Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Looking For Some Answers

This week we worked with Mrs. Carmack’s class on both days this week. During my time with the students I individually pulled students out and asked them to all complete the same task. I asked each student to draw three shapes on the white boards. After they drew the shapes and we talked about the differences between each of the three shapes, I wrote the three words that corresponded to the shapes on the white board and asked each student to point to the word as i said it. I was surprised that all of the students were able to correctly draw the shapes that i requested as well as explain the differences and characteristics of those shapes to me verbally. When it came time to students selecting the words of the shapes that they just drew, only two students from the other math groups were able to be successful in this task and correctly point to each of the words. I decided to have students recreate this problem that was asked on the standardized assessment that they needed to complete for their quarterly grades. When I gave the standardized assessment I thought that some of the students did not know their shapes due to their answers to this questions, but when I started to asked what worked they were looking for on the answer key I realized they did know the answer, they just couldn’t find the correct option. With my research on Learning Notes, I realized that the student would benefit from implementing something similar when completing standardized assessments to show a more accurate picture of what the students actually understand. I am excited to see where my research continues to take me and the kindergarteners understandings!

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