Current Conversation: Real Girls Can't Win…

Top Ten Ways to be Like Me

Color your hair–Not my color. Not her color. If someone’s doing it, be bold!

Tan. Tan. Tan.–No good girl leaves the house pasty.

Get contacts–Glasses are for chicks with mohawks!

Hide the retainer well–Beautiful teeth are essential but no one must know.

Use as much eyeliner and mascara as you can–Eyes are the windows into the soul so frame them

Find some serviceable falsies and pencil in those eyebrows–Eyes, eyes, eyes!

Get your hoochie lips on–Luscious lips lead to loving.

Take a long, steamy shower–Environmentalism is for slobs!

Show off that neck–Pretty necks lead to pecks that lead to marks to hide.

Get a well-connected job, find a husband, get married, and retire–This is how the real world works!!




Wednesday again!

So I just got out of class where we talked about how 16 million women and 17 million men are struggling with eating disorders. Downer. This is why Dakota and I are fighting hard for frozen yogurt in the cafeteria so we can all have dessert options without having to starve. Dakota Evans will make a great Miss Freshman B Dorm because she is so thoughtful.

Oh, almost forgot, Wasted Wednesday is here again. Party tonight on The Strip. We hope to see all you boys there.


Day 15 ….

Day 13 – Party this weekend!

Day 13. I went to the mall with Jared and it turns out he’s not interested. In fact, he’s gay. We ran into two girls named Montana and Dakota. Jared’s frat brother Donald invited them to a party this weekend. Jared said I should come and meet people. Still waiting to hear back from Katie.

Day 11 – Not a good day. Looking for help!

Day 11. That algebra skills test I was sure I passed. I failed. I gave my number to a girl in my class named Katie asking for help. I’m waiting for her to call.

Don’t forget to vote!

Heading out for a night on the town with my new bestie Montana! Don’t forget to vote Dakota Evans for Miss Freshman B Dorm! The face of your future.

Day 7 – Football Game Tomorrow!!!

Day seven is almost over and I can’t wait for tomorrow! Tomorrow is the first football game of the season. My roommate and I are going to go to the game together and then have a girls movie night to celebrate our first week at college. I can’t wait!

Kappa Rush Party

Make sure not to miss the Kappa Rush party this Wasted Wednesday! Dakota Evans and I will be making a special appearance. We are looking for something shiny.


Day 6 – algebra test

It’s day 6 and I already don’t have time to do a video diary every day. But I can at least try to blog when I can’t film, right? I had a basic skills test in algebra today although if you ask me, that was more than just “basic skills”. I mean, yeah, I had a general idea of what I was doing but seriously? Those questions were RIDICULOUS. I’m sure I passed. I just wish I could have done better.

Mandy – Day 5 video