Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Acuity Test Prep

This week was a little crazy and as a result we only got to work with Mrs. Peterson’s class. In preparation for their upcoming acuity tests, we decided to work with her students on a practice acuity test. The test has fifteen questions and covered topics such as comparing numbers, the number sequence, shape identification, and counting objects. For the most part, the children did well on the assessments and were able to answer the questions correctly. The problems that I saw had a lot to do with how the questions were worded and the vocabulary that they used. For example, on the questions that asked the students to compare numbers, the test creators used the words less and greater when the students have grown accustomed to the words bigger and smaller. In future instruction I will be sure to use the words lesser and greater so they begin to learn the academic language that they will encounter on tests and in future classrooms. Another aspect of the test that they struggled with was the shape identification question. The question had a picture of the house and asked the students to identify what the shape of the top of the house was. Several of the students could tell me that the shape was a triangle, but they were unable to read and find the word triangle in the answer bank. It was frustrating to see students getting the question wrong, just because they didn’t know how to identify the word triangle. The final problem that I encountered was the last question on the test. The problem said that David had seven roses in his garden and then planted one more. The students were asked to indicate how many roses David has in all. Along with the word problem, the question had a picture of seven roses. A lot of the students got this problem wrong because they were used to being asked questions that ask them to count the objects, so instead of listening to the problem, they were simply counting the roses and stating the answer was seven. If I covered the picture of the roses I found that the students were able to get the correct answer. The visual did not in any way aid the students in answering the problem correctly.
With finals and spring break approaching, it will be a few weeks until we meet with the students again. We are all hoping that they will use the flashcards that we have provided them to continue practicing their numbers.

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