Herman, Herman, Herman: C’mon Man!

Herman Cain\’s Campaign \”Reassessing\”

Herman Cain’s campaign has gone much further than intended and controversy will help it sink.

Everyday lately, we have been subjected to some new story about Herman Cain or some inkling of a new scandal. Before that we were given a steady diet of non-traditional tactics from his campaign. In reality, we haven’t gotten too much from his campaign. Cain doesn’t have much of a campaign.

From my vantage point, Herman Cain never intended to make it this far or at least to be this successful in a bid for the Republican nomination. He has always been on a glorified book tour that he seems to have thought would increase his public profile. The fact that he continued on the book tour throughout and never really put much effort into establishing a national level staff or staffs on state levels shows a lot about his plans and his intentions.

Now that the potential scandals are mounting up and women are coming out of the woodwork with new allegations, Cain is saying he may reassess his campaign. If Cain was serious from the beginning, he would have taken care of these “potential problems” early on. Even if he did not address these issues beforehand, he would be much more prepared at this time as they come to light. He obviously had no intentions or thoughts that things would go this far.

Support that Cain had up to this point didn’t seem to be as much solid support for him as support for “the anti-Romney.” Republicans seem to be in the midst of a “Brewster’s Millions” situation. In that Richard Pryor film, he runs as the “none of the above candidate.” Instead of “none of the above,” conservative Republicans continue to look for anyone but Romney.

Herman Cain may have hung around too long in this race. He hit his apex when he had support and people began to take him seriously. Once he hit that point, he could not step away easily. Surely, he wishes he could have stepped away. Such an exit would have solidified his book sales and lined him up for multiple television options. Now, he may have to take himself out of the spotlight for a while. That was not his intention when he decided to dip his toe into the waters of this primary race.

Herman, Herman, Herman; do yourself a favor and quit while you can. Then you can attempt a comeback at some point. That comeback will not be as a presidential candidate but it could be in role as a conservative commentator. That is a real possibility. Think about it as you reassess!

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