Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Red Hot Valentine

Yet another week has passed in Mrs. Carmack’s kindergarten classroom. Like always, our kindergarteners were excited to see what was in store for them. Unlike our normal game day plans for our kindergartners, today was quite different. Students were asking one another to be their valentine for the day. But, in addition to a regular Valentine’s Day celebration, our celebration was updated to include a variety of Valentine’s Day math activities. Let me clue you in on these special activities for the day.

Hearts Dice Game:

The purpose of this game was for children to practice recognizing number patterns on the dice, as well as recognizing the total number of dots that were rolled. So, the students would have to add the two numbers that they rolled. Students had a heart worksheet with the numbers 2-10 (a number in each heart) and were trying to be the first one to color in all of their hearts on the worksheet. The student would roll 2 dice, add them together, and then color that number. When 2-10 is colored, the student was to roll 1 die until all of the one’s were colored. One freebie was given as everyone would color the zero as a “free space.”

We’ve Got the Beat:

In this game, the kindergartners were learning about their hearts by taking their pulses after participating in jumping jacks. The students learned what makes the pulse they feel and were able to figure out how many times their heart beats in a minute by estimating what their heart rate will be. Students would take their heart beat before and after exercise, and then double the number.

Be My Valentine (100’s chart)

What number is more than 74? What number is 1 less than 39? These were the type of questions which students had to answer in order to color a number on their chart. Eventually, when students were done filling out their charts the colored numbers turned out to be a heart.

Independent Group (Valentines to parents)

The students were directed to make two Valentine’s Day cards to anyone of their choice. This was just a fun activity for the students to participate in, when they are not involved in the other math activities going on.

Domino Path

Mrs. Carmack was in charge of this particular activity. She is assessing the students to see how well they are starting to recognize the patterns on the dominoes, and see if they can start to grasp the idea that there are two sets of patterns on one domino.

The game that I was in charge of was the “Hearts Dice Game”. Like I stated above, the purpose of this game was for the students to practice recognizing the patterns on the dice and adding the two die together. I noticed that most of the kindergarteners still had difficulty with being able to consistently recognize these patterns. There were some students who could recognize some patterns such as three, four, or five, but the majority of the time they would have to count the number of dots for the remaining numbers. One particular student impressed me because she was the only student who could recognize the pattern in her head, add the two numbers to herself, and finally say the answer aloud. It was also a challenge for the students to recognize the number symbol. Many of the students would continuously ask me what number 7, 8, 9 and so on looked like.

Overall though, the Valentine’s math celebration for our kindergartners was a success. The students were able to engage in a variety of math activities, as well as interact with one another to have fun on this special day. I hope each of you were able to celebrate Valentine’s Day celebration just like our kindergartners. Please continue to follow our kindergartners progress on our blogs when we return from spring break!

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