Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Assessing the Assessments

We are finally back into the swing of things after what felts like months without working with the kindergarten students. This week was my first chance to start focusing on my research topic and see what i can find out. My topic is focused on examining multiple forms of assessments and trying to conclude a sound method for assessing kindergarteners rather than standardized tests. On tuesday we did not have the chance to work with many students one on one due to Mrs. Carmack being absent. I was able to talk to the new student in the class during math when I saw something interesting on her paper. The students were working on counting cartoon bugs and then graphing how many there were of each. I saw that in the new student’s tally section she had drawn four vertical tallies, then the fifth was horizontal across the four. I asked her why she did her tallies that way, and she told me ‘because there are five and its easy to see’. I was IMPRESSED! Connecting this to my research, on the standardized assessments, there would not be an opportunity to ask why the student completed the question in such a manner, but only make judgements. On Thursday I was able to work one on one with the students from Mrs. Peterson’s class. To start to gain information linked to my research topic i asked the students to complete multiple different types of questions that overlapped content. Then I specially took a question similar to one of the Acuity questions to recreate and observe what was happening. For this question I asked students to draw me three shapes on a dry erase board,  a square, triangle, and circle. One student was unable to draw a square, so I asked her to draw a rectangle for her third shape. After each student drew the three given shapes, I erased the board, wrote the words of the three shapes they drew, and then asked them to pick the word as I called them out. There was only a few (3-4) that were able to get one right. Many of the students told me they couldn’t read the words, or went in the order they were written. I was not surprised to see this happen, but I was glad to see that the students did know their shapes just not their names. This evidence was different than what would have be given from the standardized assessment. I am excited to what the next weeks bring in both my research findings and the student’s number sense understandings:)

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