Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Its starting to click!

This week was the first time we had a chance to work with both classrooms in what has seemed like a long time due to snow days and being on spring break. On top of that the students at Longfellow were getting excited for their spring break starting at the end of the week. Knowing that it would be a few weeks before we saw the students again I didn’t want to try and push new concepts, but rather we reviewed the concepts that we had been working on the past term. One of the major concepts that my group has been working on is matching a numeral to a quantity. This has been a major focus for this group due to the necessary skills it requires that are needed for addition. The activities that we did this week were all based around this idea that there is a numeral that correlates to each quantity. I had made some different 3 wheels from poster board that either had 0-5, 1-10, or 11-20 dots. The students needed to correctly count the dots and find the clothespin that had that number and pin it onto that section of the wheel. Out of all the students only two needed help to complete the 0-5 wheel. I was surprised when some students wanted to take the challenge to complete the 11-20 wheel, and some where able to complete it successfully! The majority of the students are ready to work more with the teen numbers and to start being challenged with more complex concepts. One thing that i found surprising in a good way was one student was able to demonstrate counting on to me while working with the ‘Line em’ Up’ app. He needed to find where the 8 went and instead of starting to count from 1 he started at the last placed number in the order (6) and counted until he found where the 8 needed to be placed! I am excited to start working more with the students and my research topic of ‘what is the best way to assess kindergartners and their math skills’ after their spring break and I hope for more pleasant surprises:)

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