Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

How to work on multiple skills while using Bingo game!

When working with one of my kindergarten classes this week, I worked with students who were specifically struggling with rote counting and number recognition. I chose to play the game Bingo 1-20 with these particular students so they could work on number recognition. However, I added some more steps to the game in order to […]

Finally some hands on work

Happy New Year! As I got back into my regular routine here at Augie, that included waking up early to spend some time with kindergartener’s twice a week and doing some math. When I arrived to Longfellow I was greeted with smiles and hugs from them all and that made it a lot better. As I […]

iPods games vs manipulatives

Although I think the iPods are great tools for the kindergartners when working on different number concepts, I was able  to branch away from the iPods this week when working with both classes. Compared to previous observations made in regards to their number sense, I was able to understand a whole lot more of the […]

So much fun with such a simple game

Last week was a short week working with the kindergarteners at Longfellow because of their practice for the holiday program on Thursday. I was only able to work with one student on Thursday, but I learned a lot about that student and the kindergarteners I worked with on Tuesday. The students I was able to […]

We should be more like elementary students

So I decided to entitle this week’s blog ‘We should be more like elementary students’ because during my work with both the first graders I work with and the kindergarten students, I realized how positive they are about everything. On Monday when I worked with one of the 1st graders, in every activity she participated […]

Kids catch on quickly

This week, I started working with two kindergarten students at a time since they are now placed in groups by ability level. We are now working only on the iPod’s, and I am amazed at how quickly these young students have caught on to using the them. This was the first time we used only the iPod […]

1st grade breakthrough with place value!

The two first graders I just started working with are having trouble understanding place value. On their weekly review sheet they have questions that prompts them to draw a certain amount of tens and ones (for example: draw two tens and nine ones so they draw two longs to represent two tens and then they […]