Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Student’s True Skills

This week we were finally able to get back into the swing of things and have work with both classes on their correct day. My plan for this week was to take another question from the standardized assessment that the students took earlier in the year and approach it in a more hands on approach. The question we worked on this week had to do with a ten frame. That original question asked students to look at a partially filled ten frame and figure out how many more counters they need to completely fill the ten frame. From working with the student I found that many of them did not even know the name of the ten frame. When simply asking the students how many more they would need the students struggled to visualize what they were being asked to do. One thing that I found to help students in the completion of the task was to tell students that they needed to fill all the boxes not “complete the frame”. Once students had the different terminology and access to manipulatives they were more successful. One interesting thing that occurred this week was not in regards to the assessment questions I was recreating. Randy has created a new app that Has a string of beads that can be moved and counted. Another portion allows the app is a random number of the beads are hidden and the user is asked to identify the number hidden. One of the students that I worked with figured out that her figure was equal to the width of the bead and then placed her figure over the hidden bar to decide how many beads were actually hidden. Granted she wasn’t vert precise, but the thinking and logic were impressive.

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