Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

100’s Day Joy and Assessment Frustration

This week in Mrs. Peterson’s class we celebrated 100’s day with the students. For the number sense time we worked with the students on making their 100’s day fruit loop necklaces. Each student was asked to put on ten sets of ten fruit loops of alternating colors. It was interesting to see how different students addressed this task. Some students needed/wanted to count each individual fruit loop. While others wanted the process to move along quicker and wanted to go by twos or count out ten fruit loops and try to place them all on at once. There was a wide range of student ability in this one simple task. Some students did not understand the concept of groups of ten and how to count by tens, while others grasped the idea quickly. I can say that i do not want to see any fruit loops for a while:)
On Thursday we helped Mrs. Carmack give her students a practice assessment. This was a standardized test that offered little room for assistance without telling the students the answer. There were some errors by students due to the fact that they could not read the written answers. There were also some visuals that added to the confusion and resulted in errors. After assessing the students we talked with Mrs. Carmack and she agreed that some of the questions were not at the correct level for the students and would possibly give a distorted view of the student’s ability. After seeing this behavior I have seen how my research topic of the best assessment type for kindergarteners can start to take shape in the classrooms. I am excited to see what I can find from my research. As well as what I can learn from the rest of this experience.

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