Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Its All Coming Together!

This week with Mrs. Carmack’s students we proctored this quarter’s acuity assessment on the iPads. As this is what my research has been focused on and leading up to, I was interested to see the new test as well as how the students would score. I asked the other two teacher candidates to complete learning notes for each of the students they sat with for the assessment, this way I would be able to gain a larger amount of data from a wide range of students and skill sets. As well as I was able to get others insights on the process of completing learning notes in the classroom. While working with my students personally I saw some of the same mistakes that I had seen last quarter, but one source of the errors was eliminated by the aid who usually gives the assessments told us to have the students tell us which answer to pick. By having us click the answer, the amounts of errors were somewhat diminished, but not completely gone. For example some of the wording in the questions lead to confusion for the students. Also the layout of the test lead to misunderstanding based on the students. One of the questions asked students to select the cone shape, but the answer options were letters that corresponded to the shapes in the question. Other problems that arose during the assessment was the fact that these tests are completed on the iPad. The program did not always work the right way, would kick out the student multiple times, or take a while to load, all of which could have an effect on the students performance. One aspect that I ad a multiple students comment about was the size and layout of the questions. Students would want to zoom in on the options to better see, but then would not be able to see the question and would lead to frustration or guessing. By completing this new assessment I was able to gain a better understanding of the benefits for learning notes, and the sufficient need for them during the assessment process in the lower grades. I am glad this week was the time the students needed to complete the test. I also gained confidence that my student’s hard work one on one with me has been helping their number sense:)

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