with shared double or triple occupancy bedrooms. Available starting junior year.)   $2,350   $7,050
TLA single (TLA with residents having private bedrooms.)   $2,675   $8,025

Room and common-area damage assessments

Charges for room damage will be billed after the check-out process is completed. This billing statement will include charges for damages sustained in common areas where perpetrators could not be identified after a staff investigation. These damages are equally divided among residents in the appropriate internal communities. In cases where vandals can be identified, bills will be issued directly to the responsible parties.

TLA (Transitional Living Areas) and apartment assignments are preferred housing and are available to upper-division students only; meal plans are optional.

Meal plans

On-campus options available to all students.


Per term


Per academic year

Gold Plan Unlimited (plus $25 Viking bucks)   $1,798   $5,394
Full Meal Plan (19 meals per week)   $1,698   $5,094
Any 15 Plus** (15 meals per week plus $75 Viking bucks)   $1,698   $5,094
Any 12 Plus (12 meals per week plus $125 Viking bucks)   $1,698   $5,094
Off-campus options (available to TLA residents and commuters only)
Any 10 (10 meals per week)   $875   $2,625
Any 90 (90 meals per term plus $75 Viking bucks)   $875   $2,625
Any 75 (75 meals per term plus $150 Viking bucks)   $875   $2,625

**Any 15 Plus automatically will be assigned to first- and second-year students living in standard housing; however, you may choose a different meal plan from the on-campus options. Please contact Dining Services to select a different on-campus meal option.

Tuition and Fees

Basic student charges

* Full-time tuition for only one term in an academic year covers enrollment in 8 to 11 credits of instruction. Full-time tuition for two terms in one academic year covers enrollment in up to 22 credits, an average of 11 credits per term with at least eight credits per term (e.g., 10+12 will not result in an overload charge). Full-time tuition for the academic year covers enrollment in up to 33 credits with at least eight credits per term (e.g., 12+9+12 will not result in an overload charge). Refer to Payments.

Applied music fees for all students

First half-hour lesson each term (one credit): $268
Additional half-hour lesson each term (one credit): $169
One credit: $268, two credits: $437
Three credits: $606, four credits: $775
Chamber music fee: $55 each term of participation in chamber music courses.

Optional accident and sickness insurance fee

$1,693 per academic year covers the cost of participation in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan. Student Accident and Sickness Insurance is optional, in most cases, as long as a waiver is completed and accepted by Sept. 6, 2017. Insurance is required for international students. If participating in intercollegiate athletics, students must purchase insurance or submit a signed waiver.

Late registration and add/drop fee

Students will not be allowed to enroll for the term after the sixth day of classes and will be asked to vacate campus housing and leave campus if they do not meet this deadline. Students must also adhere to the published drop deadlines. In extenuating circumstances, students who are given special permission to register after published deadlines by the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees (AS&D) will be subject to additional late fees:

• Late registration processing fee of $150, plus an additional $75 fee per section.
• Individual late add/drops approved by AS&D after the published deadline are subject to a $75 late fee per section, plus an additional $20 for every week beyond the published deadlines.
• A pro-rated amount may be calculated for courses that are less than three (3) credits.

Instrument rental fee

$50 per term

High-maintenance instrument rental fee

$75 per term (includes Bassoons, Harp, and String Bass)

Late payment fee

Charged to students who have not made payment to the Business Office by the first day of classes each term: $100

Graduation application fee


Special examination fee

$215 per credit

Automobile registration fee (annual charge)

Full year decals: $220
Term decals: $85
1/2 Term decals: $50

Transcript fees, available through Office of the Registrar.


Full-time students will be billed prior to the start of each term for tuition, fees, housing and meal plans. The college does not offer a deferred payment plan. There is a private monthly payment plan offered through Tuition Management Systems. The website is All payments must be received by the first day of the term or a $100 late payment fee will be assessed. Enrollment is not complete until these fees have been paid.

Overload charges will be assessed when the number of credits enrolled in exceeds the number covered by full-time tuition (33 credits per year; 11 per term if student is not enrolled for the entire year). Overload charges are billed during the spring term, or immediately if the student does not enroll in the subsequent term (or at the time the student graduates). Courses dropped with a "w" are included in the determination of overload charges. Applied music credits for which a fee is paid are not included in the determination of overload charges. They are counted, however, toward normal tuition charges and full-time credit loads. A tuition deposit is required of all students new to the campus. Deadline for this deposit is May 1. The deposit is non-refundable. Students new to the campus are affected by policies appearing in the Admission section of the Augustana College Catalog and posted on the website. All financial obligations to the college must be met and all borrowed college property must be returned before academic records (diplomas and transcripts of grades) will be released.

Augustana College is an equal opportunity employer and is in compliance with the requirements of Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Augustana administers its educational programs in conformity with all applicable statutes concerning non-discrimination with regard to age, sex, race, color, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental handicap, military status, national origin or any other unlawful basis. Evidence of practices which are inconsistent with this policy should be reported to the Associate Dean of the College, 639 38th St., Founders Hall, Rock Island, Ill. 61201-2296; phone (309) 794-7328.